Tuesday, February 17, 2009



We had been out walking with mum again as the weather has improved at last. We stopped to rest by the horse trough and then had to have a rassle. When Eric realised mum had the flashy box he stopped, then walked away. We enjoy our rassles but he hates that flashy box.

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You two rassle just like us! Mom really got a kick out of this video.
Looks like fun. It was a bit windy, wasn't it?
I am so with Eric. I hate that thing...
Eric yoo gots that down pat, the walk away when the flash box is out! Good fer yoo!!!
What a shame that your mom spoiled your rassling fun!
We also rassle like you are!!!!
You guys are so cute!
What a great rassle vidoe! Only thing is your Mom has given our Mom ideas ... Pawparrassie with the flashy thingie.

Hahha you can see the very moment he sees it! I do not know why, it does not hurt us :)
I tell ya though, you guys do some good razzing! I thinks very much I would like to get in on that! :)

Hi guys!

Hugs from the topcatrules girls: Trixie and Tigger and Pyewacket. :)
That's some good rasslin' you're doing! We could take some lessons from you!
That was a great rassle, boys! You sure are having a windy day there in the fields!

-Gandalf and Grayson
That was fun to watch!! You two are good rasslers!! So glad it's not raining and you can get outside!
Your FL furiends,
Why do they always interfere in our games?

I'm getting a bit better with that flashy thing, coz most of the time now it doesn't flash.

Purrs, Sukie x
Great video. And: You've both joined the Tail Chasers Club! If you like, you can get the logo from our site!
He definately saw the flashy box. It looked like you were having fun. We rassle a lot too. I get vocal and Mom thinks Kirby is hurting me. Whe will tell him enough and he will walk off. Then I get to chase hime and start it over. I think Mom is catching on that she is part of the game!
You boys play rough! It looks like Outside rasslin' is much more fun than Inside rasslin'.
Why is it some of the best rasslin sessions have to be interupted by the darn flashy box! We know exactly what you mean!
What fun rassling!!! You guys are too cool.

Yes, Snap is a "special" mare however....she is very much in a love/hate relationship with the barn owner. She protects her with the silly fillies but then does silly stuff because she can.

Good rassling!

Maybe I should try putting the smackdown on that pesky Marmite...
Oh boy rassling in the grass outdoors! What fun!!! And its great exercise too!
Wow! Great rasslin'! First Eric was winning, then you were winning, and then Eric walked away. I guess that means you won, Flynn :-D
great rasslin!!!!!
Looks like you had a lot of fun rassling. I try to rassle with Cleo but I think I get to rough with her sometimes and she doesn't like it. I need another brother instead of Gizmo to rassle with. Mom, said hush your mouth.

That is such a cute video. You two have so much fun!
The wind (in your fur)(hahahahaha!) always makes you want to rassle!
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