Friday, December 07, 2007


My nip ravioli

I won Kashim and Othello's compytishun furr guessing their 1000th comment and they sent me a nip ravioli. Look it has pikchurs of kittues on it.
Hmm I smell the nip, I fink I'll snuggle it furr a while.
Look there's even a ginger and white kitty on it, I fink it might be a pikchur of me.
Well that's enuff posing, now it's time to play wiv it.
Hmmm that nip reely duz smell good yoo know. Fanks Kashim and Othello.

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i fink i need one of those today! ha ha

smiles, auntie bee
How cool!!! It looks like so much fun.

mmmMMmmmm nip ravioli is my favorite!
I never did get a nip ravioli. Darnit!
WOW! That is so cool! I'm going to have to get one.
Hahahahha! Bud, you iz holdin' on to dat raveeoli ting like it iz da lastee ting you will evfur get. Remeburz, da Santa Clawz iz comin!!!!!
I can see you LOVE the nip ravioli very much~!!!
It always the best~!!!!!
Thank you both for coming to my tea party! Sorry about the rose being cranky, maybe it should have been a jpg instead of a gif...
Come back some time and I will line up the fat mice for you guys!!
Congratulations :-) That's a great prize. It's even got YOU on it :-D
Cute photos enjoy your prize :)
What a great purrize! Concatulations!

Luf, Us
That looks so wonderful! A nip ravioli! Sigh.
How great that your nip ravioli has a picture of you on it!
Oh I think that is you too on the front of nip ravioli!

Wow how cool is dat?

Abby and Boo
It looks like you are really enjoying the ravioli! What a great prize!

I got the card from you and Eric yesterday . . . it's beautiful! I'm gonna help mommy hang it up for everyone to see tomorrow. I am hoping my cards arrive today so I can send yours out tomorrow as well. *paws crossed*
Hello handsome!
'Nip Raviolis are great! :) Enjoy yours! :)
Oh Flynn we are glad you like the nip ravioli.
Sorry that we couldn't come earlier to visit...
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