Saturday, May 31, 2008


Eric's Day

It's just not fair. When we started our blog, I wuz going to be the main one cuz Flynn's too busy mousing or playing. He wuz just going to do the occasional posts to give me a day off now and again. I'm sure efurrycat has noticed that he gets to post more than me now. He sez it's cuz all I do is lie on the compooter or lie in the garden and don't do eggsiting things like him. Well, enuffs enuff, I'm making today Eric's Day.

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Eric: Mum has been trying her hardest to get us to jump or shout furr Kimo and Sabi's compytishun. We both refused point blank, but today dad was talking to me on the shelf where I wuz sunbathing, and I shouted out to him, "Hi dad, how you doing". Do you know what? He had the flashy box wiv him and took my pikchur wivout even asking me. Seeing as he took my pikchur, I told mum she could enter it furr Kimo and Sabi.
Flynn: Well I still refused to shout furr mum, so she looked through all our old pikchurs and this is the nearest she could find to a shout.
Eric: Huh you call that a shout? That's more of a whimper. My shout is better than yours, but then, I have made today Eric Day.

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Friday, May 30, 2008


Dinner Time

Spring is good cuz it means there are lots of mousies hiding in the grass again, and there's nuffin fresher than catching your own dinner.Nom, nom, nom.

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Congratulations Karl and Ruis

Concatyoolayshuns to Karl and Ruis on their wedding day.We wish you both every happiness now and in the future.


Thursday, May 29, 2008



I jumped up to the compooter to see mum same as I always do and there wuz two strange looking bugs sat on top of it. They weren't there yesterday so where did they come furrom? I haf to get to the bottom of this cuz they could be danjeruss.
If I put the bitey on them maybe they'll go away. I haf to save mum furrom them.
Yikes! While I wuz giving the bugs what for, the flashy box case has crept up behind me.
I'm not afraid of it though, I'll just whap it to show it who's boss. I hope no other cats get invaded by those strange bugs.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Tuesday Toesies

When I drink furrom the horsies water, I like to have my toes dangling in it.
The horsies haven't been in this field since before the winter and the trough has old rainwater in it and it's gone green. Mum says, "Flynn you don't want to drink that dirty old water." but I tell her that it is the tastiest water in the world. She just doesn't realise how good it is. When the horsies come back in here later in the summer, she will clean it all out and it will be horrible water with no taste to it.
You can see my toesies are in the water here.
See my wet paws. If mum says the water is dirty, then why haven't I got dirty toesies?

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Monday, May 26, 2008


Mancat Monday

I am the mighty mancat hunter. I am stealthy while I wait in my jungle for my prey. I stand motionless, barely breathing, just listening and watching and waiting. I am patient, I have all day........ Then along comes Eric stomping through the grass, sneezing as he sniffs the pollen from the flowers. Oh well, I suppose there's always tomorrow.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008



It's a weekend of hugs on the Cat Blogosphere in memory of Bonnie Underfoot and all our other kitty furrends who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge, and also all the other kitties who are ill and need our hugs and purrs.
We are sending our ((((((hugs)))))) to all our furrends, and remembering those who have gone before.

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Friday, May 23, 2008


Happy Birthday ML

Happy Purrfday ML. We hope you have a great day. We would haf sent you a purrezunt but the customs men probly wouldn't let you have our treaties, and we need the nip ourselves, so we'll send you (((hugs))) instead.
Fanks to Zoolatry furr the graffik.
We want to give ((((((hugs)))))) to all our blogging furrends too.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008



Today is a very sad day. Our good friend Bonnie has gone to the Rainbow Bridge after being taken ill yesterday. Bonnie we are heartbroken that you had to leave us. Our thoughts are with your family and Victor. We will meet you again one day. Run happy and free our dear friend.
Thanks to Chase for the use of the photo.




I can hear rustling noises. It's too loud to be a mousie. I fink it might be Eric but I can't see him. Hehe if I just lie here quietly, Flynn will never find me in the long grass. I can have a nice peaceful snooze.
We don't know if anyone can help us, but we can't see videos any more. It only happened for the first time yesterday. When we read a blog with a video, where the video should be is just a blank space. We tried posting a video clip last night but the same thing happened to our video. When we were loading it, everything looked fine, but when we looked at the preview, it had disappeared and there was just the blank space where it should be. We have downloaded the latest edition of Flash Player but it made no difference. If anyone has any suggestions we would be very grateful.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Tummy Tuesday

Don't you think I look sweet showing off my tummy furr tuesday?
Hehe, well this is what I wuz doing right befurr that!
Nom nom nom, I'm chomping on a nice big fat joosy mousie.
Mmmmm that wuz yummy. Now where's mum so I can give her a kiss on the lips :)

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Monday, May 19, 2008


Mancat Monday

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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Our Beans Holiday.

