Thursday, May 22, 2008



Today is a very sad day. Our good friend Bonnie has gone to the Rainbow Bridge after being taken ill yesterday. Bonnie we are heartbroken that you had to leave us. Our thoughts are with your family and Victor. We will meet you again one day. Run happy and free our dear friend.
Thanks to Chase for the use of the photo.


I think we are all heartbroken.

We will miss you sweet girl!
-Jasper McKitten-Cat
heartbroken! we will miss her so much!
This was just so deeply sadden by this loss...

Such an amazing girl to loose. So sudden. I am just thankful we all have each other at times like this.

Eric and Flynn,
this is such a sad day indeed.
We will all miss Bonnie.
It is very sad.
OH NO!! I did not know this!

now I am very very sad
This is really really sad :(
Man, we're all broken up. I wish I had front claws, so I could shred something. That's what I feel like right now. Bonnie was way too cool, and this bites.
Furry sad - we're sendin' hugs all around!
We are very sad to hear that Bonnie has gone to the Bridge. :(
We have just heard it today and we are all so sad! :-/
We just heard this morning about Bonnie. Our heartfelt purrs go out to her family.
Hugs from all of us for the hugathon.
It was such a sudden loss, we're all so sad.

So in honor of Bonnie, we're sending you all hugs, hugs and more hugs!
Very sad news for all te Catblogosphere...

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