Monday, July 02, 2007


Mancat Monday

ROARRRRRR. Beware I am a big furroshus mancat and if enny Beans put their fingers through the bars of my cage, I'll bite 'em rite off.
Oooops sorry, I wuz just day dreaming.
Me and Flynn wuz weighed today and mum's not happy. We git weighed efurry three munfs, and last time I lost a pound and gave it to Flynn. Today Flynn still had my pound and is still 14lbs. Sumhow I found anuvver pound sumwhere and I'm back to 21lbs. Mum sed, "Eric I thought we wuz going the rite way last time. What haf yoo been doing?" I fink it is Flynn's fault cuz he forces me to eat all the mousies he catches.
Yoo can tell how big I am, cuz our outdoor run is four feet wide and I take up neerly all the width of it. It is twelve feet long, but I'm not that long........YET hehehe.

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well i sure do understand honey, i could lose a pound or two myself, well lots more than that axshully, but i think you look furry good at your wright!

smiles, auntie bee
Do you have to stay in there all the time now? No more mousies for appetizers?
Wow Eric, you don't look like you weigh that much. You look very handsome to me.
Your FL furiend,

Very nice Mancat pose, Eric.
Hi 5 paw,
Oh gudness, that is such a grate mancat dreem yoo had, apple-banana muffin Eric! Yer the most furroshus mancat evur! -Rosie

Hey Eric, yoo shuld tell yer beans thay need to be wayed evary three munfs and see what thay say to that! Than, if thay are biggur yoo can make fun of them! -Cheeto
wowie, you're a great big muskular mancat! I'd like to be that big, too -- yur almost as big as a LION!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
You sure are a massive Mancat ~ wonder how long till you become as long as you are wide... :)
Wow - you sure do look furrocious to me!! But I'm not scared! ;)


14 lbs? 21 lbs??? *looks at self's measly 10 lbs* Wow, what's your secret???


Being on a diet sucks. I know, coz I had to for a while. Don't do it if you can help it!

Your outdoor run sounds like a nice place to hang out. Eric, I think a lot of that weight must be muscle, because you don't look too big.

Yu look like a fine X-sam-pull of a floofy mancat too me. Momma sayz only weight 5 1/2 pounds. I am a furry petitie gurl. But I fink yu look juss rite.

If dey put yoo on a diet, Eric, whine and give dem "I am starving here" looks. Dem beans made me lose 2 pounds, it was awful! Are they going to make you stop eating mousie tartar?
tell your mommy that diet is "die wf a T". that should change her mind
Wow Eric! You are a big Mancat. It must be those mousies that Flynn brings home for you. They are probably very high-calorie mousies. Maybe more walks in the fields when it stops raining?

Luf, Us
Wow! You guys are both WAY bigger than Audace. (We won't even mention that skinny Ruse, although he's probably the perfect weight for his size -- 12#.)

Audace needs more exercise, I guess, poor baby. He'd love to be outdoors, but I don't trust the neighborhood cats or the wild critters around here. The neighborhood cats are nice and tame with my grandkids and me, but they snarl and swat at the screens whenever they spy my crew at a window. We don't even want to think about the wild critters.

I was wondering how you guys have managed to evade any wild critters on your farm, but I can see that your size and weight is excellent defense. Don't listen to those doctors!!

Oh Eric! You are a big ferocious Mancat! But I am not scairt of you. I weigh six. Pounds. But I sure would like to weigh 21 pounds!
we heard that muscle weighs more than fat, so that's prolly why yur heavy - yur a big muscular ManCat. we got a new scale cuz the one that sed I weigh 20 pownds wuzzn't workin' furry good an ackshully I wuz 18. since the people changed our food an treats, I'm down to 16 1/2. Midnight is 11 pownds, and that annoying little fluffball Cocoa is a measly 9 1/2.

pee ess: our diet goes like this...
crunchies: 1/2 Innova light, 1/2 Innova Evo
wet food: alternating with Innova Evo and Innova light
treats: fishie flakes and occasional Temptations
didja notice all that "light" stuff? an didja notice that Temptations are now only "occasional"? and didja notice that whipped cream and ice cream and cereal milk aren't even on there? and didja notice that I NEVER get to eat small rodents? grrrrrrr. life isn't fair.
Wow, that looks like a cool place to hang out. Just keep saying, "There's more of me to love..."
Yup, you is big! More of you to love though! You are more than twice my size - but you sure are handsome!
Yoo look grate! Did yoo get in trubble and haf to be out in the cage?
hehe you are so cute though. Never mind losing weight, you are perfect xx
Pshaw, I don't understand this human obsession with weight. It doesn't mean anything to me!

You DO look like a caged tiger, an tigers way lots more than 21 lb. You look good, so why worry? Bonnie an I bof way 12 lb, but she's like an ounce or two lighter an likes to bug me bout it. Acourse, the only exercise she gets is when I chase her, so she should fank me! Purrs!
I aspire to be as big as you, Eric. You guys are my heroes. I'm just so busy I burn up all of what I eat! I think I must be deficient in rodents. Peach
That is a furry nice enclosure - that will be on our purrthday list fer next year!
That is one terrific mancat picture of you! You are looking very handsome!

Purrrrs, China Cat
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