Saturday, August 11, 2007


Keeping Fit with Flynn

Eric has been telling me he wants to lose a bit of wate, so I haf done sum exersiziz furr him to follow. Any other poodins who are cuddlier than they want to be can do them too if they want to.
First we start wiv some gentull neck stretches and arm lifts to warm up.
Then we do a dubble arm stretch.
Are yoo keeping up ok? Rite, imajin yer a boxer and shadow box to yer rite.
Next lean to yer left, it's a bit like doing the hokey cokey. Yoo'll soon git the hang of it.
Neerly finished. Lift yer right arm and stretch yer head back ofurr yer shoulder. Can yoo feel the pull? If yer doing it right, yoo will.
Now to finish just do a gentull arm lift and relax. Yoo should try to do this furr ten minutes a day grajully building up until yoo can do an hour. Yoo may find yoo need to haf regular naps between moves. Good luck .

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i fink i'll start wif the nap part furst...

smiles, auntie bee
I like the naps part best!
Nice exercise routine, Flynn. :) My mom is a certified group fitness instructor and she approves of your workout!
Those are some very good exercises! Thanks for the demonstration. I do not think I can do some of those moves, because they are very advanced. I will practice hard though.
This is fun!!! Very good exercises! I am sure you will find a nomss friend, jeter has some problems right now too, but we think that some animals just don't check their email and comments regularly...
We will start posting again Monday but I think I will keep the Dare up for permanent in the sidebar... It is always important to make nomss friends!
Your friend Karl
Very good exercise, I love seeing your beautiful body dance, that is very cute~!!!

Your body in the Sun is very beautiful.
Those look like furry good exercises ... Kinda like tai-chi!
hehehe, those look like great ecksercizes, and I espeshully liked the pickshure where you look like yur doin' the shadow boxin'.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Great exercises ~ you need to be on the tv in mornings...
you're adorable! what a great routine! I'm gonna start tryin' it right now and so's the Lady. she's cuddlier than she wants to be too (though Cocoa appreciates it)
Very informative!
We like the boxer moves the best :)

~ Sara and Miss Emily
Have you done a patent on this yet?


Fit and Flynn!

Flynn's Curves!

We'll keep brainstormin' for you.
Pay us in private classes.
(for Mosaic Lady. She's fat.)
Hello Flynn,
You are a great exercise model.

I wanted to tell you that whenever I come to your blog, the sidebar is covering your latest entry. I don't know if you're aware of that or if I'm the only one experiencing this problem. The part that says "Recent Readers" and the other piece that says "Kitty Yum Bum" is covering your entry. I hope you can fix it, because I like reading everything that you write.
Did you guys know that I am a Devonshire Rex live in that like in county? Must be beautiful in England. My NOMSS pal is a dog from England...a fox terrier named JACKSON. You will find a NOMSS friend too....just keep lookin.
The picture below with you wandering in the garden is so lovely I want to just frame it...can I?
Oh gudness, thowse are sum intense powses yoo have going on thare. Yer a grate exercisur Flynn! My terimisu layur cake Eric is purrfect, but if he wants to werk out to stay healthy than he's got a grate teechur!
Phew...what a workout! Do you guarantee weight loss if I do this an hour a day?

Max S
What great pictures of you exercising Flynn. Mom thinks they are so cute, she had a smile on her face while looking at them. When you get done you can have a great long nap. Exercising can wear you out. Mom just loves it when there are pictures taken of you two outside. Just like the one with you, Eric, on the old Oak. She can see the scenery beyond. We think you live in a great place

That wore us owt jist reedin bowt it. Grate demunstrashuns!! Whooeee.

Luf, Us
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