Sunday, September 30, 2007


More pikchurs furrom picnik

Don't yoo fink the green furrame shows of my ginger cullers to purrfekshun?
Mum sed we look like a painting so she gave us a furrame.
I don't know why mum wants to play round wiv our pikchurs cuz we fink we look ok as we are.At least she gave me back my yooshul ears and didn't do much to me in this pikchur.
Mum likes the effect in this one. She sez I'm looking a bit crabbity. How dare she!!
Yikes! We haf changed into House Panthers.

It's ok, she has changed us back to Gorjuss Gingers.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Frootbat Friday

Haha yoo didn't know I wuz a frootbat did yoo!! Mum hasn't got photoshop but she found a site called picnik where yoo can play round wiv yer pikchurs. Yoo can do some fings furr free or yoo can pay furr the advanced vershun. The advanced vershun has only just been released and it is free until Monday. We haf got some more pikchurs which we'll probly put up tomorrow.


Friday, September 28, 2007


Christmas Meme

Yep yoo saw it rite, a Chris Mouse meme in September. haha.
We wuz tagged by Kimo and Sabi, so here is what our Chris Mouse's are like.
1) What is your favourite Christmas gift?
Wrapping paper and paper bags, yoo can't beat it furr haffing fun. Well mebbe nip beats it, but we're talking Chris Mouse here. 2) What is your best memory of Christmas?
That's easy. It has to be the foods.(See #7)
3)Depending upon where you live, do you have a hot or cold Christmas?
It varies, sumtimes it can be kwite warm, around 60f, but uvver times it's about 28f. We don't like it that cold so we stay indoors most of the time and hog the fire. We don't git much snow here though.
4)Would you prefer to try the opposite weather at least just once?
Yes pleez!! We sed we don't like the cold in winter. We want to go to the Carry Beans wiv our Beans. Not fair that they leave us to shiver when they are lazing on the beach.
5) What do you prefer in a tree, fake or real?
We only efurr had a fake tree. It's grate furr climbing up. When yoo git half way, yoo can make it tip ofurr then yoo git lots of sparkly balls falling all ofurr the floor. That's the bestest fun.
6)What is your favourite carol?
Who's Carol?
7)What is your favourite Christmas dinner?
Our mum duzn't like terky furry much, but she cooks roast beef which is yummy. She cooks a big gammon ham too which we all haf cold. That's the furry bestest meat of all.
8)Do you wear a Santa hat at Christmas?
NO WAY!!! We don't wear clothes and speshully not hats.We'd put the bitey on them.
9)Have you seen Santa delivering gifts?
No. Once we're asleep nuffin wakes us up till we're reddy to play herds of thundering ellyfants.
Rite that's it so now we haf to nommynate sumcat.
We choose Poppy Q in Noo Zeelund.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Postcard furrom Adan.

Last week an envelope all the way furrom Taiwan came wiv our name on it. We sed hurry up and open it mum, we want to know what's in there. We got this lovely pikchur of our furrend Adan in it. I am doing my mancat pose wiv Adan resting against me.
I'm tired now, I need a nap. Adan yoo can nap wiv me. Yoo can see the pretty bookmark that Adan and Michico sent as well.
Hello Adan, Eric has been keeping your postcard to himself but now it's my turn. It's furry nice to meet yoo.
Look efurrycat, this is me and my furrend Adan.
Oh look I just saw the bookmark. Mum will like that one. Fanks Adan and Michico, the postcard and bookmark are great.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Kitty Yumbum

