Monday, February 23, 2009


Mancat Monday

It is a nice sunny day, just right for taking mum for a walk. We'll have a good sniff in the grass.....

......and chew on it.

Eric: Oh no! She's got the flashy box again. I've got to move fast before she takes my photo.

Flynn: Huh! Where did Eric go?

Oh there he goes walking along the edge of the field.

You can see the track we have made where we always walk in the same place.

Flynn: Hello! Who's been here digging out the hedge? It's probably Mr. Badger or Mr. Fox.

I'll just have a quick look over the hedge and see if I can see who did it.

Flynn: Nope, couldn't see any one. Come on Eric, let's go back and rest on the field roller.

This is a nice sunny spot, what do you think Eric?

Eric: Yup, I could sit here all day and soak up the sunbeams if it wasn't so cold.

Flynn: Well you can stay there if you want to. I'm heading for home to see what's to eat.
It might have been sunny, but it was very cold and we had to floof our furrs to keep warm.

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Wow what fun getting to go outside. Hope you guys had fun.
Oh you guys - I am *envious!!! Looks like a great time ...

P.S. Texas, probably. But it will take time to arrange things.
You look like you are having a great time there! It is raining, and raining and raining here.
You look like you are having a great time there! It is raining, and raining and raining here.
Boyz, that was a great walk around the farm. I hope you get some warm sunbeams soon.
It looks like you had a great time outside. It was nice and sunny here today, but it was windy and cold!
Woo hoo
Yoo too look like yoo is havin a wunderfull time and I did see the furr floofs!

Wow Eric, you really really hate that flashy box!
We're anxious for Spring and green grass on 'this side of the pond'... It's been cold and windy this week, but only a few flakes in the air, not on the ground!!
You always have grand adventures.
That is great fun you 2 having such nice adventure!
...great back end pics.....
That was a fun adventure you had! Even if your furs got a little cold!
We love your paw path, boys! We are a little bit jealous of your big fields. Be careful of Mr. Bager though. We hear he can be a bit disagreeable.

-Gandalf and Grayson
Yeah, it looks nice outside, but it'll chill the furr of your furchin.
Heh heh! I like to go out in the cold too, so I can come back in and get all warmed up again! You look like you were having a good investigate!

Purrs, Sukie x
Eric, you may not like the flashy box, but Mum loves to see the photos of you and Flynn in the green fields. She says she especially likes the big ginger bums. She doesn't like MINE when I stick it in her face, though....
That was a nice walk you two had :-D Not too much longer and it will be warmer.
You made that trail in the grass? Awesome!
Yoo do look furry cold there. I hope yoo both went in to warm up?

~ Molly ~
You two are such amazing mancats! wow. I am in awe of your outdoor adventures!
We'd brave the cold for a bit to explore such a wonderful Outside. Well...some of us would anyway. Rascal doesn't care for cold AT ALL.
That sounds like a fun adventure!
I love seeing your adventures. You two have such fun together.
We love to share your walks. Thank you for sharing ... you are lucky boys and our Mom thinks you are gorguss.
hehe that is so cool that you wore away a little trail all for you! :)
Be careful of Mr Fox guys.. he ated all momam chickens when she was little.. they is cute but scary! :)

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