Thursday, May 31, 2007


New Bed

Look, Dad's brought me home a new bed. It's got a nice fleece lining, and when I don't want to sleep on it, it zips up. It's furry comfy. Thanks Dad.
Whaaaat???? It's not a bed? What do yoo mean it's furr yer gun. Well if it's not furr me, why did yoo put it here? Well I fink I'm going to keep it, so there!!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Whacky Wednesday

All right, we know we put this pichur on a preeveeuss post, but it wuz soon after we started blogging, and we fink there's probly lots of kitties who hafn't seen it befurr. We sirtinnly fink it's whacky ennyway.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Tuesday Twosome

We like to sit on our scratching post and watch what goes on. We haf a furry good vyoo of the birdies furrom here too.


Monday, May 28, 2007


Mancat Monday

This is the outdoor run which is yooshully on the bedroom window. When the Beans go on their holly days, it is put onto the garij door so we can still get fresh air efun though we are prizziners. I am doing my mancat job and checking dad has fixed it safely. Only a mancat can do this as it is a furry impawtunt job.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007


A Relaxing Sunday

Hmm What's this, I don't remember seeing this fing here befurr

I know!! I fink it's a slide, If I sit here I wonder if I can slide down it.

Oh I know what it is now, it's the sun lounger. I just remembered mum turns them upside down cuz the birdies poop on them.
Well if it's a lounger, I'd better lounge.

What better way to spend a Sunday.

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Friday, May 25, 2007


Favourites meme

We were tagged by Mr. Hendrix for our faverits meme. We went and sat on the grass and had a fink about it. We agreed on efurryfing except the furrst one, so we deesided to do it between us.
Time of day:
Eric: Bedtime cuz I git to sit on dad's hed.
Flynn:2am cuz that's the time I like to git unner the kwilt and stick my claws in mum's tummy.
Day of week:
Sunday cuz dad's home as well as mum and we git to do lots of playing.
Season of year:
Summer cuz yooshully we git to stay out in the garden all day and help mum.
Christmas cuz we git prezzunts and help the Beans unwrap theirs.
What's that?
Ennyfing furrom Cats. The Beans went to see it in London several years ago and sed it wuz grate. Well it should be if it's about cats.
Pansies. Mum had some in her borders furr the winter and we kept pouncing on them. We won, we deaded them!
Ennyfing that's got fev-vers, fishies or uvver pounceable animals in it
We don't watch soaps, but mum watches Coronation Street.
Water, we won't touch milk, oh and toona joose.
Nefurr had froot but we will haf to try nanners.
Temtayshuns, speshully Dairy.
Gourmet Pearl. It yoosed to be Sheba, but that's our sekkund faverit now.
Nefurr been to one, but we keep asking the Beans to bring us back a kitty bag.
We tag: Beezer, China Cat and Oscar, the puppycat.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Tummy Toosday

Woofie Update.
Several poodins wuz wondering about what happened to the woofies yesterday. Well they wuz ok cuz they got shut in the Land Rover so they couldn't escape, and when dad had his dinner, he took them back to the farm. Bet they thought they wuz going to the V E T.

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Monday, May 21, 2007


Double Mancat Monday

We wuz arguing about who wuz going to be the mancat today, so mum sez "Boys enuff arguing, yoo can bofe be mancats" So we sed ok.
Dad's big Sirprize.
Today dad wuz helping his frend on his farm. When he had to come home furr his dinner, his frend told him to take the Land Rover cuz it would be kwikker than going home in his tractor. When dad wuz neerly home, he looked in his rear vyoo mirrer and saw two woofie heds looking at him. He didn't know they wuz in the Land Rover, and he didn't know who wuz the most sirprised, him cuz he wuzn't expecting it, or the woofies cuz they wuz in theer sleeping and wuzn't expecting to go furr a ride. We laffed when he told us, but we didn't go out and say hello to them.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007


What is it???

Aarrrggghhhh I've just seen a monster!!. Flynn come and look. Flynnnnnnnnn where are yoo, come kwikly.

What's the matter Eric, what do yoo want?
Oh Flynn you're the monster. I didn't know what it was.

Go on Eric, it's safe, yoo go and haf a look.

Well if yer sure I'll stick my head in and have a look.I recognise what it is now. It's those funny masks some of the horsies wear to keep the flies out of their eyes.
Yoo haf to admit yoo did look skeery though Flynn.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Big fev-vers

We wuz taking mum furr a walk around the feelds again, and then we herd lots of funny noyziz. It wuz going "honk,honk, honk" We didn't know what it wuz, but it wuz coming furrom up in the sky. Then we herd lots of flapping, it wuz a bit skeery. Next fing we knew these two hyooj fev-vers landed in furront of us.

This is the same pichur zooooomed in. me and Eric looked at eech uvver and sed "What do we do, shall we stalk them?........NO!!" We fought they might chase us so we watched them furrom a safe disstunce.
Mum told us they wuz called Canada Geese. That's silly, don't they know this is the YooKay, not Canada?

