Tuesday, July 31, 2007



We haf been tagged by Yao-lin furr a proverb.

A proverb is a simple and concrete saying popularly known and repeated, which expresses a truth, based on common sense or the practical experience of catkind. They are often metaphorical.

Here is HRH Yao-lin's Proverb:

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a royal feline in possession of a good human slave, must be in want of nothing.

Here is our proverb:
A mouse in time keeps the hunger pangs at bay.
I tag the following cats for this meme:
Rosie (Eric's girlcatfrend)
Talking of mousies, we wuz hoping to haf lots of compooter time yesterday, but mum sed our mousie had died.WE DIDN'T KILL IT HONEST!!!!!
Mum's got a new mousie now and it's got a big red eye unnerneath it and we keep trying to pounce it.
Mebbe now after all the time being purrizziners and mousies dying we can git back to normal. PLEEZ MUM!!!!

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Sunday, July 29, 2007


They're Home!!!!!

Yayyyy!!!!!! Dad's home!! Well mum is too but someone has to take the pikchurs. It's no good yoo making faces at me dad, yoo don't git furrgiven that kwikly furr leaving us.
Oh well all rite if I must I'll sit on yer lap and Flynn will go all soft. But it's only cuz it wuz yer purrfday that we haf furr given yoo.
I'm a good boy, I'm going to help mum wiv her laundry.
We want to fank efurrycat furr helping to keep us company while we were purrizziners. We had good fun wiv all of yoo who teleported ofurr to see us, and fanks furr all the good wishes furr our blogoversary.And fanks again to Karl and Anastasia furr putting up our post furr us.

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Friday, July 27, 2007


Dad's Purrfday

Hey guys, we managed to sneak back in on the compooter cuz we wanted to let efurrycat know it's our dad's purrfday today. We can't wish him many happy returns ourself cuz the Beans don't get back until tomorrow, but we thought he might get to look at the compooter while he's on the ship and read our message.

We hope to git back posting on Sunday or Monday. See efurrycat soon.


Saturday, July 14, 2007


Pleez don't go.

Aww come on dad, I'm giving yoo eggstra cuddles even though yoo haf come in all oily and dirty. Pleez don't leave us furr two whole weeks.
Look I will efun jump through hoops furr yoo if yoo will stay home wiv us.
It is our furrst blogoversary next Friday but cuz the Beans won't be here to turn the compooter on furr us, we can't haf a party.
Auntie Bee sed she will haf a cyber party furr us, but we're not going to let the Beans know.
Karl and Anastasia furry kindly sed they would let other poodins know about our blogoversary, so if ennycat wants to comment yoo can do it on this post.
::sigh:: I wish we could turn the compooter on ourselves. We will be posting again in two weeks time, but we will try and visit our furrends tomorrow and mebbe in between times if we git the chance.

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The horrybull black fing where the clothes go has come out again. If I sit on it the Beans might take me too. They are making us purrizziners furr two weeks and we don't like it. The worst fing is that we will miss our furrst blogoversary which is next Friday.
If I give them the lazer eyes it might frighten them into staying home. We know we will be lonely, so if ennycat wants to teleport and see us we will be furry happy to see yoo.They don't go until early Monday morning, so we are hoping to be here until Sunday. We are going to haf to be furry bizzy and visit as many blogs as we can befurr they lock us up. Just hope they bring back sumfing better than those mouse ears this time.

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Friday, July 13, 2007


Flynn's meme

Ed furrom the Meowers from Missouri tagged me furr this meme, so here goes:

What were you doing 10 years ago?
What's ten years? Is it as many as a squillion? Mum sez I wuzn't efun a twinkle in my dad's eye back then.

What were you doing a year ago?
Catching mousies and ennyfing else I could find.

What are your five favorite snacks?
Felix chewy treats,
Fish but only if the Beans are eeting it,
Roastid pig.

