Friday, July 27, 2007


Dad's Purrfday

Hey guys, we managed to sneak back in on the compooter cuz we wanted to let efurrycat know it's our dad's purrfday today. We can't wish him many happy returns ourself cuz the Beans don't get back until tomorrow, but we thought he might get to look at the compooter while he's on the ship and read our message.

We hope to git back posting on Sunday or Monday. See efurrycat soon.


We send Happy Birthday wishes to your Dad too! Hope he and your mum are home safely soon!

we miss you eric and flynn! and happy purrfday to your pa!

smiles, auntie bee
I hope you're Dad has a good birthday. FAZ
Woohoo! Happy birthday to your dad!!
Happy birthday to your human not that he deserves it cos he deserted you!
Happiest Purrfday to your Daddy!
Happy Birthday to the Dad. I hope you have some surprises for him when he gets home.
Very happy birthday, Dad! And welcome home. Can't wait to hear how you two big ginger boys are carying on.
Happy Birthday wishes to your dad!
Happy birthday to Eric and Flynn's dad!
YEAAAAAA, yer dad's purrfday calls fur a grate celebrashun! Yoo should give him lots of temptayshuns and a fevurbutt mowsie fur all the times he's pushed yoo arownd in the wheul-barrow!
Happy birthday - we are glad that you will be back any moment now!
Happy Purrthday Eric & Flynn's dad! (hey - are you kinda like my father in law?)
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