Monday, May 28, 2007


Mancat Monday

This is the outdoor run which is yooshully on the bedroom window. When the Beans go on their holly days, it is put onto the garij door so we can still get fresh air efun though we are prizziners. I am doing my mancat job and checking dad has fixed it safely. Only a mancat can do this as it is a furry impawtunt job.

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You are very careful coming down those steps. Glad you did a complete inspection.
You are doing a good job! Do be careful!

Our mountain house is in Minden, Nevada. Its on the east side of the Sierras, just down from Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is about 25 minutes away, and is on just the other side of the top of the mountains in the picture. Glad you liked it!

Prisoners? Oh NO! Please be careful on your trip down, oh wait we is cats, we have grace and balance! Scritches and Purrs
haha excellent work my mancat friend! looking very mancatly today!
Very manly job, it looks as though you are giving it a very good inspection!
In your house every day are funny and adventurous!!
Uh oh. Duz dat mean da beans r goin 'way agin?

Luf, Us
good inspekshun job!
You are doing a great job on that inspection!
KC said...
O, what a furry man-catly fing to do. 'n it looks like fun to climb. wow.
Purrs, KC

pee ess: fanks fur tha reminder 'bout Missy Blue Eye's Gotcha Day!
Dat is a job fur a mancat! Sometimes dad's need a hand and we mancats must snoopervise and inspect, just in case.~Speedy
Wow! You are very right, that is a job for a mancat!
Great job of inspecting the ladder. At least you can pretend you are outdoors. You look very Mancat to us.
Samantha, Tigger and Mom
Good Job! Us man-cats gotta make sure when humans mess with our stuff's that it's done right. We got standards to maintain!
Very cool! :) Your outdoor run sounds wonderful!
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