Five songs you know all the words to:
I don't know enny songs but mum sez I'm singing when I do my reel loud myoosikal purr, and when I go out in the run in the middle of the night I fink I am singing, but mum sez "Flynn stop that terrybull yowling rite now!"

Five things you would do if you had a million dollars:
I haf to agree wiv Ed on this one. A nip ranch sounds grate.
Help all kitties git good fureffur homes.
Have free treatment furr kitties who can't afford it when they're pawly.
Buy a place close to Grr so I can see her more often.
Buy a place close to Rosie furr Eric so he can see her more often .

Five bad habits
I don't fink I haf got enny bad habits, but mum sez I haf to put these up.
Yowling in the middle of the night when efurryone's asleep and skeering the living daylights out of them.
Gitting unner the kwilt wiv mum when she's asleep and making biskits on her tummy. That makes her wake up kwik hehe.
Catching mousies and leaving the innards on the carpet furr her to step on. (I don't do that furry often cuz Eric eats most of my mousies.)
Catching fev-vers and taking them indoors to pluck them.
Catching snakes. (That reely freaks her out)

Five likes:
Reel live mousies.

Five things I'll nefur wear again:
I nefurr wear ennyfing ennyway except the stoopid Mickey Mouse ears the Beans brought back furrom their holly days last year. I'm nefurr efurr wearing them again.

Five favorite toys:
Nip carrot
Tiger's Tail
Fev-ver wand
Rosie Rat
Reel live mousies.

Rite now I haf to nommynate 5 poodins. They are:
Angie, Casper, Chase, Obi, and Loki

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Thursday, July 12, 2007



I just got back furrom a walk around the feelds. Ifink I need to rest on this feeld roller. Oh! sumfing tickled me.
Huh yoo pesky fly, git off.
I'm warning yoo, I'm watching yoo.
Hahaha, stop it, yer tikkling me.
Neerly got yoo.
Thank goodness, peace at last.
Aaaargh are yoo back again?
Now I'm gitting reely mad.
He's gone, at least I can git on wiv washing my furrs.
All done now I can nap.
Oh no!!! Are yoo back again?
I will get yoo if it's the last fing I do.
Gotcha!!!! Yum yum.
I am furry imbarrist to haf to tell all my furrends, but dat pijjin I wuz hunting got away. He suddenly got worried so I knew it wuz now or nefurr, and I took a hyooj leap at him, but he wuz too fast. I don't fink he will be back in a hurry though cuz I got some tail fev-vers caught in my claws. Bet he's got a cold butt now hehe. Mum tried to take a pikchur of my leap, but she missed me cuz I wuz so fast. Rite I'm off now to play wiv my new fev-vers.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Tummy Tuesday

After all that werk yesterday I haf had to take it eezy to recuvver my strength.
Sum of yoo seem to fink that I am Flynn's older bigger brofurr. Well yes I am bigger, but we are the same age and haf the same mother. It's unnerstandabull yoo would fink that, cuz Flynn duzn't haf the same sense of responserbillytilly as me and just wants to play like a little kitty all the time. I don't mind this as long as he keeps me supplied wiv yummy mousies.

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Monday, July 09, 2007


Mancat Monday

Bet yoo didn't know I wuz in here. I've just been having a nice nap in the sun in the back of the trailer.
Now I'm awake I'd better check efurryfing is all right.Furrst I'll look out of this end which means I am looking towards the stables. Yup efurryfing seems ok down there.
Now I'll look out of this side. I can neerly see in the window, but I don't fink ennyone is indoors.
Now I'd better go up the uvver end and check efurryfing is ok in the tractor. Sumtimes when the tractor door is open I go inside and haf a nap.
For my last check I need to be a bit higher so I haf to git up on the tractor wing. This is higher up than the top of dad's head if he wuz stood here, so I can git a reely good vyoo of efurryfing furrom up here. Well I'm happy to say efuuryfing seems to be ok here.
Hmphhh. I've been bizzy doing all this werk and what duz Flynn do? Yep yoo got it, he's in the back of the trailer playing wiv a bit of stone or sumfing. It's a big responserbillytilly being a mancat, and it's hard werk when yoo don't git enny help furrom yer brofurr.

