Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Whacky Wednesday

What???? If yoo don't mind, I'm in the middle of washing my tummy. Yoo can see my pink patch where I've washed all my furrs away.

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you are a wacky little thing flynn! you cutie pie...

smiles, auntie bee
Cute tummy! You look kinda sleepy.
Don't wash your furs off, you need them.
Ha ha! Looks kinda funny but I think I wouldn't be happy with my humans for such a shot.
That is a pretty whacky picture - you do look kind of sleepy. China Cat licked off her tummy furs too, so she has the pink tummy like you do!

Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
Millie isn't allowed to see this! I can't compete with manly mancat pics like this. I mean, I know it's hard to contain one's manly mancatness..
Wow! That's a very big tummy you have there - Mommy wants to give it a rub!
Oh, Flynn, you groomed your fur off! That is pretty silly.
Very cute Flynn! When I sit like that, my mom calls it my "guy pose." She thinks you have a lovely tummy.
What a sweetie! You have a nice pink tummy, Flynn!
Dats da way a mancat is apposeta sit! But mom's aren't suppose to take pikshers of it!
hahaha that is an awesome picture!
Very cute tummy Flynn...Have a Happy and Safe 4th Of July :)
Great picture Flynn.You are sucha acutie. Tigger does the same thing!!
Samantha & Tigger
Tee hee. Reno washes his furs off too. He has a big pink patch on his belly.

Luf, Us
purrrr - if you're done washing your furs, you could come over and help me with mine. purrrrr!
You are washing a little bit harder, I sometimes do it too hard michico will ask me to stop.
Because the fur will lesser.
we have to remember that we have no control over the beans and the cameras. (does that help?)

ben fuzz

You did a good job of washing!

Oh wow, you have such a clean belly!

Oh Flynnie, you have such a cute tum tum! You are a very thorough cleaner : )
I have a pink patch too! The doctor says it's "stress," and mom just laughs. She doesn't know how hard it is being a man cat.

Goodness Flynn, when you take a bath you aren't suppose to rub all your fur off. Does it feel cooler that way?? Mom says what a floofy tummy, rub rub.

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