Friday, January 23, 2009


The Friday Flashback - Dedicated to Mu Shue Pooh

This week's Friday Flashback comes from February 2007. We are enjoying looking through all our old posts and finding one to re-publish every week. This one makes us sad though when we remember our good furrend Mu shue is no longer with us. We are sure he is happy at the Bridge though, and playing with many furrends old and new. We decided we want to dedicate this post to Mu shue Pooh, and maybe everycat would like to stop and think about him and all our other furrends who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
Mu shue, the hero, this one is for you.


We got owr pakij furrom Mushue Pooh furr being theer 1000th. vizzyter. Fank yoo effur so much furr all the good fings yoo sent us.
He told us this is Rosie Rat an we haf got one eech. I like Rosie Rat. She is good furr chooing.

Hmm theer are some inchresting smells heer.

Look Greenies!!!!

We haf got owr Rosie Rats owt, an a nip sack eech, but theer is sumfing in heer I need to get at.

Eric are yoo reeding dat letter? No I've fownd some nip on it, and I'm eeting it.

Well I'm not eeting it, I'm going to rub my face in it.

I reely like dis Rosie Rat. Hey Eric, I hope yer girlcat frend Rosie duzn't mind dis chewy mousie haffing the same name as her.

If yoo look at dis letter furrom Mushue Pooh, yoo will see it's a bit scruffy. Well when the pakij arrived, mum had a kwik peep inside and read the letter. She sed that we wud haf to wait furr her to finish doing the horsies, an then we cud see what we got. She put the pakij on the kitchen werktop, an the letter beside it. When she came back, the letter wuz on the floor, an had a big hole in the middle, and wuz all wet wiv drool. It smelled so good, I cudn't leev it up theer. I had to roll and drool all ofurr it. Theer wuz a packit uv nip in theer too, an sumhow the corner got chewed.I don't know how dat happened. An evil introoder kitty must haf come indoors an did it.

And look, we got Greenies too!!!! We bofe love Greenies, but we can't get them in the UK . And we got nip, lovely nip.

Mum got the sucky monster owt, so she sed we cud take efurryfing in on the bed.

If yoo look behind the letter, yoo can just see the corner uv the pakij wheer I chewed it.

I didn't know yoo cud eet the nip. Flynn allus rolls in it, but I thought I wud see what it taystid like. Mum wuz laffin at me cuz I wuz making funny noyziz. Now I'm all nipped up, an efurryfing looks blurry.

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Wow! You was really enjoying all those goodies! It was a grand prize to get.

Purrs, Sukie x
Aww, it's so sweet to see you enjoying your prizes from Mu Shu Pooh but it's sad too, because we miss him and I bet you do too.

eric and flynn

we enjoyed seein yoo boff enjoy dat pajik frum mu shue. we miss mu shue too he wuz a troo bloo hero. its hard sumtimes when we fink bout all of dose dat are no longer wif us.

Eric and Flynn, that was just so sweet seeing you two enjoying all of the wonderful presents you got from Mu Shue! He was and still is such a wonderful kitty, and definitely a big hero! Thanks for making us smile, and we know Mu Shue and our brother Max at the Bridge are furriends!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Aw. Pawsome Friday Flashback. Mu Shue was a grand friend wasn't he?
mu shue wuz grate an i miss him.
wutta frend he wuz to u ... an to us all.
hahah that was funny! Specially the sloppy letter with spit bubbles and holes! :)

It is always good to remember those who are with us only in spirit now :))

It's fun to re-live those fun times with all those cool presents you got from Mu Shue!
What a nice post and a great tribute to a very special kitty.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Even though we sis not ahve a blog, Mom followed MuShue's story throught the fire and how he saved hit sisfurs. We cried lots over that story. It is good memories like these of your package that keep our friends close!
What cool gifts. What are greenies by the way?
Fabulous! Hope you're enjoying them - we loved the photos!
What a grand hero Mu Shue was! So brave!
That looks like it was a pretty good package he sent!
Thanks fur da re-run, it was good to amember Mu Shue and what a great mancat he was...we sure miss him.
What a great flashback - good presents from a great friend.
That was a nice flashback post on Mushue Pooh, he was a very brave cat!
Mmmmm... wonderfurrr nip...
What wonderful prized you got! That must have been some pretty amazing nip for you to eat the letter and chew through the nip bag.
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