Thursday, August 30, 2007


I've had a really bad day!

I haf had a terrybull day. Well akchully it started last nite. I went to bed as yooshull, then in the middle of the nite I went to haf a snack.The bowls had gone!!!! Nuffing, not efun a krum. What's going on? I went in and woke mum up, and she sed "Sorry Eric, yoo can't haf anyfing else to eat!" So I marched around furr a while and woke her up again.It still didn't werk, so I woke dad up. He wouldn't git me anyfing either. Well this morning they got out of bed, and I thought "At last, now I'll git my brekfust" But no, they ate their brekfust and left me to starve. Next thing I knew, the evil cat carrier arrived, except I didn't know it wuz evil. I thought that if they won't feed me, well I'll go in the PTU and sulk. That'll show them.Big mistake!!! The door wuz closed on me and i wuz trapped.
They took me out and put me in the monster wiv wheels and we drove furr hours and hours.
**Mum - Actually Eric, it was 25 minutes**
We got to this place that had a funny smell to it. When we got inside, I realised it wuz the V E T.
I saw a lady who didn't seem too bad, but then she took me away and the Beans went home wivout me.
I wuz put in a cage, and there wuz still no food. I wuz on the verge of collapsing by now cuz I wuz so hungry. The Beans had deserted me and I wuz being left to starve. Where wuz Flynn when I needed him to catch me a mousie?
Later on they gave me a bald spot on my leg and stabbed me in it and stole some of my blood. They said they would check furr liver or kidmee problums and diabetes while I wuz there. I can't remember what happened after that until I woke up and my mouf wuz hurting. They had torchered me by ripping three of my teef rite out of my mouf. What had I done to deserve this?
A bit later, the Beans came back furr me. I couldn't help myself, I purred and rubbed against the PTU efun though I wuz mad at them. I wanted to ignore them but I just couldn't.
Here I am back home. I don't like this bloo fing around my leg. I haf to git it off.
I WILL git it off!!
Oh look......FOOD!!!! furrgit about the bloo fing furr a minit, I haf to eat.
Ok dad, yoo can cuddle me if yoo must, but yoo don't git furrgiven that easily. Mum finks the Annie's Thettik has made me hulloosinate cuz I keep staring at fings that aren't there. Well they are there cuz I can see them.
Flynn duzn't like me anymore. He sez I'm not Eric cuz I don't smell like Eric. He keeps hissing at me. I don't like it, it upsets me. I hope he likes me again tomorrow.
I haf to go back on Saturday furr a checkup. I don't want to go.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007



We'll miss yoo furry much, our good furrend Oscar. We are so sad that yesterday we visited your blog to see if you were back. We nearly left another comment, but didn't. We wish we had.
Goodbye dear friend.
Fanks to Skeezix furr the use of the graffik.



Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Tummy Tuesday

Go on, tickle me, yoo know yoo want to. I promise I won't bite or claw.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007


My nose twin

Yesterday I asked if anycat knew whether I had a nose twin with three byooty spots like me. Well I have!!! I got an email furrom a poodin called Sunny and he sent me two pikchurs of himself. I thought I wuz looking at me! He has got three nose spots just like me, and in nearly the same place.
In case yer wondering, the pikchur of the furrst poodin above is me.
This is Sunny. Don't yoo fink he is a hansum poodin?
He could be a body dubble furr me. He sez his Beans fink I'm his long lost cuzzin. Well I think they could be rite. He efun has the same cuddly build as me.
Sunny duzn't haf a blog, he sez his mum duzn't haf time to help him wiv it. Mebbe he can persuade her to change her mind so he could join us all, efun if it wuz only now and again. We'd love to have yoo join our big happy family new cuzzin Sunny.

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We, like efurrycat and their Beans are furry sad that our furrend Anastasia has gone missing. We hope, hope, hope that she comes back safely.
Ana please go home, yoo are furry much missed.
Fanks to Skeezix furr the graffic.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Spotty Saturday

I haf got three spots on my nose and mum sez they are my byooty spots.
I wuz wondering if I haf got a nose twin sumwhere. Pearl's brofurr Pumpy looks furry similar to me, but I don't know if he has got a spotty nose too.I haf got byooty spots on my bottom lip too, but yoo can't see them here.
Do yoo haf a ginger nose wiv three spots?

