Monday, July 09, 2007


Mancat Monday

Bet yoo didn't know I wuz in here. I've just been having a nice nap in the sun in the back of the trailer.
Now I'm awake I'd better check efurryfing is all right.Furrst I'll look out of this end which means I am looking towards the stables. Yup efurryfing seems ok down there.
Now I'll look out of this side. I can neerly see in the window, but I don't fink ennyone is indoors.
Now I'd better go up the uvver end and check efurryfing is ok in the tractor. Sumtimes when the tractor door is open I go inside and haf a nap.
For my last check I need to be a bit higher so I haf to git up on the tractor wing. This is higher up than the top of dad's head if he wuz stood here, so I can git a reely good vyoo of efurryfing furrom up here. Well I'm happy to say efuuryfing seems to be ok here.
Hmphhh. I've been bizzy doing all this werk and what duz Flynn do? Yep yoo got it, he's in the back of the trailer playing wiv a bit of stone or sumfing. It's a big responserbillytilly being a mancat, and it's hard werk when yoo don't git enny help furrom yer brofurr.

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we're furry glad yur famlee's got yoo ta purrtect 'em frum stuff. i'z the onlee mancat heer an so i no how hard it iz ta not haf any help frum anybuddy.

hey - maybe Flynn was practicing his Tub Hockey skills for the next game. that's very manly too!
It's no surprise that yoo are the responsuble one, my Pistachio Pudding Cherry Blossum Eric.

Yoo two sure lead the life...egsploring traylurs and trakturs and outdoor stuff! Maybe sumday Flynn will follow yer lead!
We love your Sunday post too.
What a great manly cat you are Eric
eric yu is the mancat of the fambly. flynn looks up to yu, yu is his mentor.

yuki & kimiko
Eric you are the big bro! As a big bro...I know how you feel...

Looks like you take your patrols very seriously!

Wowy - that's a lot of werk - we leave da werk to da beans!

P.S. - our new contest starts today at 8:00am (pst)
Oah Dear, this is the manest mancat, must be the top of my list~!
I love it~!
You are a great mancat! Not all of them would be so responsible.

Wow, can you guys drive that thing? If so, could you bring it over here and haul away some of the stuff my humans keep accumulating?

Eric, you are furry manly and protektive.
Dude, you take your responsibilutees furry seereusly! Dat a good thing in a mancat. And when yoo are done and sher dat effurything is okay yoo can play wif abind, aband, er, like a crazy cat...~Speedy
Man Eric! You have to do all the work around there don't you? Geez. You should get a raise or something!

Luf, Us
What I wouldn't give to live your Man Cat lives. You guys are just too cool.

What great photos! Checking out the tractor is very very manly. I especially like the picture where you are way up high on the tractor wing. That could be part of a mancat calendar!

Did you and Flynn ever go for a ride in the trailer?
Those are furry manly pictures, Eric.
Your humans must feel safe with you keeping a look out!
I'm purrtecting my kitchen.
wowie you are a man cat aren't you! i wonder, do you have a devonshire country accent? I sort of imagine you speakin loike a farmer! he he xx
Wowie, you look furry mancatly in that tracktor there, Eric! I am furry impressed. I would like to go for a ride with you in that thingie, I bet it would be furry, furry fun!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
You guys are so lucky you get to go outside! It looks like so much fun. My Mum is much too paranoid to let me wander about because Eagles, Owls, Foxes, Coyotes and Vishus Deer get lots of cats in our neighbourhood.
tell him he shud help you do the werk!!! cuties...

smiles, auntie bee
Oh Eric, I like that picture of you peeking over the side of the trailer. I almost couldn't see you. I think Flynn is a dreamer not a take charge sort of cat like you.
Wow, we sure enjoy hearing about your outside adventures! Eric, you did a great job out there but Flynn was playing a very manly game out in the back! We love you boys!

Purrrs, China Cat & Willow
We almost missed you in the first picture!! You are a very considerate Mancat, you do all your work before you play or rest!! Younger brother's seem to play more!!
Your Fl furiends,
Samantha & Tigger
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