Thursday, January 29, 2009


Mouse Hunters

Flynn: It has still been raining most of the time here, but as soon as it stops, mum has been taking us for walks again. She sez if we don't get out quick in between the downpours we'll never get out.
We haf been taking her around the fields to look for mousies. There don't seem to be many around. They must haf got washed away in all the rain. Mum sez not to worry, they will soon be back when Spring comes along. We hope so although Eric isn't allowed to eat them any more. I just like to play with them. I often let them go free so I can catch them again but sometimes they go dead while I still want to play. Mum sez I am mean to them, but I think it's them who are mean for not playing long enough.

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Flynn, you sure got that "I'm-on-the-hunt-tail-flick" down pat!!
You guys are so lucky that your mum would take you out.

Yeah, I play with the mousies (not that there are so many in my little garden plot) but they die so quickly though. Spoilsport! I don't eat them either but leave them on the stepping stone for SS. She never seems to be impressed with the presents because she always makes a face and disposes of them asap.
Hhahahah~~ Flynn, you are very good at playing mouse, I think that is very good~!!!
We are so proud of you!!
I think Eric is not playing while he is not able to eat mice anymore, I think the meaning of mouse for Eric is hunting and eat them, hahaha~~~

Well, Your mommy is correct about the rabbit year and cat year, too.
How come?
Becuse at Vietnam, their cat year is Chinese's Rabbit year. Because while Chinese pass this animal year to Vietnam, the pronounce of rabit year is passing wrong pronouncation, so... it becomes cat year~!
How sad just the thought that your mousies got washed away.
You guys have alot to explore in them there fields!
Dearest Flynn,
Oh we wish we could be you! None of us have ever got to go mousie huntin'! Mommy was mesmerized watchin' your tail flicker 'round and round. Oh! And we would hate it, too, if we was playin' with a mousie and he just up and went deaded.

We love you guys!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
I thought you had found one as interested as you were! Too bad the mousiea are all gone!

dat wuz sum grate tail flicks!
dem fields look like a lot of funs!

The mousies are hiding in their underground winter condos. Look out for them in March.
so i wuz hopin fer da sownd track. an i'm wunderin if u got da mowsie. i'm jellus dat u hav such byootiful green grass to play in. i hav snow.
I'm just in awe of you guys. Those are great fields you get to hunt in. And I'm pretty impressed that you guys will stick your paws inta holes you can't see in. Around here, that might getcha scorpion or snake-bit!
You can't help that you want to play with them, even if they want to stop/have to stop. It sure looks like a lot of fun.
You two look so cute mouse hunting!! We hope you catch something soon.
If your mousies die too soon, you really must find hardier mousies. I can't believe they don't make them like they used to.. .sigh.

You are lucky you get to go out and about hunting them down!
How dare those mice not play long enough with you.
Maybe they built tiny boats and sailed to the next town till Spring!
We loved to see the wind blowing the grass in your video - it must have been nice blowing through your fur. Mousing looks fun - but it's a shame they go deaded.
Mom will help us check our email when she gets home from dayhunting tonight and send yous an email to let you know what happened- she isn't completely sure yet, but she has some ideas.
We are sorry for the mixup about the contest.
Niko and Cloud
awesome tail flicks!!!
Boy you guys sure have the adventures! =^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
Flynn, your tail sure went wild when you thought you saw a mousie! It was cool!
You are a very patient hunter.
Maybe the mousies are hibernating till spring.
I bet you catch lots of mousies in the springtime!

Purrs, Sukie x
What a great video!! Did you ever catch a mouse? You look so fierce Flynn!
Your FL furiends,
I thought you had a mousie, Flynn!
I made a mouse go dead today!! When mom came home from work, I showed her! She said "Good boy, Boots!" and I said mrawww, mrawww!!

Oh the mighty hunters!!! It's so much fun to watch you two!
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