Thursday, August 30, 2007


I've had a really bad day!

I haf had a terrybull day. Well akchully it started last nite. I went to bed as yooshull, then in the middle of the nite I went to haf a snack.The bowls had gone!!!! Nuffing, not efun a krum. What's going on? I went in and woke mum up, and she sed "Sorry Eric, yoo can't haf anyfing else to eat!" So I marched around furr a while and woke her up again.It still didn't werk, so I woke dad up. He wouldn't git me anyfing either. Well this morning they got out of bed, and I thought "At last, now I'll git my brekfust" But no, they ate their brekfust and left me to starve. Next thing I knew, the evil cat carrier arrived, except I didn't know it wuz evil. I thought that if they won't feed me, well I'll go in the PTU and sulk. That'll show them.Big mistake!!! The door wuz closed on me and i wuz trapped.
They took me out and put me in the monster wiv wheels and we drove furr hours and hours.
**Mum - Actually Eric, it was 25 minutes**
We got to this place that had a funny smell to it. When we got inside, I realised it wuz the V E T.
I saw a lady who didn't seem too bad, but then she took me away and the Beans went home wivout me.
I wuz put in a cage, and there wuz still no food. I wuz on the verge of collapsing by now cuz I wuz so hungry. The Beans had deserted me and I wuz being left to starve. Where wuz Flynn when I needed him to catch me a mousie?
Later on they gave me a bald spot on my leg and stabbed me in it and stole some of my blood. They said they would check furr liver or kidmee problums and diabetes while I wuz there. I can't remember what happened after that until I woke up and my mouf wuz hurting. They had torchered me by ripping three of my teef rite out of my mouf. What had I done to deserve this?
A bit later, the Beans came back furr me. I couldn't help myself, I purred and rubbed against the PTU efun though I wuz mad at them. I wanted to ignore them but I just couldn't.
Here I am back home. I don't like this bloo fing around my leg. I haf to git it off.
I WILL git it off!!
Oh look......FOOD!!!! furrgit about the bloo fing furr a minit, I haf to eat.
Ok dad, yoo can cuddle me if yoo must, but yoo don't git furrgiven that easily. Mum finks the Annie's Thettik has made me hulloosinate cuz I keep staring at fings that aren't there. Well they are there cuz I can see them.
Flynn duzn't like me anymore. He sez I'm not Eric cuz I don't smell like Eric. He keeps hissing at me. I don't like it, it upsets me. I hope he likes me again tomorrow.
I haf to go back on Saturday furr a checkup. I don't want to go.

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oh eric!!! you poor little thing... i am effer so sorry for you honey pie...

smiles and hugs, auntie bee
Geez, that is a bad day. I would be pretty mad if I didn't have food in my bowl. There is always food in my bowl. I hate going to the vet, too, it sucks.
Oh Eric,
This is the same story my poor, SWEET, affectionate, almost-sister-in-law, Bonnie Underfoot, just went through.
Have you visited her lately?
It's almost like you are living parallel lives!

(Except I'm special to Victor, and not Flynn. Could I be Flynn's overseas mistress? Let's go ask Victor now!)

Sadie Badie
He's prolly hissing at da smell of da blue fing. Yoo must let him sniff yur nose so he knows it's yoo. Geez, we hopes all yur tests come owt ok. Don't eat anymore of dat evil food wif all da grains in it. It am not good fur yoo.
This is the second flashback I've had about this stuff this week!! First my mom had her teeth cleaned, and now you! When this happened to me, all my sibs hissed at me too. Oh, it was awful! I'm sorry you had to go through this, Eric.
Oah My dear Eric, poor poor dear, I hope everything will be ok!!!!

Luckly there has food at finally, I see the whole story and my heart feeling up and down all the way.
That sounds like a horrible day. I'm glad you finally got something to eat and a bit of love. You look much thinner--I hope they give you extras.
What a tough day! I'm sure Flynn will like you tomorrow - he will just have to sniff you a whole bunch. Take good care of the rest of your teeth. We don't want you to have to go back to the vet. ugh!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Poor Darling!
We're sending big loads of kitty hugs and purrs!
oh Eric! that is horrible! Your brother will love you again in no time.
Ouch Eric...we hopes yu is feelin better 2-day and dat Flynn remembers yu!

Oh, poor Eric! That is a very terrible day for you. We are glad that someone finally gave you some food! We are sure Flynn will like you again - how could he not! Soon you will not smell like v-e-t and everything will be OK again.

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
Oh, da horror, da horror...we gerls haf gone thru dat and it is terribul. Yoor rite, ya wanna be mad at mom and dad but after all dat tortchur it's hard. We hope yoor tests come our good and we know Flynn will be nice to yoo when dat horribul vet smell goes away.
Oh no! It sounds like that movie the Running Man! You poor guy, this is just awful.How does your mouth feel today? Did you get extra stinky goodness?

I hope Flynn stops hissing at you soon. That must hurt your feelings.

