Friday, September 12, 2008



While Flynn is jumping around in the grass trying to catch a mouse, I think I will just have a mooch around and see what's about.

It's nice to just get out in the fresh air when the rain stops.

We both really enjoy our walks in the fields.

No, I am not peeing, I am listening because I thought I heard a mousie.

After a nice walk, it's good to sit and look at the view from our fields.

And yes, the grass really is that green. It's been like that all summer because we have had so much rain this year.

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Thank you for sharing those pictures of your beautiful green fields. Looks like great fields for mouse hunting.
Wow! That is the greenest grass EVER! You boys are SO lucky to git to roam 'round like that! Thanks for showin' us them pictures!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Yeah and I keep wanting to go out in my grass in the back yard to sniff for the mousies and such. Mum says your grass always looks green. When our is brown and dead looking in March, you guy are all green.
What a beautiful view! Our grass is starting to turn brown because it hasn't rained much and it has been hot!
Very purrty. Our grass in Texasssss never gets that green because the soil sux. Gorgeous vyoow!

Luf, Us
Your fields are great for walking around in and mousie hunting. The view is gorgeous. I am glad that your yakking seems to have stopped, Eric.
You two have the kind of idyllic life that everycat wishes for... roaming through green fields, catching mousies, then heading inside for snuggles when the day is done. Oh, I love it!
You have bootiful green fields there. Did you find that mouse?
Oh you guys have THE bestest job and home!!
And momma is sooo jealous of how green your grass is and your fields with lovely views, pity about the power lines!!
Momma said to me that even if we did have a property Mushka and I couldn't go outside without the lead coz our breed is not very outdoor savvy and I iz clumsy.. nice huh? Thanks momma for giving me a complex! ;)
Lovely pictures again. We have an award waiting for you on our blog. Come over and check it out!
-Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar
Lovely post guys! Your view is spectacular!!!

You are a popular duo as we also have an award for you at our place!

Purrs Goldie and Shade
Oh what I'd give for a run through that field!
We wish our yard was as big as your fields, boys! We just get started good and then we run out of yard!
You two are very handsome boys ~ and great hunters ~ enjoy the lush green fields..
Your fields and view are gorgeous! Did you get the mousie? :) xxx
Look at all that grass!!!!!!!!!!!
I will just have to teleport over there so I can go outside and eat grass!!!!!!!!

Purrs Mickey
You have the greatest place for talking walks and mousie hunting. You should have a fields party some day!
your bud Pepi
Looks like a great hunting day too. We heard a man on the radio say that as it's been so wet and warm this year, there will be more MICE!
Awww you are right, it is super green in your fields. Did you have any luck catching a mousie? I love a good mousehunt.
We can't win really. Lovely green grass and lots of rain, or lovely sunshine and dry brown fields ;O) guys sure are lucky to have those beautiful green fields! We are gonna teleport over the big pond so that we can walk in your fields too!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
oh to have green fields like you do and views...sigh....I can dream of green...

Hai, I is Jake. I like those fields yoo can RUNRUNRUN in them like yoo's butt is on fire!


::springs in my feet::

::springs in my feet::
Mommy says that she wants to live where you guys live cause it is gorgeous!
You two are such amazing hunters. I'm surprised the mice are foolish enough to still come around!
I've always wondered if you two follow the horses around. Do people go on trail rides? The barn cats at our barn sometimes follow the horses.

It must feel great to feel that lush green grass under your feets! Our grass stays green year-round, but it is very stiff and crackly-feeling.
that grass is sooooooo green. i'll bet it tastes very very good.

PS it is ok if you're peeing, "everyone poops" you know...
I am so envious of your beautiful green fields - like Daisy, our grass is *tough!
Beautiful photos of both of you handsome snappy gentlecats.
Your fields are absolutely stunning!
My goodness that grass is green!

Hey - we love sitting and taking time to look through all your photos.

You two are such fun to read about! :)
The view is spectacular where you live. You are so lucky to have such lush green fields to play in.
You have a long territories to dominate!! Muahahahaha!!!

I like so much the place in which you live...
What fine hunting fields you have. I've never seen that much green!
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