Sunday, May 27, 2007


A Relaxing Sunday

Hmm What's this, I don't remember seeing this fing here befurr

I know!! I fink it's a slide, If I sit here I wonder if I can slide down it.

Oh I know what it is now, it's the sun lounger. I just remembered mum turns them upside down cuz the birdies poop on them.
Well if it's a lounger, I'd better lounge.

What better way to spend a Sunday.

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Yer a vary good lownjer. It looks like yoo've had lots of praktiss! But don't roll down!
Don't know about the UK, but it is a holly-day weekend here in the US. It is time to lounge.
What a nice lounger - it's a good weekend!
You look so very comfortable on that lounger. Since we have a holiday weekend I think I'll do a lot of lounging myself. Oh, I just remembered I always lounge, not just on holidays! Hee hee...
Hi Eric and Flynn!

Is the sun shinning down there in Devon?

There won't be any sun lounging here in Surrey. It's raining and cold!!
Great lounger! I bet it also makes a great slide. Silly birdies pooping on it - I guess birds don't use a litterbox likes us kitties. Lounging sounds like a good way to spend Sunday!
I like your lounger. It's raining here today, so I do not get to go Outside on my harness. Have a happy weekend.
oh you look so cute lounging like that!! Squishy!!
Are you a professional lounger? You look as though you have had a lot of practice!
My mum thinks you look cute lounging on there. Good job. It is raining here non-stop, hope it is better in Devon. No sun here! (typical, bank holiday!)
Hi Eric and Flynn,

Cute photos Have a Great Weekend :)
What a pawesome way to spend a lazy Sunday! I wish I could be outdoors and do that too....
PS. Regarding spraying poop on the computer monitor...I dunno how it happened, neither does Daddy who was holding me at the time it happened.
Great way to lounge!! That's a good idea that your Mom flips them so she doesn't have to sit in bird poopie!

Luf, Us
What a great lounger! I wish we had one like that!
Lounging is da best way to spend a Sunday, or reely any day!
That is a good idea to put it upside down... my mom would never think of such a clever idea!

You look very restful.
Now I am thinking a nap would be a great idea right now
Oh, what a lucky outside lounger you are! My human is making me lounge inside today because some stray kitties are roaming around MY yard!

way cool! we haven't gotten more than a cupple minnits of 'puter time ALL WEEK! and plus we even got tagged 3 times for the favorites thing AND we still hafta put up our prize pictures from you two. grrrrrrrrrr! that Lady better find some time for us, or she's gonna see what my claws can do AGAIN.
pee ess: I've got a lounging picture I could put up. I'll do that real quick so efurrybuddy knows we're still alive.
love & purrs
Nice lounge!
Wow, that is quite the lounger and you are making the most of it.

If you want to see bird poop, come on ofur. Daddy is feeding ducks and geese and he says it goes in one end and right out the uver.

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