I hope you gave some of those icky people at the VET a scar in the shape of an "E"
Oh Eric, I'm so sorry you had such a bad day. :( I hope your mouth has stopped hurting and that Flynn stops hissing at you soon.
duhr eric,
wutta terribul eksperience.
iz dat blu thing still on yer arm?
i feel yer pain mi frend.
OH NO! That is a lot of very terrible torture you had. I cannot believe they stoled your bloods and some of your teeths! Stealing is wrong. They probably make fancy jewelry with all the teeths they steal from unsuspecting cats, and then sell them on the innernets!

I am sure that Flynn will like you again very soon.
Oh, Eric! That is so askeery. I hope you got that blue thing off and I hope your mouth feels better today.

PS - Flynn will like you again soon. I hissed and hissed at EG when he first came home from the hospital, but after a day or so, he smelled like himself again and I quit hissing.
Oh Eric! Man can Dorf empathize with you!!! Thank goodness they only took 3 of your teefs! We're so sorry that you had to go through all this torture!!! We also hate to hear that you have to go back on Saturday. Be brave, dude!

Luf, Us
Dearie me. Your Thursday sounds a lot like my Thursday!
oh eric you poor poor traumatised thing! What happened? Did you have teeth out? Oh your humans are evil for starving you like that!

how awful! why would your people let the VET do something so horrible to you? and how can you be nice to them after all that?

by the way...Sadie says she wants to be Flynn's overseas mistress? I suddenly feel VERY VERY GRRRRY!
Oh, poor Eric! I'm so sorry that you had to go to the vet to git torchered. That's terribul. You look so annoyed in your PTU! And I'm sorry you have to go back to the v.e.t. We Ballicai are sendin' you lots huggies and purrs!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Oh man, that sucks Eric. Flynn will get his head straight that you're you soon, though.
your bud Pepi

PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRS from us girls at HotMBC too!
Sanjee, Boni, Mini and Gree
Oh man, Eric that is a sucky day. Stole your blood and your teeths? You are obviously a tough guy. I'm sure Flynn will figure out you're not contagious soon.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
They starve you and take your teeth?!!!!!!!!!!
Oh Man!! Hope your check up is better and they don't take more blood.Did you get stinky goodness?
Oh, no Eric! We blame Fat Eric's Mum for starting a trend. Now everycat is going to the vet for bloodwork and various things. It's a conspiracy, I tells ya!
Mum sends love and cuddles to you. She thinks the blue thing looks manly...
Oh ERIC, you poor dear soul. I cannot believe that they starved you to almost death AND then they did all those other horrible horrible things. And you forgave your dad? Oh, I'm just like you. I can ignore my mom for just a short time. When she starts calling me all sing-song like, I have to let my guard down and come over for a snuggle. She just needs to prove that she regrets her actions.

Flynn is reacting to your wierd smells. You see you smell wierd, but it's not you fault. You'll start smelling like you again real soon. OH yeah, you have to go back. Well once it's all over, it'll work itself out. At least you finally got your food.
Doood, that bites. You need to go poop on someone. Or something. Like a pillow.
NOOOOOOO!!!! Eric, that is terrible. I hope my humans' actions recently didn't put ideas in your people's heads, these v-e-ts must be making a fortune torturing poor little kitties like us.

Hope your mouth feels better very soon, I feel your pain!
O man, Eric ... that sounds like a total drag. I hope your mouth heals faster than fast!
Oh Eric, I feel so bad for you. Not only did they steal blood, but they ruthlessly ripped three teeth from your cute little head! This is outright torture and shouldn't be tolerated.

But, yah I know you are so happy to be home that you can't bring yourself to be cranky with your beans, I know how that goes : )
oh no, this is such a horrubul eggsperience fur yoo my appul turnovur! Not onlie did yoo haf to starve but the poking lady stole 3 of yer teef and drugged yoo! Im calling the toof fairy rite now to trak that poking lady down and have hur give yoo yer teef back!!!

On the brite side, yoo do luk a littul skinnier than yer last piktur. -rosie
I hope Flynn likes you again furry soon! You guys are best buds and you have such great adventures together!
Oh Eric, I'm so sorry you had such a bad day! That was not very nice of the beans to do such a thing. But I bet your mouth will feel better than before in a few days. And I'm sure Flynn will like you again.
Oh, Eric, you had a really sucky day! I hope your mouth feels better and that your tests all come out normal. I don't blame you one little bit for not wanting to go back again on Saturday. For one thing, you will probably be smelling like yourself again and Flynn with recognize you and then you have to get that vet smell all over again. Sucks, sucks, sucks!
Oh, Eric, I think that's worse than my day! I didn't lose any teeths and they didn't shave my leg... this time. I had one of those blue things once, and my stupid woman didn't ask when to take it off. She left it and my paw SWELLED!!! Then she called them in a hurry to ask about it. DUH: Take it off. See why I don't like her?
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