Mum's taking libbertees wiv our blog. She asked us if she could post a cupple of pikchurs, so of course we said sirtinly you can mum, no-one's going to mind a holiday pikchur or two. Lookit what she's done! She's put on twenty pikchurs and now there's no room furr our Easy on Sunday pics.She sez we're lucky she didn't post the other hundred and fifty too. Anyway this furrst one is a park in Vigo in Spain. Mum sez they saw lots of dawgs and they pooped efurrywhere and no-one cleaned up after them. She sez they never saw a single kitty the whole time they wuz away.
Lisbon, Portugal.

Barcelona, Spain.
Barcelona, Gaudi architecture.
This is the house where Princess Caroline of Monaco lives. Mum sez it is a surpurrizingly small house compared with most of them.
This is the Cathedral in Monaco where Prince Rainier and Princess Grace are buried.
Changing the Guard at the Royal Palace Monaco. This happens efurry hour on the hour.
Just a few of the yachts in Monte Carlo.
The world famous casino in Monte Carlo.
The Beans new car.......... they wish.
Colosseum in Rome
Circus Maximus, Rome.
Mum finks this is the Castel Sant Angelo. She sez it is hard to remember efurrywhere and she should haf written it all down.
The Beans were very thirsty so they stopped furr a beer. Mum thought she was asking furr a half litre furr dad and a smaller one furr herself, but they ended up getting a litre and a half litre.
This is the Vatican and every Sunday the Pope appears at the second window in furrom the right to give his blessing.
Mt. Vesuvius with modern Herculaneum in the foreground.
This is a street in Ancient Herculaneum. It is the neighbouring village to Pompeii, but instead of being buried in ash in AD79, it was buried by mud. The Beans went there instead of Pompeii because they had been told it wuz better preserved. They said it wuz furry inchresting. Mum said it felt very strange to walk along the same street peepull had been walking along until the volcano erupted nearly 2000 years ago.

There are many mosaics and murals that have survived remarkably intact.

Mt. Vesuvius furrom Naples Bay. Before the huge devastating eruption 2000 years ago, the two parts of the volcano were all one and the whole of the centre was blown out.
They went to Corsica and Gibraltar after Naples, but we told mum she's posted enuff pikchurs all ready.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008


In the Greenhouse.

We both like it in the greenhouse cuz it is always warm even when it rains. I like drinking out of the watering can the best as well. It tastes much better than ordinary water.
We help mum in here by digging up all the earth furr her, but she duzn't like it much when we use it as a litterbox.
Can you see Flynn? He's napping in the big plant pot. Mum put a lot of weeds in it, then we started sleeping in it so she put some hay in it to make it comfy. She sez it will soon haf to be moved cuz she wants to start planting her tomatoes in here. Maybe she will leave corner furr us to sleep in it.
This is a nice nap spot. I yooshully sleep here during the day, then Eric sleeps in here at night until we haf to go indoors to go to bed. I don't want mum to move it.

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Friday, May 16, 2008


Thanks Angus

On April Fool's day some of us swapped blogs to confoose efurrycat. Angus Mhor did it too, and had a compytishun at the same time. He put a rapping riddle on the blog he wuz posting on to see if anycat could guess who he wuz. We wuz the only ones who guessed right and he sent us a purrize. Hmmm what haf we got here? I need to have a good look in this box.
Oh yummy Greenies, I like Greenies, and they are Eric's faverits. We can't get them in the Yookay. Look there's Dairy Temtayshuns too. That is my most faverit flavour in the whole world, and we can't get that type in the Yookay either.
There's furry round fings too wiv real fluffy fev-vers, just like baby fev-vers.They look like good fun furr playing wiv.
Hey Flynn, what you got there? You didn't tell me we got a package.
Wow!!!! Greenies!!!! I love Greenies. Fanks Angus that is my most faveritist treats of all.And baby fev-vers yummy. Better have a sniff of the box, it might make a good bed furr me.
Maybe not, it's a bit of a tight fit furr my mancatly booty.
Well Eric we got some good stuff here haven't we. Fanks Angus furrom both of us. You made a good choice of goodies.

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