Tuesday, September 23, 2008


In the Hay Barn

Dad packed a load of straw in the barn for the horsies to sleep on in the winter.We thought we had better go down and check that he had done it properly.

Eric: I'll just go up on top to make sure it is stacked safely.

Hey Flynn, look at me. I'm touching the roof.

Flynn: While you are up there I'll just make sure the lower layers are done right.

Yep, everything looks okay down here.

Now that's done I'll jump down and have a bath.

Straw tickles and itches so you haf to make sure you bath all the little bits out of your furrs.

All the loose straw has been put in this bag. It makes a good seat where you can listen furr mice.

Eric: All that snoopervising has tired me out. I need a rest now.

It's a bit hot in here, I think I will go and sit in the doorway where there is a nice breeze.

That's better.

Flynn: I don't want any breeze, I'm going to stay in here in the heat.
Oh and yes, that is sun you can see outside the door. After nearly non stop rain since the beginning of June, we have just had one and a half weeks of dry and mostly sunny weather. Hooray!!!!

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Hey guys, that looks like a blast. You guys are so lucky to live in a really wild place like that. And you've got field mice to catch too. How great is that? It's like cat heaven!
You two always have the best of times. I bet if you look real hard you will see some mice running away so you don't see them. Haven't been blogging a lot lately as I have been so sad about little Roscoe. Going to visit more and let my friends know how important they are to me.
It looks like the two of you have a great time snoopervising and hunting for mice!
I wish I had a barn to play in!
Wow you guyz haz the most fun house ever!
Not only do you get to run through fun long grass (or jump) you also have big hay castles to play in.. woah!
Does it not hurt your feetz?
"Make hay while the sun shines"
(Momma told me to say that :( )
With you 2 handsome brothers,
I believe no mice dare come here for a while~!!!!!
I bet straw makes a nioe cozy home for lots of mousies! Whoo hoo!
You guys are so lucky to have such a nice place to play, hide and catch mice! Your mice are real unlike my fake ones. Oh and you can send some rain over to PA. We haven't had much rain in days! Thank you for sharing your world with us!
Your Friend,
You guys are doing a great job of snoopervising!
Dearest Eric and Flynn,
You guys lead the most excitin' lifes EVER. Can we come live with you? Do you think your mommy and daddy would let all 11 of us move in? You have such pritty green grass and cool barns to play in...plus you git to eat mousies! Dang...you're our idols!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
my lil shugur sprinkle cookie-yoo luk so handsum when yoo supurvise the straw frum up hi. Keep up the grate werk and be sure to get well-dezzurved rest and reelaxashun after a loooong day of dooing yer supurvisur dootays.
Great work, guys!!!! You are indispensable.
Bet it smell nise in there wid all the fresh straw!
That's it - I'm moving in with you guys....
You guys always have the coolest stuff to explore! Mom says Grayson would end up looking like a hay bale with his velcro furs!
Wow, that looks like so much fun. We want to come live with you. Can we? Oh, our Mom says no. She is so mean.
Ooh! I would love to play in all that hay! I know I would come home with lots all stuck in my fur though.

Purrs, Sukie x
Wow! That's a lot of hay you guys got there! You sure have lots of interesting places to explore at your place. We're gonna teleport over to help you search for mousies!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
A hay castle??

Lucky devils, you!!

purrs Shade and Goldie
straw is the best! i like to lay on the bales in the shed and nap.

Just when I think you've shown us to coolest play spot ever you show us something even better! Even though you say it can get itchy that straw still looks great. And then even better is that patch of grass right by the straw.
Hooray for sun! I bet it felt good on your furs!
What would yoor beans do without yoo guys to keep everything under control. If it weren't for yoo two checking on things dat straw might not have been stacked right and da mousies would take over everything!
How come you get to live at a kitty resort??? That's the only way we can describe your place, plainly simply a kitty resort!
Oh man, a barn with straw & mice and everything!! You guys have got it made.
That's such a cool place you have, guys. So, are you friends with the horses? My mom knew a horse that had a cat friend who hung out with him all the time, and even slept on him!
Bathing after being in straw is very important. Good job snoopervising, guys!
So, you two are real barn cats, aren't you? We never met one before and it looks like so much fun hangin' with the horsies. And of course hunting the mousies.
I think barns seem very fun! Have you ever ridden on a horse's back?
Wow! Mom might ask her students if anyone has a handful of hay they can give us so we can sniff at it. :)
You two are having so much fun! I bet there are loads of mice hiding round there somewhere for you to catch.

It has been quite nice and sunny here too but it is still windy, mum is worried about her sunflowers getting blown over.
Very good work over there.
Oh, you boys deserve a nice rest after all of your snoopervising!!!

Purrrrrrrrrs, Willow
Nice job snoopervising and inspecting! Our mom is so jealous of your horses. She'll be riding once again once the marathons are over, but it will only be lessons once a week on a school horse.
Your dad is very lucky to have you guys to help him. :)
Prrrr... I would like to conquer your granary and to sleep on this comfortable straw.

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