Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We got another Chris Mouse purrezunt.

The male man came last week and he said he had a parcel furr us. We told him we weren't expecting a parcel, but mum said oh yes we are. Our furrends 40 Paws had sent us a Chris Mouse purrezunt but our mum and their Maw thought it must have got lost in the post. Look it's all wrapped up in pretty paper. Eric come and look!

Look Flynn Temtayshuns. I love Temtayshuns.

Never mind the Temtayshuns Eric, I smell nip. Look there's that bubble wrap stuff that goes pop when you put the bitey on it.We got a ChrisMouse card too which they all signed.

Flynn Flynn!!! Quick come and look. GREENIES!!!! I love Greenies the bestest in all the world. Mum never gets us Greenies. Even when she wuz in Mericky where she could buy them she didn't.

Never mind the Greenies, I've found where the nip is. Look it's a nip banana and a nip cigar. I fink I'm in heaven.We got two little mice wiv pink ears as well. Eric likes them cuz when he bats them, they flip around as if they're alive.They sent mum some stuff furr cooking too that she can't get in England, so she can make King Ranch Chicken. I hope she gives us some.

Mmmmm Greenies never mind the nip, I got Greenies. Flynn's the nip head around here.

I like this cigar, it's making me drool. I love the banana too.

Thanks efurr so much 40 Paws furr a great sirpurrize. We love you all and your Maw and Paw.

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oh what fun!!! i am so happy for you both!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Oah Look at that cigar~~
I can see you are very "high" now~~~
Wow how many cool purresents ~ u must be having lots of fun right now... :)

Love and purrs from the SnowForest family :)
What a wonderful surprise Christmas gift! :) We love Greenies too - they are yummy. :) Enjoy your new treats and toys!
That's the best 'nip in the whole world! Enjoy!
What awesome presents! Nip, Greenies, mice...we like and recommend them all and all the american cats like temptations, so you cats are doing very well. Just when you thought you weren't getting any more presents...awesome timing.

Enjoy your Chris Mouse in January,


Gypsy & Tasha
You two got great presents!
Wowie, Christmas in January, you two sure are lucky. I've been readign about a lot of kitties who prefer the Greenies to Temptations. I like every type of teat my mom has ever gotten me...oh that's not true. She bought some wild salmon trieats that none of us would touch. Bluckie, bluck. But other than that, I like them all, a lot! Just out of curiousity, what cooking ingredients can't you get in England that you can get in the States?

Thank you for entering my contest. I hope you two win, though you would have to take turns with the bed if you won...
We are so glad that it finally arrived! Maw said she could have walked it over there before the Bloo Shorts guy delivered it! Well, we tink she ecksjjajjrates. We ist glad youze luf yur stuff.

Luf, Us
Hey Eric and Flynn

Dat is so grate...yu gits to enjoy moore chrismousey after christmousey.

Those are some really fabulous presents. What a grate surprise!!
Wowie! What a great present! You all are super lucky!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Cool haul you gots there!

If you evfur need more Feline Greenies let me know and we can send you some.
What a wonderful surprise!!!
That is some very, very wonderful loot you got! Are you allowed to smoke the cigar in the house?
Wow, I bet it was even better because you had to wait so long!

Wow -- 40 Paws ROCK!!! That looks like some great stuff.

Happy New Year, Boys.
wouldn't it be nice if the Christmas presents just kept coming all year round? we think they should! you got some purry good stuff. Rascal's taken our nippy banana an put his kitten slobber all offur it. guess it's his now.
Oh wow! Temptations and nip! You guys are so lucky!
Oh how wonderful - a Christmas present in January!

All of your gifts look wonderful.
Greenies...I love Greenies! Must be something about the name Eric and Greenies! You and I are both so lucky to have Mericky friends who can pimp us Greenies.
What great presents! Glad they finally came! Those nip cigars are supposed to be potent!
That is an awesome surprise! We didn't know about your love of greenies - we would've sent you some. :/ Enjoy the nip banana. Those are awesome!
What wonderful gifts from your friends. It looks like you love all of them. Have fun.

jans funny farm
Oh, what terrific fun, opening Chris Mouse purrezunts in January! I don't know greenies but I am totally drooling for that catnip banana! I got one in my Secret Paws too and boy, was it terrific!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat
Wowie dat is some great stuff yoo guys gots. When we get started on da nip we all get a little whacky! Yahoo, nipnipnipnipnipnipnip...
Ooooh - them nip cigars are da bestest!
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