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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Strange Smells

Mmmm what's this? I smell sumfing unyooshull. There must haf been an introoder around in the night.
Go away Eric, I got here furrst, and I'm going to put my smell on the wall, not yoo.
Well all rite yoo can stay, but don't git in my way. Smelling strange smells is furry impawtunt.
That's ok Flynn, yoo keep sniffing up there, it smells much better down here.
Yer looking all silly Eric, yoo look like yoo've been on the nip.
Whoaaaa here's the best bit. Wonder who it wuz that's been introoding.
At last!! Eric's gone and now I haf the smells all to myself.
This smells so good I would git rite in the wall if I could. It's neerly as good as nip. Not quite, but neerly.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Wordless Wednesday


Monday, August 20, 2007


Middle name meme.

We wuz tagged by Yao-lin and Skeezix furr the middle name meme. We went out in the feeld where it wuz kwiet to haf a fink about it.
Here's the rools.

List one fact that is somehow relevant to you and your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.When you are tagged you need to write your post using your middle name and facts about it.At the end of your post, choose one cat to tag for each letter of your middle name. Be sure to let each cat know she/he has been tagged. (It's okay if you don't do this... tag who you want to tag!)

Neither of us haf reely got a middle name, but mum often calls me Flindy Pins, so I spose Pins is the nearest I got to a middle name.

P= Playful. I mightn't be as yung as I wuz, but I'm still just as playful as I efur wuz, speshully wiv fev-vers, nip and reel live mousies.

I= Inquisitive. If sumfing's diffrunt I allus haf to be rite theer to check it out. Mum calls me the spy at the window, cuz if I hear a noise I got to run furrom one window to the next to see what's going on.

N= Neurotic. That's what mum sez, but I don't fink that's rite. It's only cuz I like to git out in the outdoor run in the middle of the night and yowl at the moon. It's not my fault if it frightens seven bells out of them.

S= Snuggly. Yup I'm deffernuttly a snuggler.

Mum often calls me Erky Lerky the big fat Terky. I fink it's just downrite rood of her, but I spose that makes Lerky my middul name.

L= Lovable. I love to cuddle my dad, I efun cuddle mum when she's not being rood about my weight. Has she looked in the mirror lately?

E= Exkwizit. Well some-one's got to put sumfing nise about me!

R= Roly Poly. Yeah all rite, so we're back on the weight topic again haha.

K= Kind. I am furry kind cuz when we go to bed, I allus give mum a head massoj to reeleev the day's tenshuns furr her.

Y=Yummy. Mum sez I'm a big gorjuss lump and I got a big yummy tummy.

Now we haf to nommynate poodins who begin wiv the same letter.
PoppyQ, IconBB, Nala, Samantha.
Luna, Emma, My apple strudel Rosie, Karl, Yuki.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007


5 Things meme

We were tagged by Luxor to tell about 5 things that changed our lives.
1.Well the biggest change wuz when the Girl where we wuz born took us and our brofurr and sisfurr indoors furr two Beans to look at. Until then we lived in the barn wiv our kitty mum and all the cows, and we had nefurr been in the indoors befurr. We wuz about 5 weeks old and loved our kitty mum, but a bad tomcat wuz keep coming around and the Girl wuz scairt that he would kill us. The Beans chose the two of us, and cuz we could eat proper food, they took us to our furrefurr home the next day.We didn't know it then, but we wuz going to keep an old ladycat cumpunny. We reely loved her rite away, but she didn't like us at furrst. We made her love us though and she soon went efurrywhere wiv us.She wuz allus a little girl who wayed 6lbs.
2. The second fing that changed our lives wuz when Kitty Yumbum had to go to the Bridge. Her kid-mees were not furry good, and mum had to keep giving her injeckshuns. The time between injeckshuns wuz gitting shorter and shorter, and the Beans knew she wouldn't be wiv us much longer. One day when she finished eating, she went outdoors and couldn't stop yacking, and kept falling ofurr. Mum knew it wuz time and rang the V E T. He wuz a furry nice man furr a V E T, and he came to our house so's not to stress Kitty YB, and gave her an injeckshun to make her tired while mum cuddled her. Then he gave her anuvver one to send her to the Bridge. We knew her furr two years and we reely reely loved that old lady. We wuz about eighteen munfs old in the pikshur wiv her.
3. The third thing that changed our lives wuz the werst efurr. We wuz allowed outdoors all on our own cuz it is safe here. When we wuz two, Eric kept going furr longer walks on his own. Mum had to keep going out looking furr him. One day dad saw him down the next farm where all the working woofies are, and he called him, but he wouldn't come back. The Beans walked across all the feelds togevver calling him,but he still wouldn't come back. Mum sed,"Rite that's it, he could haf been attacked by dawgs. Those boys aren't going out on their own again." So cuz of Eric we can only go furr walks wiv mum now.
4.The fourth fing that changed our lives wuz when mum googled "Ginger Cats" and found Fat Eric's blog. She helped us to email him, and he sujjestid we git our own blog. We're so glad we did cuz just look at all the furrends we haf made. We love yoo all.
5. Fifth but sirtinnly not least wuz meeting our girlcat furrends Grr and Rosie. Life has been efun better furr us since then.
We haf been a long time gitting around to putting up this Post so we don't know who has and hasn't been tagged. If yoo hafn't been, consider yerself tagged now.

