Thursday, March 13, 2008


Trip to the V E T

Huh! What are these PTU's doing here? This doesn't look good, and there's two of them!
I wonder if I can hide them somewhere.
Aaargh now I know what they wuz waiting furr. We bofe been to the V E T. Sorry Flynn but I think I need to hiss at you. I wuz lucky, I only had my six monthly dental checkup and the V E T said my teefs were fine and I wouldn't be torchered this time.
Huh well it's all right furr some. The bad V E T made me go to sleep and did nasty fings in my mouf. At least he didn't torcher me as bad as Eric last year. He didn't rip out any of my teefs. I'm not feeling too lively though.
Is that man on the TV watching me? Is he laffing at me cuz I had to go to the V E T?
I don't like this bloo fing on my leg. That's got to come off. It's where the V E T stole my bloods. They shaved my throat too. Mum asked me why but I didn't tell her.
Hehe, it's nearly off.
Success!! That'll teach them to put fings on me.
Last year when Eric went to the V E T I didn't go, and when he came home again, I hissed and hissed at him furr a week and a half cuz he smelled wrong. This time mum thought if she took us bofe togevver there wouldn't be any hissing. WRONG!!!! We are hissing at each other! We're not too bad though cuz we went furr a walk this afternoon and we furrgot to hiss at each other.

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sarge took me to the V E T today too but i gotted good noos. hope you are bof good now...

smiles, auntie bee
Oh, that's a horrible experience for the both of you! Why must humans be so cruel?

Anyway, I hope that you both are well and that you won't have to see the v*t for another year.
I am glad that is over and that you are home and well! I hate the vet.
what is the V E T thinking!?! That bloo braclit sooo dues not go with yer furs, Flynn!

And my fig newtun hubby Eric, yer so brave to get yer teef all fancied up at the V E T.
Ohh wow you boys did great. I is pleased the walk with your mum helped you to stop hissin at each other.
Oh no! We are sorry to hear you both had to go to the vet, and that you were put to sleep and had things done in your mouth, Flynn. You both barely fit in your PTUs!
We must agree with DH and Merlin. We think you guys might have outgrown your PTUs.

Luf, Us
Oh man, buddies, that was a fur-raising story. Going to the v-e-t and being tortured is terrible. I'm glad you both came through like tough mancats and can take a good, relaxing walk about the grounds to get back to normal.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Great job taking off the blue tape, and without any thumbs! Excellent job. We're glad your toofs are OK! Try to make Purrs instead of Hisses.
We're sorry he stole your blood, maybe you can get it back? At least it was good news at the V-E-T.
Dear E&F,
I am so glad you are back home and have that behind you.
VETS=no fun!
I am so sorry you had to go to the V-E-T! I am glad you are back home safe and sound, and I hope you keep forgetting to hiss at one another. Purrs!
Oh NO don't mention that dirty werd...VET...ugh...we hate the sound of it. We are glad it is all ofur furrs yu and dat yu is back home, safe and sound.

Dear Eric & Flynn,
We is so glad the trip to the vetroreguritarian is over for you!!! Now you is back home you should demand some nip to help you git over the whole bad experience!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Oh Flynn, I am sorry they did bad things to your mouth. I HATE TEETHS! If we did not have teeths, things like this would never happen.
We need to report this to the ASPCA or RSPCA or whatevera and STOP THIS ABUSE. No one want to be tortured by V-E-T!
I hope I never have to go to the V-E-T again ever! ~Queen Snickers
oh you poor things. i told you guys to run away! our human takes care of most of our stuff here at home thankfully. hmmm i saw some of that blue vet wrap in the cabinet here. i think she's gonna use it on gerald's neck.

Noel Edmonds looks pretty surprised to see you! hehe

Seriously, sorry you had to go to the vets - this is terrible! But at least you are home and safe now my furry friends x
furrrst of all, aren't those PTU's WAY too small for big handsome mancats such as yourselves? that's just HORRIBLE that you got tortured like that. Flynn, do you want me to come over and cuddle with you?
They hissing one to other for the smell of veterinarian!

Vets fffffffffffffffffffffff!! They┬┤re horrible! Ffffffffffffffffff!!!
I am so glad you gotted the blue thingy off of you! I hate having anything on me besides my loverly collar!
We is sorry you had to go to the vet. We are just curious since many people say this but we don't know what it means. What does "PTU" mean?
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