When we did the meme about how we got our names, Toby furrom The Tower Hill Mob sed his dad wuz wondering how Kitty Yumbum got her name, so we decided to do a post about her. The pikchurs aren't furry good cuz they's old photos, and mum sez it looks like there's fluff in the scanner. (Probly our furrs cuz we sit on it sumtimes.) When our dad's mum died she had 9 poodins, so our Beans adoptid them and they came to live with them and their kitty called Jelly Bean. There wuz two ladycats who nefurr had there lady gardenectomies, so mum took them to the V E T to git it done.He told her that he thought one of them wuz going to haf kittens so she left one(Auntie Cat) to git seen to, and brought the uvver one (Mother Puss) home.About two weeks later Mother Puss had seven kittens. When they wuz old enuff homes were found furr six of them, but no-one wanted the last one. Mum sed that's ok, one more won't make any diffrunts, we're keeping her.She's not 100% sure but she finks she's the baby kitty above the black kitty wiv the bloo eyes.She nefurr reely had a proper name to start. Mum used to call her KitKat or BabyKit at furrst then furr some reason she started calling her Baby Yumbum but she duzn't reely know why. She wuz a furry nervous kitty and would only go to mum. She liked to git up on her shoulder and sit there. Mum said she wuz her bestest little girl.
As she got older her name changed furrom Baby Yumbum to Kitty Yumbum. Dad allus called her The Tyke cuz he sed she wuz miserable cuz she wouldn't let him pet her, but she wuzn't miserable reely, mum finks she wuz more shy than nervous.
Over the years all her brofurrs and sisfurrs went to the Bridge with the last one going in the beginning of 2000. She wuz furry sad and wouldn't eat much. She just moped around and didn't purr much to mum. Mum sed to dad "We're going to haf to git anuvver poodin to keep her company" Dad thought that if they got one, when Kit went to the Bridge, then the new poodin would be lonely. He said there wuz kittens at his furrends farm, and he thought they should git two.They went up and chose us. We wuz skeered at furrst cuz we wuz only five and a half weeks old, and we didn't know where our mum wuz. Then we saw this old ladycat and we said to each uvver "Look we got a new mum" and we ran ofurr to her. She ran away furrom us! We kept following her and she kept running and hissing. I (Eric) said to her, "Yoo WILL be my furrend" and efurrywhere she went, I followed. She kept gitting up on the Beans bed where we couldn't reach her. I kept on trying then eventually I managed to scrabble up there with her. She wuzn't happy, but I snuggled up beside her. Flynn wuz a bit skeered of her and didn't git so close.We kept on following her efurrywhere and in the end she said that maybe we weren't so bad and then we all started snuggling together.
When we started going furr walks in the feelds, she would allus follow us. Mum sez befurr we came along she nefurr went out of the garden. If we went wivout her she would meow at the top of her voice cuz she didn't know where we were.
We had just ofurr two happy years wiv her. Mum sez if we hadn't come to keep her company she duzn't fink she would haf lived furr anuvver two munfs after her brofurr went to the Bridge.We miss our ladycat.
This wuz her most faverit place in the winter. She liked to git her feet right in under the woodburner to keep them warm.
Yoo can see some more pikchurs of her here.
3rd APRIL 1987 - 23rd JULY 2002


Monday, September 24, 2007


Mousing Mancat Monday

Mum took these pikchurs befurr the grass wuz cut furr hay, now it's all short and the mousies haf gone in the hedges. It's ok though cuz I can still git them out furrom there.I could hear a mousie going rustle rustle in the grass and I am lissening furry keerfully.
Hehe gotcha! Eric is watching cuz he knows I allus give him my mousies to eat.
Well this time I'm not. I'm feeling a bit hungry so I'll haf a chew furrst. It's ok Eric, I'll only eat haf, yoo can haf the uvver haf.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Easy like Sunday Morning

It's raining again so there's nuffin else furr it, we're just going to haf to sleep Sunday away on the bed together.
This is our 200th Post so when mum has been out and fed the horsies and got wet in the rain, she's going to wake us up ,and we'll look through all the guesses and see who our winner is. We'll put an update when we know, then we'll go back to sleep again.
We haf checked all the guesses now, and the winner is:
furrom 40 Paws. Concatyoolayshuns Reno. Send us yer mailing address and we'll post yoo yer purrize.

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Friday, September 21, 2007


Our purrize furrom Kaze.

Our purrize furrom Kaze furr being her 20,000th visitor has arrived.Mmmm fev-vers and Temtayshuns and Flyyyynnnn come kwik and look it's yer faverit,there's nip in here.
Did yoo say nip??? Kwik let me see.
Mmmmm I smell it, lovely nip. Hey Eric where are yoo going? Yer head's disappeared.
Look Eric, there's fevver butt mousies too, and more mousies that flip efurry which way when yoo fling them in the air.
I found the nip, it's good stuff. Look it made my eyes go the same culler as the compooter lights. I'm lying on the letter furrom Kaze. I fink I can smell her meezer perfyoom.
This nip is making me feel all funny, I can't keep my feet still.
I need to put the bitey on sumfing. Yep this box looks like it needs biting.
I wonder if it will make a nice new bed where I can sleep off the nip. What do yoo mean Eric, yoo don't fink I'll fit in there? I got more chance of gitting in it than yoo haf.
Fanks Kaze furrom bofe of us furr our grate purrize.
Do yoo remember my nose twin Sunny? Well his mum has got a blog furr him now wiv lots of pikchurs of him and his sisfurrs Ollie and Rascal. if yoo hafn't already been and visited him, we know he would like lots of visitors.He's a hansum ginger boy who looks just like me. Eric

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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Our meme

We haf been tagged by Henry Helton and Caesar and Princess furr a meme about our selves. We hope fings don't come out too jumbled cuz blogger is putting fings all ofurr the place.
Here's the rools:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Write some facts about yourself, some random, some weird, some just plain fun.
3. Tag 7 kitties at the end of this post and link to them.
4. Let those 7 kitties know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.The challenge is to keep it interesting without making other kitties think "too much information". You know what I mean. Anyway, here are my thirteen things.
We haf done it between us so here goes. Oh and we know yoo will haf seen some of the pichurs befurr, but we thought they went best wiv the facts about us.

