Saturday, May 17, 2008


In the Greenhouse.

We both like it in the greenhouse cuz it is always warm even when it rains. I like drinking out of the watering can the best as well. It tastes much better than ordinary water.
We help mum in here by digging up all the earth furr her, but she duzn't like it much when we use it as a litterbox.
Can you see Flynn? He's napping in the big plant pot. Mum put a lot of weeds in it, then we started sleeping in it so she put some hay in it to make it comfy. She sez it will soon haf to be moved cuz she wants to start planting her tomatoes in here. Maybe she will leave corner furr us to sleep in it.
This is a nice nap spot. I yooshully sleep here during the day, then Eric sleeps in here at night until we haf to go indoors to go to bed. I don't want mum to move it.

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A kitty plant! We like that! It looks like you are getting a great drink from that can!
hey ... we sleep in da plantpotz too! harharhar! i luv dat pikshur!
oh oh that would really be bad if your mom would take your plantpot away. doesn't she af anofur to put the tomatoes in?
Maybes your mum could buy another one? Surely there is a marks and sparks around the corner from you?

It would be nice if she could grown some more handsome mancats, as that would make the world a much better place.

Happy gardening boyz.
Hey you grew a cat! Please tell mommy how to do that! She really wants to!
I think they say that cats improve the taste of tomatoes when they are together. Or is that basil...
That pot looks cozy! Just as long as you don't get planted :o
You need catnip too :)
Purrs Mickey
That is a funny photo. Tell your mum she can put her tomatoes in gro-bags like my mum does. Then she can leave your plant pot alone!

Wish that sunshine we had a few days ago would come back. I want to help my mum do some gardening but it is all cold and rainy again so we are staying in watching the FA Cup Final instead. Sigh.

PS My mum is going to Cornwall on the 24th - on the train this time - she says she will wave at you as she goes through Plymouth.
Mmmm...I wish I had a greenhouse to sleep in. That looks great, buddies.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
What a perfect outdoor bed. I hope it stays just where it is for you guys!
Yoor mom can't use dat fur plants now, it's yoors. We like to sleep in mom's big pots too, but she put rocks in dem so we wouldn't do our 'bizness' in em.
Flynn looks so cute with his head peeping out from the plant pot! I do not know why your mom does not like it when you use the dirt for your litterbox. It's free fertilizer!
Oh wowie, that plantpot looks like a furry good place to nap! And you look so cute peepin out ofur the edgie!

I think a greenhouse would be furry fun to play and ecksplore in. and yeah, alla the good places to use as a litturboxie, too!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Aww, this is too cute! Nice how you 2 help your Mommy :)
Wow! We want a greenhouse just for us!!
Oh, that looks like a wonderful greenhouse that you have there! I think that I would like to try sleeping in a plant pot too! Maybe my Food Lady could get one for me because she is not very good at growing plants anyway - she is good at making kitties happy though!

Purrrrrrrrrs, Willow
You 2 are very helpful mancats!
Awww. How cute!

Luf, Us
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