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Sunday, July 08, 2007


Easy like Sunday

I like Sundays. Nuffin better than just relaxing after a hard week's hunting.
While Flynn wuz lying around doing nuffin, I helped mum pick the runner beans furr Sunday's roast. I just had a bit of a play wiv this one furrst, then a little chew. Mum sed she didn't need it then, so I could keep it.

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Friday, July 06, 2007


Rockin' Boy Blogger.

We wuz nommynaytid furr Rockin' Boy Bloggers by Forty Paws and Chase. Fank yoo furr that grate onner. We want to nommynate:

Dragonheart cuz he teeches efurrycat about Sphynx cats and about Germany and lots of uvver fings to make us more ejookaytid. Mebbe he can teech us to spell too one day. So Dragonheart, yoo rock!

Fat Eric: cuz if it wuzn't fuur our furrend Eric, we would not be here now. Mum saw Fat Eric's blog one day and told us about it. We sed we wanted to blog too, but we didn't know what to do, and neither did our mum, but FE and his mum told us what to do. So fat Eric, yoo rock!

HRH Yao-lin: cuz we nefurr met royalty befurr and yoo mingle wiv all the rite peepull. So Yao-lin we fink yoo rock too.

Jeter Harris: cuz efurrytime we reed his blog, we're laffin and laffin, and also he is furry good to his Squillion and lets him haf his Sunday post. Jeter cuz yoo can allus make us laff, we fink yoo rock too.

Rocky,furrom Artsy Catsy: cuz he has a furry high powered job, and it must take a lot of effort and keerful planning to keep his hyoomans and the uvver cats working to a high standard. So Rocky yoo rock too.

Also we would like to nommynate Trip the Psyko Cat. We know he hasn't got a blog so we want to nommynate him as an onnery Rockin' boy blogger, cuz Tripper we fink yoo rock!! GIVE TRIP HIS OWN BLOG!!


Thursday, July 05, 2007


Sorry I wuz late home mum.

Mum sez I wuz late home furrom the 4th.July Purrfday and Gotcha Party. Well I couldn't help it, we wuz bofe having such a good time.She sed if we wuzn't home by midnight we mite turn into pumpkins, and she sed if I do it again she'll put me in the Free Ads.
Well mum, yoo don't haf to bovver cuz I'll do it myself. It wuz worth it just to see my sweetie Grr again.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Whacky Wednesday

What???? If yoo don't mind, I'm in the middle of washing my tummy. Yoo can see my pink patch where I've washed all my furrs away.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Tummy Tuesday

I wish that sun wouldn't keep moving away from me.

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Monday, July 02, 2007


Mancat Monday

ROARRRRRR. Beware I am a big furroshus mancat and if enny Beans put their fingers through the bars of my cage, I'll bite 'em rite off.
Oooops sorry, I wuz just day dreaming.
Me and Flynn wuz weighed today and mum's not happy. We git weighed efurry three munfs, and last time I lost a pound and gave it to Flynn. Today Flynn still had my pound and is still 14lbs. Sumhow I found anuvver pound sumwhere and I'm back to 21lbs. Mum sed, "Eric I thought we wuz going the rite way last time. What haf yoo been doing?" I fink it is Flynn's fault cuz he forces me to eat all the mousies he catches.
Yoo can tell how big I am, cuz our outdoor run is four feet wide and I take up neerly all the width of it. It is twelve feet long, but I'm not that long........YET hehehe.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007


Easy like Sunday

I haf been catching up on reading my furrends posts and checking through all our pikchurs, so now I can relax. This is my faverit place at the moment, and when mum is using the keyboard I keep grabbing her fingers. Sumtimes I press the keys cuz it makes diffrunt things happen but mum duzn't seem to appreesheeate my keyboard skills.

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