Sunday, July 01, 2007


Easy like Sunday

I haf been catching up on reading my furrends posts and checking through all our pikchurs, so now I can relax. This is my faverit place at the moment, and when mum is using the keyboard I keep grabbing her fingers. Sumtimes I press the keys cuz it makes diffrunt things happen but mum duzn't seem to appreesheeate my keyboard skills.

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A furry manly stature there!
Eric, you look very comfy and relaxed.
Have a beautiful sunny Sunday

<3 Princess
eric you are a smart cute little things. i am sure your mommie preciates you!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Hi there, Eric! that's a super pikshure of you. You look furry relaxed!

hehe, sometimes I try to do some keyboardin' for my momma, too. She sez it looks like it's in a reeeeeeal strange langwage!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
After all dat werk yoo shood take a nap...
Gee, we're offline most of the week and now we find all these fabulous posts you've made recently. Tree climbing, mousie eating, rosebush memorials, Flynn-er-slug damage, keyboarding and more. You've been very busy! Enjoy a relaxing Sunday.

Eric, I have also found that typing on the keyboard is fun. If my Mommie doesn't help me, here is what I type:

aseti-08vxxxxxxxxajnva,.aiopmklilyyyyyy f;l;akruoawenf ,am x,lrhteoagbne ng

Happy Sunday!
ha ha you are so cute and mancatly. x
It looks like you are making "love eyes."
You look very relaxed and happy, Eric -- you've got curly toes even! We love keyboarding, too -- and smacking the monitor when things move.

Have a happy easy Sunday!
You is a good snoopervisor! How does she know yur pushin the wrong keys? I stepped on "Help".
Haf a wunderful day, Eric. I love that pikshure on the compyooter too!
You look very comfy on there, Eric, your mum should be glad you like her company so much when she is keyboarding.

Yes, the rain is awful. Can't believe this time last year we had a hosepipe ban. Our tomatoes look very sad, they need some sunshine. So do we!
Have you lost weight? All that running around on your farm, I would guess. You do look furry executive sitting there.
I love you sitting there just show that you are the king~!
Don't use the computer, play with me.
You look so handsome Eric. I'm sure you Mom appreciates all your help at the keyboard.
Samantha & Tigger
Eric, you sure do look terrific laying there!

Purrrrs, China Cat & Willow
that'z a furry good place ta hang owt an i like ta hang owt there too an when i do i like ta put the bitey on the edje of the desk. duz yoo effur chew on the wood? yum.
That looks like a pleasant place to be, Eric!
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