Friday, July 13, 2007


Flynn's meme

Ed furrom the Meowers from Missouri tagged me furr this meme, so here goes:

What were you doing 10 years ago?
What's ten years? Is it as many as a squillion? Mum sez I wuzn't efun a twinkle in my dad's eye back then.

What were you doing a year ago?
Catching mousies and ennyfing else I could find.

What are your five favorite snacks?
Felix chewy treats,
Fish but only if the Beans are eeting it,
Roastid pig.

Five songs you know all the words to:
I don't know enny songs but mum sez I'm singing when I do my reel loud myoosikal purr, and when I go out in the run in the middle of the night I fink I am singing, but mum sez "Flynn stop that terrybull yowling rite now!"

Five things you would do if you had a million dollars:
I haf to agree wiv Ed on this one. A nip ranch sounds grate.
Help all kitties git good fureffur homes.
Have free treatment furr kitties who can't afford it when they're pawly.
Buy a place close to Grr so I can see her more often.
Buy a place close to Rosie furr Eric so he can see her more often .

Five bad habits
I don't fink I haf got enny bad habits, but mum sez I haf to put these up.
Yowling in the middle of the night when efurryone's asleep and skeering the living daylights out of them.
Gitting unner the kwilt wiv mum when she's asleep and making biskits on her tummy. That makes her wake up kwik hehe.
Catching mousies and leaving the innards on the carpet furr her to step on. (I don't do that furry often cuz Eric eats most of my mousies.)
Catching fev-vers and taking them indoors to pluck them.
Catching snakes. (That reely freaks her out)

Five likes:
Reel live mousies.

Five things I'll nefur wear again:
I nefurr wear ennyfing ennyway except the stoopid Mickey Mouse ears the Beans brought back furrom their holly days last year. I'm nefurr efurr wearing them again.

Five favorite toys:
Nip carrot
Tiger's Tail
Fev-ver wand
Rosie Rat
Reel live mousies.

Rite now I haf to nommynate 5 poodins. They are:
Angie, Casper, Chase, Obi, and Loki

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those are great answers, flynn! it's fun to see what ofurr poodins think an' do, specially the ones that get to go outside. an' it dawned on me that we are kinda brofurrs-in-law, wif you liking grr an' me likin' midnight!!

purrs, ed
i think you did reel gud honey! and i wud luf to hear you sing!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Thanks for the tag! It certainly was nice to get my mind off of my misery.

Hi Eric, Hi Flynn! I've missed you guys! I feel like I've been gone for a squillion years! Anyway, Flynn, that was really fun to read! This has been such a great meme. Have a great weekend!
I wish I could see some mousie innards some time. I would like to study them.
You did a wonderful job on this meme
Hey you two, have a great week-end
im so sorry but I had to laugh at the pic of you with the mickey mouse ears!!! So funny! he he xx
Fank u fur taggin me Flynn. I'm gonna post mi ansers tomorrow so I gez you'll miss dem. Dat sux dat u ist gonna be prizzerners fur 2 weeks an dat you'll mis yur blogoversry. We will teleport ofer.

Luf, Us
I agree with you - you don't have any bad habits. Those things your mom made you list are called "endearing traits".
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