Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Tuesday Twosome

We like to sit on our scratching post and watch what goes on. We haf a furry good vyoo of the birdies furrom here too.


So cute!!!! We have a similar picture, we'll see if we can dig it up.....
You both look very handsome sitting there on your scratching post and looking out the window. I hope you see lots of birdies.
That's a wonderful photo of the two of you, Eric and Flynn. :) My mom thinks both of you are very handsome.
They seems very good relationship with whole love.

Thank you for visiting my blog~~
What a great view from your scratching post! Birds are fun to watch. And cackle at.
You guys look so cute sitting together! And yes, what a great view!
You guys is furry good brofurs! How can yoo sit so kamly and watch. Sadie and I bang on da glass trying to catch dem dum birds.
Wow, your backs are really cool sitting there together. I love your white spots!

that is so great! a very handsome photo indeed.
What a great picture of you two!
What a great picture of 2 brothers. I like your cat tree, I don't have one of those...
purrrrrrrrr! there wasn't a "who's your favorite gorgeous Man Cat" question, or I would've put you on there fur sure! guess I should've added that one too.
Yup, cat-tree scratchy posts are good for viewing stuff. I use mine to watch Vishus Deer Hill and guard against vishus deers
Awwww, awww, awwwww, So cute! All that orange goodness!
Wowy - more birdwatching cats!
Wow Eric and Flynn, you are two handsome cats. And a very nice view it is too. Have a great day.
Samantha & Tigger
Thats a great look out spot!
Mine mombean sez its the cat-bird seat.
Did you see and good birds?
That's a great picture!!
Look at that hot bootay on the left! Yer so cute, Eric!!!
-Yer sekret admirur, Rosie

...what's that Cheeto? I'm not supposed to tell Eric who I am? Than how is he going to know it's me? Yer so silly sumtimes, Cheeto!
Sorry, we didn't have a similiar picture, I think mommy deleted it.

Anyways, your picture is way better. We wish we had a little bit of colour sometimes....a bit of orange would be pawesome.....
What a great picture of the two of you! Very handsome!

Oh, look at you two sitting together! Our Lady always tries to get a picture when we sit together, but if China Cat hears any noise, she runs to our Lady...so no picture together!

Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
What a great picture of you two!!! You guys are joined at the hip aren't you?

Luf, Us
Oh, Max and I do that, too. We lay on our cat perch and watch birdies at the feeders. It's like having our own personal television.

oh look at you two puddings!!! How adorable!
hi boys! that's an AWESOME picture of the two of you...

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