Sunday, December 30, 2007


Easy Like Sunday Morning.

The weather has been very wet lately, so we hafn't been furr many walks wiv mum. We yooshully stay in the garden while she goes out to do the horsies and gets soaking wet. Dad has been home more furr Chris Mouse, so he took us furr a walk and it started to rain again. He asked us if we wanted to go in the barn so we didn't get too wet. Well we don't mind getting wet, but it seemed like he did, so we said ok he could go in the barn if he wanted.
We wuz sniffing around and we could smell rats and mousies. Then we saw a ladder leaning against the straw, so we didn't even haf to jump up, we just walked up the ladder, right up to the top of the barn.
It wuz reely high up and we could touch the roof wiv our heads.
Then mum came back furrom putting the horses out in their fields, and it had stopped raining, so we all went furr a walk together.

We didn't find any mousies though. They must haf heard us coming.
It wuz good just relaxing in the barn then having a nice quiet stroll.

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ohhh i'm liking the barn!

smiles, auntie bee
That looks like a fun place to play.
looks like you had a fun Christmas with plenty of presents. Love your barn! What an exciting place to be playing in. Your parents take you walking? Do you just follow them? Must try to convince SS to let me visit you. Despite the rain and wet cold weather, your place really sounds fun.
I want to go to the barn. I think that would be so cool to explore! I need a barn.
You guys look like youse are havin great fun explorin. I loves to catch mousies too - i don't know about rats, I'll leave that to you boys.
The barn looks like a very cool place! :) We are very impressed that you can walk up the ladder! :)
Playing in hay looks like loads of fun! You are very talented to be able to climb up a ladder. I never tried that before. I do not think I could do it.
Ooooh. That looks like fun! But you say you had to go out into the rain to get there? Oh not fun.
Wow!! Yer own barb,that looks so cool!! I bet there are all kinds of smells there. You two have lots of fun places to explore. Have fun!
Purrs Mickey
It wuz nice of them to put a ladder up for yoo so yoo didn't hafta jump.
Oooooo! I luuuuuuv yur barn!
Barns smell great! It looks like you had a great adventure!

Luf, Us
Oh, a barn, and hay, and climbing to the roof!! Can we move our offices to your house?

& all of us at Artsy Catsy
Looks like you had fun in the barn.
Have a Happy and Healthy New Year :)
That looks like just the most wonderful playground ever!!! Even without the mice....
Have a wonderful New Year!!!!
Your friends from The Cat Realm
oooh, that looks like so much fun! I wouldn't be able ta sneak up on mousies with you though - those people put a collar with a bell on it right around my big furry neck. they say it's to warn Riley when I'm trying to stalk her. I hate it.
All of Pyewacket's mousies and her rat live in a pie dish on one of our cat scratchers!

We are fascinated at your hay climbing experience!
Wow, mom told me that you are playing on bales of hay. That looks like fun.....I don't even know what hay is, but it sure looks fun!
Happy New Year!
Speedy recognized da barn cuz he was borned in one. Yoo guys look like yoo hadded a grate time in der...and den yoo gots to take a nice walk too! Man, yoo gots da life!
You guys have a very neat barn. That must be very cool sitting on top of those big stacks of hay, all the way up to the roof of the barn :-D Sorry you didn't catch any mousies or rats though. Maybe next time.
Very cool pictures!

Thanks for stopping by my place this morning!
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