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Friday, August 17, 2007


Fat Butt Friday

Doo yoo mind??? It just means there's more of me to cuddle.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Where's Flynn?

We went off togevver furr anuvver of our walks but suddenly Flynn disappeared. I wuz walking around the feelds looking furr him efurrywhere.
Flyyyyynnnnnnn where are yoo? Are yoo hiding furrom me in the long grass?
Ohhh there yoo are. What are yoo looking at?
Oh well done Flynn, yoo caught a mousie. Can I haf it?
Huh!! Yer not going to eat it yerself are yoo, that means I haf to go hungry.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Wordless Wednesday (and a purrfday)

Today is our mum's purrfday so now she is an anteek like our dad.
This pikchur wuz taken on their Holly Days last month in Norway. We don't haf hardly any pikchurs of our mum, but she has zillions of us. Anyway she said we could post this one if we must. Fanks mum.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Toes and Tummy Tuesday

This is the evil black fing that steals the Beans clothes and makes them go on Holly days to look furr them. When mum finished unpacking. I tried to skwash it to make sure it couldn't git the clothes back inside it again. Yoo can see my nice pink paw pads and a bit of my tummy.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Mancat Monday

This is dad's big red tractor which he drives most days. I go in and make sure efurryfing is safe furr him in there.
This tractor is furry old, in fact it's the same age as my dad and that's anteek. It's called the little grey Fergie.
He yooshully uses his big red tractor, but he still uses this one sumtimes when he wants to git into tight places.I like the red one best cuz it's got a nice comfy seat, and windows to let the sun in. Checking tractors is anuvver mancat job.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Keeping Fit with Flynn

Eric has been telling me he wants to lose a bit of wate, so I haf done sum exersiziz furr him to follow. Any other poodins who are cuddlier than they want to be can do them too if they want to.
First we start wiv some gentull neck stretches and arm lifts to warm up.
Then we do a dubble arm stretch.
Are yoo keeping up ok? Rite, imajin yer a boxer and shadow box to yer rite.
Next lean to yer left, it's a bit like doing the hokey cokey. Yoo'll soon git the hang of it.
Neerly finished. Lift yer right arm and stretch yer head back ofurr yer shoulder. Can yoo feel the pull? If yer doing it right, yoo will.
Now to finish just do a gentull arm lift and relax. Yoo should try to do this furr ten minutes a day grajully building up until yoo can do an hour. Yoo may find yoo need to haf regular naps between moves. Good luck .

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Friday, August 10, 2007


Some Advice

When efurryfing seems to git on top of yoo and life's rushing by, yoo should stop and smell the roses.

Well this advice is probly more furr the Beans than us cats cuz we don't beeleev in rushing around anyhow.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

We wish Monty Q's Babybean a speedy recovery.


Tuesday Twosome

Efurr since the Beans came back furrom their Holly days we haf been snuggling togevver on the bed more. We're not letting them out of our site again. That bump in the bottom left of the pikchur is mum's leg. We make her scrunch her legs up so we got plenty of room to sleep. Dad took the pikchur in the middle of the nite and mum nefurr efun woke up wiv the flash. She tells dad she's a furry lite sleeper and the slightest fing wakes her up. Huh! Who duz she fink she's kidding.

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Monday, August 06, 2007


Mancat Monday

This is one of my faverit trees. It is a big old Oak, and it is furry good furr watching the fev-vers. If I climb rite to the top I haf a furry good vyoo of all our land, and I can keep a lookout furr vishus deer.That's what Mancats do.

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Sunday, August 05, 2007


Vishus Deer Alert

When the Beans were on their Holly Days they saw this man who wuzn't looking what wuz going on, and a vishus deer crept up behind him. He wuz in grate danjer, but he wuz saved cuz the Beans brought his furrs home wiv them furr a bed furr us.
We don't know what to fink about it. I Eric gave it a sniff to make shore the vishus deer wuzn't still inside.
Then Flynn came out to help me make shore it wuz safe.
Flynn wuz gitting kwite excitid wiv it and started digging his claws in it.
Then mum put it on the Beans bed and he had a chew at it.
And anuvver chew.
Then mum put it on our sofa where we sleep and Flynn went and had anuvver chew on it. I wuz keeping well away furrom it cuz I don't trust it.
What do yoo all fink,is it safe or do we need some of Rocky and Mao's VDR?

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