Saturday, May 31, 2008


Eric's Day

It's just not fair. When we started our blog, I wuz going to be the main one cuz Flynn's too busy mousing or playing. He wuz just going to do the occasional posts to give me a day off now and again. I'm sure efurrycat has noticed that he gets to post more than me now. He sez it's cuz all I do is lie on the compooter or lie in the garden and don't do eggsiting things like him. Well, enuffs enuff, I'm making today Eric's Day.

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We have the same problem here with Grr. She takes over the blog. Then the kittens came and THEY started taking over the blog. Cocoa and I hardly ever get any time. ::pout:: Happy Eric Day!
Happy Eric Day..Eric!

How dare Flynn say you are boring, you do lots of stuff. I have seen pictures of you sleeping in flower pots, laying on your vicious deer throw, laying in the grass, laying on the lawn chair.......and alot of other stuff too : )
Eric, you are the Sultan of Snooze, buddy!! We LOVE that about you. We aspire to BE you. Totally.
Found a pretty great video of an adult cat trying to coexist with a new kitten... pretty funny... had to share... seems to be popping up on lots of blogs
Happy Eric's Day! Go celebrate!
You have your day and enjoy it.

Purrs, Sukie X
Eric, I totally feel your pain.
I do.
First it was KC, came in and took over just as I was getting comfortable in the blogosphere. Then, I was about to make another try and along come NINE kittens. How can any cat compete with nine adorable kittens????? Of course, we are down to "only four", but they are all blog-wild.
Anyway, I think lying in the garden and lying on the computer are very exciting. And I agree with Kellie, you have even more exciting things, lying in the grass, sleeping in a flower pot, snoozing on a vishus deer throw :: shudders ::. You really need to keep us posted on all of this.
Let's have a few more Eric Days, okay.
Missy Blue Eyes
Buddy every day should be Erics Day. We're gonna celebrate with you dude.

Poppy q
Proper thing Eric!!! Take back your blog!
Have a great 'Eric' day :)
Purrs Mickey
HAPPY ERIC'S DAY!!! Good job taking back the blog!!!
Everycat has its day!!! Enjoy yours (and steal a few more...).
Oh, no way, Eric, sitting on the computer and surveying the grounds is very exciting, important cat-work. I'm glad you made today Eric Day. Lookin' good, buddy.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Happy Eric day. FAZ

p.s. would you boys pop over and help me with Mr Brown and Mr Black. I am sure they would not take any nonsense from you two.
Yippee!! It's Eric's day!! You are the best at rest and relaxing we have ever seen!
Your FL furiends,
Yeah fur Eric! U go dude!

Luf, Us
I think I'll go eat a bit more and just laze around to celebrate Eric Day! What a great holiday!
I too had this problem once until the kindly cats of the blogosphere insisted that mao get his own blog. So there is an answer! x
Hmm, we think to celebrate Eric's Day we should take a nap...
Woo hoo! Eric's Day! What a happy day :-D

You forgot that you also lie on your Daddy. I love those pictures. I can feel the affection you have for your Daddy. They're wonderful photos.

Everything doesn't have to be exciting all the time ;-)
Happy Eric's Day! That's an adorabble pickshure of you.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Happy Eric's Day!!!
Sounds like a good idea to us :)
Purrrrrrrrs :)
Poor Eric! But don't be sad! We wish you all a Happy Eric's Day!.
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