Saturday, September 01, 2007


My Bad Day- an update

I think I must be gitting soft, I saw the Evil Cat Carrier and walked right into it without being asked! Then WHAM!! the door was closed behind me again. Next thing I knew, we were back in the masheen wiv wheels, and off we went. Oh no!! I yowled. Yer not gitting me torchered again are yoo? At least I had my brekfust this time.
Yup yoo guessed it. We arrived back at the V E T and in we went. She sed "Hello Eric, how are yoo feeling?" Well what a stoopid kweschun,how would she feel if she had three teeth ripped out. She looked in my mouf and sed the gums were still a bit sore but that fings were going nicely. She checked me ofurr and sed I wuz fine, and that she would see me in just ofurr a weeks time. What do yoo mean lady, yoo'll see me again??? Yoo sed I wuz fine, I don't want to come back.
She looked at the results furr the blood she stole furrom me and sed my kid-mee and liver funkshun wuz good and my glucose levels wuz where they should be, so I didn't haf dyerbeetees. Then she sed the werds I dreddid hearing. She sed "I FINK ERIC COULD LOSE A LITTLE WEIGHT!!!!!!!"Mum told her I don't eat neerly as much as Flynn, but that I wuzn't as aktiv as him. She told mum to try to git me playing more. I DO PLAY! I play thundering herds of elephants, and I chase my balls around in the baff, and I jump and catch paper. What more duz she want?
I wuz asked some kweschuns by sum of yoo so here are the annsers:
Q Mr. Hendrix and Mickey wantid to know if I got eggstra Stinky Goodness
A The V E T sed not to give me any dry food furr a few days, so I am gitting all Stinky Goodness, and it's all my faverit type Gourmet Pearl. Yummy!
Q Jeter Harris and Tazo wantid to know if the bloo fing wuz still on my arm
A No way! I chewed and pulled at it. I knew it shouldn't be there. I don't wear fings. Mum sed it wuz all rite to git it off cuz it wuz only in case I wuz bleeding furrom where they stole my blood.
Q Yao-lin asked if I had any teefs out.
A Yes three. Mum sed I had to haf a polish and scale and she thought one toof had to come out. She didn't tell me it would be three!!
Q Fat Eric sed he hoped it wuzn't his Beans fault furr putting bad ideers in our Beans heads.
A Don't worry Eric, mum has been saying furr a while that they would haf to git my teef fixed, and when they looked in my mouf and saw one at the back that looked rotten, they said I had to go in whether I liked it or not.

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I am so sad that Flynn still hates you.

I think we all have days where the humans find it easy to get us into a carrier... Even I have been fooled.
oh poor darling going to the v-e-t again.
but the good news all your bloodwerk is ok and your teefs are out so they can't hurt you
kittyhugs n kisses Kashim & Othello
Oh Eric, we are furry glad that your blood results were good and you do not have diabetes, because believe me, being stuck with all those needles is not fun! Sounds like your teeth will be feeling much better soon too.

I really hope Flynn starts loving you again soon. Try covering yourself with his favourite food and see if he licks you!
flynn doesn't hate you honey, he wants all your stinky goodness and he finks you smell funny, dat's all...

love and hugs and smiles, auntie bee
Eric, I am so so sorry that Flynn STILL hates yoo. Maybey he's ascairt that if yoo got sum teeths taken owt, they'll come after him next! Flynn, if yer reeding this: CUT IT OWT!!!! Eric is the best bruther yoo'll ever have, and yood better start appreesheeayting him!
eric...hey bud, sorry for the pain. the hallucinations can be fun...once in awhile!

let your dad cuddle you. it's a great way toward feeling better. and having your mum smear stinky goodness on you is a good way to get flynn to talk to you again!
Poor Eric! We're so sorry that you had to go back, and that you'll have to go back AGAIN! That sux.

R u & Flynn gonna haf to start eatin d-i-e-t food? Gatsbi has to eat it. Most of us like it though and eat it with her. But we haf owr own food up on kounters & tables cuz she caint git up der cuz of her brane kondishun.

Luf, Us
Eric -you are super brave. Sorry that they said you were fat and needed the kitty gym. You will have to stop riding on the tractor and run behind it.

My mum says I still smell funny from the cattery and that was ten days ago. She still loves me though.

Poppy Q
Flynn will stop hating you soon - Ralphie used to hate Norton whenever he went to the vet - it lasted about 2 days and then he was fine.
Oah, poor Eric, how come FLYNN still hates you, Oah my dear, you really need Flynn's supporting~!!!

Oah I really wish I could hug you right now, you are really in a tough week~!
Oh Eric, I'm sorry to hear you had to go back to the vet and that Flynn still hates you. I'm also sad to hear the vet thinks you could lose some weight. I hope Flynn will be nice to you again soon.
looz wate?
wutta insult!
Oh, I just knew it! Every time we big, manly guys go to the doctor, it's the same thing. The doctor says "He needs to lose a little weight". I feel like saying "Listen lady, I don't come in here and make comments about YOUR weight do I?"

I feel for you dude. Now your Mom will put you on a diet!! That means no treats, no people food...oh, I feel faint just thinking about it.

Max S
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