Saturday, July 14, 2007



The horrybull black fing where the clothes go has come out again. If I sit on it the Beans might take me too. They are making us purrizziners furr two weeks and we don't like it. The worst fing is that we will miss our furrst blogoversary which is next Friday.
If I give them the lazer eyes it might frighten them into staying home. We know we will be lonely, so if ennycat wants to teleport and see us we will be furry happy to see yoo.They don't go until early Monday morning, so we are hoping to be here until Sunday. We are going to haf to be furry bizzy and visit as many blogs as we can befurr they lock us up. Just hope they bring back sumfing better than those mouse ears this time.

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i haf a great idea! we will have partees while they are gone to the ear place!!! i will come ofer and bring treats and all the kitties can come ofer and we will haf so much fun!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Now where are they going? They need to stay home and play with the kitties.
Party at Eric and Flynn's house!!!
psst. don't tell but i put up a post about the party we are having here while mommie is gone. go see. lots of treats and prizes.

smiles, auntie bee
So sorry to hear this!
We NEVER allow the maid and the butler to leave at the same time! Right now the maid is gone too, but the butler is here so it´s not too bad...
When exactly is your blogging anniversary? If you want we can put up a post for you guys at our blog and tell everybody to go to your last blog for the comments?
You can email us if you think that could work
thecatrealm at
P.S: just July 18 and 19 are bad days for us...
Oh dear. Eric and Flynn, give your beans the sad eyes and maybe they will take you with?
if not, yak in their shoes.
Oh no! Come hide over here!
Make shur u put lotz of orinch & white furs on dat black box so dey dunt fergit u.

Luf, Us
Awwww guys, that's awful. You are welcome here anytime for snuggles and play and treats!
oh no! and guess what...we missed our first blogoversary too! it was July 10th, and the Lady forgot because she was too busy. ::pout:: Don't worry - I'll be over lots to keep you company!
hey guys I tagged you for a meme for when you get online again, a proverb meme xxxx
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