Friday, December 12, 2008


The Friday Flashback.

The Friday Flashback this week is from September 2006. It was a hard decision on which post to choose but we decided to carry on the hunting theme from last Friday. I suppose I'd better let Eric have next Friday's post or he will start calling me a blog hog.

How to Scare your Mum.

I've been hunting again an just look what I got. I cawt me a snake!

I had a good chew on it an I fink it's dead so now I'm going to play wiv it.

Spoilsport. Mum took it away furrom me an put it unner the plantpot so dad cud see if it wuz a poison viper.That wuz after she screeched at me an told me too drop it. Drop it woman??? Do yoo know how long it took to catch it?
Eric knows it's theer an he's gonna gard it an make shoor it duzn't ex-cape.

Her's a pichur of it. It wuz neerly dead furrom me putting the bitey on it. Mum got a 14lb.slej-hammer an hit it on the head to make shoor. Dad sed the slej-hammer wuz a bit ecks-sess-iff. He finks it wuz a part grone grass snake, an theer not poy-sun-uss so it wuz ok, but I had to be shut indoors an watched just in case I got pawly.I knew it wuz a armless snake cuz yoo can't see enny arms on it.

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WOW! You guys are awesome! We wish we could go outside and catch us a snake! The only thing we git to catch is crickets when they git inside the house. They creep mommy out big time!

You guys are our heros!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
I have to say you are super awesome~!
If Michico were your mom,
she must scream and scared at the same time~!!!
You two are just amazing~!
You're like a supercat hero! lol

But that would have freaked out our human BIG TIME!
What a pawsome hunter you are!
Ooh Flynn I am VERY impressed with your lion-like hunting skills !
My mummy would've screeched too if I found one of those, tee hee. I did once pull all the floating plants out of the garden pond & drag them into the house, but she wasn't too impressed with that either. Bah !
Purrs from Mr Woo xx
Dramatic stuff!

No snakes in Alaska.
Cor! a real snake! Very well done Flynn. It does look like a little grass snake. You must get adders down your way, so do be careful. My Mum chuckled about the sledge hammer, she would have done the same.

Whicky Wuudler
Flynn the mighty snake hunter!!!
Ack! I'm shoor glad we don't haff big snakes in Hah-why-eee!
You're very lucky to have a mum who looks after you to make sure you don't get hurt by poisonous snakes. But, since she stole it and and squished it, I think she owes you a replacement snake.
You guys are very brave that you catch snakes...we're not sure we'd be so brave!
Mommy says that there isn't a big enough sledgehammer in the world for her to do what your Mommy did!
Wow, a snake! You are a real hunter! We don't have snakes here - luckily!!!
We are furry impressed! He matched in with the grass too. Good hunt, Flynn!
Our Mama would have screetched too. We are furry glad that bad snake didn't make you sick!
I think a a 14lb.slej-hammer was a bit ecks-sess-iff too! Ha ha ha!

I think your joke was very funny and it made MB laugh too!

Purrs, Sukie x
Whoa! That snake is huge! Thank goodness he was not poison. Harley keeps catching lizards that get in the house. My Mommie tries to take them away because she does not think lizards are good for him to eat, but he refuses to let go! He just clamps down harder!
Go Mum with her sledgehammer! Snakes are scary!
Whoa yoo guys are some serious hunters...we is furry EM pressed! We hadda snake inside the house and Momma had to kill it for us...well she killed it cuz she thought it wuz gonna hurt us and she battled wif dat snake furr ofur an hours a'fore he wuz dead. She was afraid to let him go until she wuz sure he wuz dead. Momma strangled dat snake wif a mop. yep a mop. She held onto him furr an hour. We coodn't figgures out why she wuz holdin onto him dat long when he had up and died on her. But she diddant listen to us...

Oh guys get to have all the fun. We never caught anything more exciting than a mouse!

George & Max
Oooo a snake, what fun. We don't haf a lot of poisoness snakes around here (to cold fur 'em) so every now and then mom will see a grass snake in da lawn and she tosses it at dad cuz he screams like a gerl and runs away.
You are a very brave cat going after a snake! Yikes, no wonder you mom got scared.
Good thing it didn't have any arms. Yup. A 14 lb. sledge hammer might have finished it off.

Luf, Us
Nice hunting job!

P.S - You guys has won a Chick-hen Soup book! Please email us wif yer mailing address so's we can git da book to you asap! Concatulations!
Wow guyz you was lucky it was not poisonous! It does look like fun though!! My momma would have been ultra scard-ed too!
In Aust. there is lots and lots of bad poisonous snakes and spiders but a lot are protected.. yep even the bad ones.. snakes that is..
Here you would call the wildlife people and they would catch it and release it someplace safer for it and us. :)
Momma does not touch wild snakes here for that reason, but she has held many non-bad ones and she thinks they are just so beautiful specially when they bring their little head up to your face and poking the tongue at you.. it is beautiful :)
But Momma is kinda silly, she loves all animals.. Dadda calls her a little druid hahah That is funny!
What a good job! We're so glad the snake was armless.

(Be quiet, Jan! It's a photo on the computer, not a snake in the house.)

Sorry about Jan screeching in your ears. She's like your mum. She's afraid of snakes too.
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