Thursday, August 16, 2007


Where's Flynn?

We went off togevver furr anuvver of our walks but suddenly Flynn disappeared. I wuz walking around the feelds looking furr him efurrywhere.
Flyyyyynnnnnnn where are yoo? Are yoo hiding furrom me in the long grass?
Ohhh there yoo are. What are yoo looking at?
Oh well done Flynn, yoo caught a mousie. Can I haf it?
Huh!! Yer not going to eat it yerself are yoo, that means I haf to go hungry.

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That looks like a nice walk Eric and Flynn. I am glad you found your brother Eric - you sure could get lost in that long grass.

The only long grass I have, my mum calls weeds. But I have shrubs to hide in and some grass and dirt to do my business in, oops too much information. A lady should never share such things.

Happy Birthday to your mum. She will need to rest up after blowing out all them candles.
good job honey!! yay for catching the mousie...

smiles, auntie bee
Eric, it is a very good thing you found Flynn! I was a scairt for a second that he got lost. The Outside is a very big place.
What a huge place to walk. I think that would be furry scary to walk outside like that all the time. You boys are really brave!
I'll bet that there are a lot of cool hidey spots in that tall grass!
good job mousie hunting!!!

happy purrfday a day late to your sweet mommy!
wow you guys are such outdoorsy country folk! Honestly, I imagine you to meow in a west country accent! You are both gorgeous he he well done catching a mousie! x
Maybe you two can share.
He didn't eat the whole thing, did he? Mousies are for sharing.

YAY for catching the mousie!!
Happy belated Birthday to your mommie!!

hugs and purrs, Kashim & Othello
That looks like a nice walk outside. I'm glad you caught up with Flynn, Eric. I think we must be distant cousins or something, since we're all strong, big-boned, orange and white country boys.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe did share with Eric, didn't you? c'mon over and join the nap pile - both of you! plus, we've got lotsa fishie flakes and Temptations.
Wowie, Flynn's a Mighty Huntur! How ecksiting that he caught a mousie.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Great job, Flynn! Sounds like you two have had a very fun day. And I hope that mousie was tasty!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.
Wow, you guys are living the good life!
You shur do catch a lot of mousies!!! We dunt catch nun.

Gess wat? Today ist owr Mom's purrfday!!! She's ALMOST anteek. Next yeer she be a half sentry.

Luf, Us
Eric, I'm tagging yoo for the middule name meme!
I am so happy you have lots of fun~!
Eric and Flynn, you both are great hunter and explorer~!!
I thawt yoo had a deel with Flynn...he fownd the mowsie and yoo ate it! Maybe Flynn wants to be as big as yoo, my Orange Flavured MooseCake Mancat!
Poor had to go hungry didn't you. I can tell that you had to go without that mousie. You're wasting away Eric.
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