We saw this on Chairman Mao's blog, and so we tried it wiv our names. Hahaha we can't stop laffin.
What Eric Means
E is for Easy
R is for Raspberry Lips
I is for Incandescent Eyes
C is for Cutie Pie

What Flynn Means
F is for Firecracker
L is for Love Bug
Y is for Yummers
N is for Number One
N is for Nookie

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Sunday, May 13, 2007


Lessons in mouse catching.

Right Eric. I keep catching all the mice and let yoo haf them. I fink it's time I showed yoo how to catch yer own.

Furrst of all yoo find a sootabull hole right? Now yoo haf a look down theer and tell me if yoo can see ennyfing.

Come on, it's not going to bite yoo. Haf a good look down theer.

That's better, now can yoo see ennyfing?

What do yoo mean yoo don't know. Move ofurr and let me haf a look.Yup he's deffernuttly down theer.

Now stand back and let the purrfeshunull show yoo how it's done.

Result!!! Gotcha yoo little devil.

Trubble is I still caught the mousie and gave it to yoo Eric.
Yoo haf to catch the next one yerself now I haf shown yoo how to do it.

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Friday, May 11, 2007


Seven Random Facts

We have been tagged by Obi furrom Forty Paws, China Cat and Chase.
Here are the rules. Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!
We haf racked our brains to come up wiv seven facts each.
Seven Random Facts About Me, Eric:
1. When the Beans are in bed, I like to sleep on dad's head wiv my paw on mum's head.
2. My faverit game is rolled up silver paper. When it is thrown furr me, I pick it up and bring it back to be thrown again.
3. I love water. I will play with it furr hours.
4.If I'm hungry, I wake the Beans up by biting theer noses. They don't seem to like it furry much.
5. For a big mancat I only haf a furry small meow.
6. I haf a rather large floppy tummy, and when I run, mum sez I look like a cow with it's udder swinging.
7. I like rain. As soon as I hear it start, I go in our outdoors run to sit in it.

1. I like to go in our outdoors run at night and yowl at the moon. Mum calls me a Banshee.
2. I'm a furry good hunter. I'm not allowed to catch birds though. As well as catching mice, I haf caught snakes, moles and weasels.
3. I like to eat my food with my paws.
4. I love catnip. I drool and roll and my eyes go glazed.
5. As soon as I hear beeps coming furrom the compooter, I know that means mum has turned it on, and I come running and haf to sit on it to make sure mum duzn't make enny mistakes.
6. I like to sleep on my back wiv my legs in the air.
7. When the Beans go to bed, I like to git unner the kwilt and cuddle into mum's tummy.
We would like to tag:
BeauBeau and Angie
Fat Eric

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


We're just.......

........a couple of bums!
This is our 100th. Post so now we are going to see who is nearest. We'll announce the winner soon.
We haf checked all the dates and Grr is the closest being only 27 minutes out at 10pm. We haf decided to give Bombay a purrize too cuz he wuz only 33 minutes out, saying 11pm. Fanks to effurrycat who entered.Bombay can you email us wiv yer address so we can send yoo yer purrize. Our email address is on our profile page. We know your address Grr seeing as Flynn is allus teleporting ofurr to see yoo.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007


Relaxing on a Sunday Night

When the Beans went away the uvver day, they brought us home this new blankie

Sorry Eric, but I fink it has to be all mine,mine,mine!

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Friday, May 04, 2007



Don't furrget, guesses furr our 100th post haf to be in by midnight BST Saturday 5th May.That's 4pm PST or 7pm EST.Leave yer guesses here

I wuz sitting watching furr a mousie when Caffrey the horsie came ofurr and said hello to me.
The little fenced off piece I am in is the grave of mum's bestest efurr horse. He wuz called Mr. Who and wuz an ex racehorse. She had him furr 24 years and when he died he wuz just 3 weeks short of 35. That's very old furr a Thoroughbred. She loved him very much and still misses him efun though he died over eight years ago. She still goes out to his grave and talks to him. I wish me and Eric could haf met him cuz I fink we would haf liked him.


Thursday, May 03, 2007


Me and my dad

I reely reely do love my dad.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


More Holly Day Pichurs

This is the hotel that the Beans stayed at in a place called Cricket St. Thomas in Somerset. It is only about 95 miles furrom our home. If it's that close, why didn't they come home at night to visit us?

The wisteria growing against the walls looks reely lovely. Mum sez it is in flower a lot earlier than yooshull.

This is the Grand Staircase in the hotel. The house was once used for a UK series called "To the Manor Born"

It looks like these two vishus deer lost theer heds.

And here is an even more vishus deer in the park grounds. Just look at the size of those stabby fings on his head.

There were Meerkats in the wildlife park. Looks like this one didn't like the Beans.

This one seems more frendly, mum sez he wuz on lookout dooty.

This is a vyoo in the park grounds. Mum sez that efun though it wuz warm, it wuz furry misty in the morning.

Here's anuvver vyoo. It looks like it could be an inchresting place furr fishies and fev-vers.

This wuz the vyoo as yoo drive away furrom the Hotel.
Don't furrget to enter yer guess furr our 100th. post

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