Sunday, July 08, 2007


Easy like Sunday

I like Sundays. Nuffin better than just relaxing after a hard week's hunting.
While Flynn wuz lying around doing nuffin, I helped mum pick the runner beans furr Sunday's roast. I just had a bit of a play wiv this one furrst, then a little chew. Mum sed she didn't need it then, so I could keep it.

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hi eric,
you have fun with the beans. Sounds like a perfect Sunday dinner.

You are right Sunday is for sleeping.

Poppy Q
You both look great, lying in the sun. Have fun with the runner bean, Eric.
You two look so cute! And playing with beans sounds like fun! I never heard of runner beans before.
you two look very handsome.
we haven't heard of runner beans before.l Are they fun to play wif? are they tasty?
did you like the bean or just like to play wif it honey? you were furry good to help mom!

smiles, auntie bee
We like to play wif da beans mom grows too! Der fun to put da bitey on but we don't eat them cuz they don't taste like food to us.
Aw, ya look so comfy!
Wonderful sun spot.Hehehe. Enjoy the sunday dinner.
Ah yes, guys - runner beans are almost as fun as hair clips and the plastic rings from milk cartons!

you are such a cute puddin. Honeslty, you are. xx
Kickin' back on a Sunday - Purrrfect!
MOL - you are always so helpful, Eric!!

We are lazy kitties too...except when we go outside, tee hee!

So comfy you two look, laying in the sun. That bean looks very interesting. Does it taste good!! Have a restful day!
Your FL furiends,
Samantha & Tigger
it's still Sunday here and that's what we're doing too. well, 'cept minus the beans.

we don't always get that many treats either. the Lady wanted there to be enough on each plate that we could each choose whatever we want without feeling limited. it was a fun test!
Hmmm. I think I'd like to try one of those beans.
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