ERIC I just love sleeping on the compooter when mum tries to yoose it. I like hitting the keys cuz sometimes they make funny beeping noises. I don't fink mum likes it when they do that.

Flynn: I find sleeping on my back is the best way to sleep

Flynn: Mum sez I'm a tummy slut. I can nefurr haf too many tummy rubs.

We bofe like drinking out of the baff tap. Sometimes we drink furrom the hand basin, but the baff is deffernuttly the best. Drinking outdoors furrom the stream is efun better, but we can't always do that.

We bofe love Temtayshuns.
Eric: I like dry food the best, We haf Pro Plan Light furr brekfust.
Flynn: I like Stinky Goodness the best which we haf furr supper. We yooshully haf Gourmet or Sheba.

Eric: When I use the litterbox, mum sez she finks I am digging furr Australia. If I can find a big pit that's efun better.
Flynn: When I need the litterbox I leap in, haf a kwik scrape, squat and leap out again, then I run off at 100 miles an hour.

Flynn: All right I admit it, I'm a nip head. I can't help it, I just am. When mum wuz refilling my carrot she left the nip on the floor, and i wuz in it befurr she could blink.

When the Beans brought back the empty vishus deer we wuz a bit skeered of it cuz we thought it might eat us. We love it now cuz it's reely warm and snuggly. We haf a chew on it now and again and stick our claws in it so it duzn't git any ideers about attacking us.

Eric: I love water, I always have. I will paddle in puddles or in the stream. Sometimes I sit on the horse drinking trough and let my tail float in the water. I like to git in the baff wiv the Beans too.
Sometimes when it has been raining, I sit right down in a puddle and get my trousers wet. Flynn likes water too but not as much as me. When we were little and we had our Hooha hectomies, the nurse brought us out to our Beans and told them I wuz acting strange cuz I wuz sitting in my water bowl.Mum sez,No that's ok that's normal furr Eric.

I wait furr the Beans to go to bed, then I like to sit on their heads. They don't like it much so I haf to sleep on the pillow.

Flynn: Mum sez I must haf OCD but I don't know what that means.
I like to keep my tummy clean. I wash it a squillion times a day. I'm sure that as soon as I clean it anuvver bit of dirt gits there so I haf to clean it again. I haf washed some of my furrs right away and now I haf got a pink patch.

Well that's it. We're sposed to tag 7 kitties but we don't know who hasn't been tagged, so if yoo want to do it, consider yerself tagged.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Meme - How we got our names.

We wuz tagged by our furrend Beezer about how we got our names.
When the Beans went to the farm to choose us, there were three of us ginger and white babies and a calico girl. Dad went furr me (Eric) rite away cuz I wuz the biggest fattest baby. Mum had a harder job choosing cuz Flynn and the uvver ginger and white wuz identical. She chose Flynn in the end cuz he snuggled into her neck and purred and purred.
When they got home dad asked mum if she had any ideers what to call us, and jokingly she sed Eric and Derek. Dad sed that's grate names! but mum sed that we would git confused cuz the names wuz too similar. Dad sed that he wuz going to call me Eric anyway cuz he thought it sooted me. He sed I wuz a big baby so I would haf to be Big Eric. My furrends often call me Big E cuz I am 21 lbs of mancat. Sometimes when we are walking in the feelds wiv mum, she sez come on Eezy Beezy or Eezer Beezer, so I hope she duzn't confuse me wiv our furrend Beezer.
Mum had to fink of a name furr my brofurr then, and she wuz looking up the meaning of names in a book. She looked up the name Flynn, and in Ireland it means flame haired. Well she thought ginger is near enuff to being flame haired, so that's how he got his name.
We tag Benjamin Fuzz.

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Monday, September 17, 2007


Mancat Monday

Today we are having dubble Mancat Monday. We haf heard that the vishus deer haf been spotted around here again, so we are bofe being big brave mancats and keeping a lookout.
Don't furrget, today is the last day yoo can enter our 200th. Post compytishun. Leave yer guesses here.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007


Easy like Sunday Morning

The best fing about Sunday mornings is reading the noospapers wiv my dad.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Ear Scritches and 200th Post reminder

Don't furrgit to enter our 200th Post if yoo hafn't alreddy done so. Guesses close on midnight 17th September BST (East Coast 7pm, West Coast 4pm)

My dad gives grate ear scritches. Mmmmm heavenly

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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Stargazer Lilies

Do yoo remember back in April, I wuz trying to hatch mum's bulbs furr her.
Well it werked. These are her Stargazer Lilies. She sed "Fanks Eric, yoo did a good job making the flowers grow."
They wuz in flower last munf, but all the petals haf fallen off now. I will haf to remember to sit on them, I mean hatch them out again next year.

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