Monday, December 03, 2007


Mancat Monday

Mum let's us go in the hay barn. It's exciting in there because we find mousies hiding in the hay bales. I'm on lookout duty to see if they are around. I haven't seen or heard any yet.Have yoo had any luck yet Eric?

I'll just have a quick look around up here, ok Flynn.

Nope can't see any. I'll just haf to do my mancat pose instead.

That's enuff of that, I think I'll have a nap while Flynn keeps looking.

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Oh, such a good hunter! Did you ever find any mousies?

Great pictures!
I wish I had a hay barn full of mousies like you two.
Oh I'm SOOO jealous. Gosh, to hunt real mousies and take naps in hay.....the barn kitties sleepin hay bales all of the time and it just sounds so warm.

Man I wish I had a hay barn to play in!
Oah Eric and Flynn,

I am sure those mice won't hide any longer, because you are the greatest man cat~!
If there aren't any mousies, napping is a great alternative. That hay barn looks fun. Maybe you could have a hay barn party sometime.
Boni Maroni and the Hotties (heheh)
I think you both are equally manly in your own way.

That looks like so much fun!

That looks very fun! I wish I had a hay barn to play around in. You look very manly hunting the mousies in there.
No mouse could ever be safe around you two!
Yoo can prolly hear dare tiny little pawsies scratchin dare whey frew da hay bales. Scrreaatttccchhhh.
The two of you look great hunting in the hay barn!
i vote for the nap too!

smiles, auntie bee
I lykes the ideaz for a barn partie. We could all chasey the mousies and nap in da hay-bailz.
Awwww. The sweet smell of hay would put any Man Cat to sleep.

Luf, Us
We'z jellus!Ooo a barn party would be so much fun...
you are sooo lucky to have a barn to play in!!!You look very very handsome in those pics x


I don't mind coming over to help Flynn out while Eric naps.
Whoa, guys, that hay barn looks awesome. I wish I could hang out in there with you guys. It's perfect--you can look for mousies and take a good nap in the same place.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
You guys have your own barn with your own real live mice? We are so jealous!!
oooh - it's like a lunch buffet and a game of hide and seek combined! who won - you two or the mousies? we hope you caught some.
Oh wow that just looks like the coolest hunting place ever! I don't think I'd ever leave those hay bales (well, at least not until they were needed)...
GrandmaBean has a haybarn, maybe you can check there!

DAT looks like a reel cool place to hunt and play.

Barn parteweeeee!!!! Yahooza! Dat iz what dis depressed Man-cat needz. A mousee fligin' barn parteee. & I know you two fun guyz are up fer elly-fant thunder.

-Dr Tweety
MOM! We want a haybarn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That looks like so much fun! I want a haybarn too!
We iz sure you'll come across some tasty mousies sooner or later...
Oh I bet there are lots of mousies in the barn. I think Eric has the right idea to take a nap, especially since Flynn always shares his catch ;-)
Forgot to say, very nice photos!
What fun! Did you get a mousie? I did a couple of days ago. I was so proud of myself that I posted about it in my blog.
You made ML nearly cry with these photos. I think she is hankering for an orange boy cat.
She got me instead. Deal with it!
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