Tuesday, August 05, 2008


An Adventure.

Dad had left the door open to the implement shed so we went in for a look around.
Flynn: Come over here Eric and smell the hay baler. It's very interesting.
Eric: I can't right now. I've found something much more interesting than that.
Eric: Look Flynn, see what I've found. It's a toad but you don't want to pick them up or taste them because they make your mouth froth.
We managed to drag ourselves away from watching Mr. Toad and went into the field.
Eric: I think I hear something down there.
What was it, where did it go?
We walked further into the field but something was wrong. It smelled the same as usual, but something had definitely changed. Can anycat see what is different?
Eric: I don't know about you Flynn but I don't like this one bit.
Flynn: I agree, I'm worried. Something has been going on here without us knowing about it.
Eric: It's no good, I can't relax.
Flynn: Me neither.
Flynn: That's it, I've had enough. I'm going to bush my tail up to scare off any intruders and I'm going back to the garden.
Eric: Okay but wait while I have a drink. All this worry has made me thirsty.

Did anycat see what was different in our fields?

Dad had been working with his tractor and he had made all the grass go flat. It didn't look right, and it didn't feel right to walk on. It made us very nervous. We didn't like it at all.

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wow that was a BIG adventure boys!!!

smiles, auntie bee
You two are so handsome going on your adventures together. The barn seems like it would be a wonderful place full of all kinds of interesting smells! The grass definitely looks wrong! You did the right thing to go back to your house.
Eric and Flynn, you did have quite the adventure! We had no idea what was different until you told us! Our daddy is going to go to his country home to use his tractor this week ... we wonder if it will do the same thing to his grass! We don't go there, however, so we won't be able to see any difference.
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Do you have your garden grass cut?
These grass looks all fainting... I thought~ Maybe it's just too windy!

I like your adventure~!
This only happened on your area~! And it's great~~
that was a great advenchur - thanks for taking us along! we noticed the flat grass!
Well I think that flattening the grass is just wrong, but it did look like such an exciting adventure!
he squashed your grass flat? grrrrr. that's just wrong!
that toad guy is very inneresting. we've never seen one before. he looks quite pounce-ibble!
Wow, you two had quite the adventure. We can see why the grass would be strange to walk on. We hope it doesn't stay flattened for long.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
We saw the flat grass, boys! We thought maybe a UFO came and made crop circles. Are you sure it was your Dad?
Everything is all flatted out in the grassy meadow! Oh I am glad you are back from the blockedbloggy thing! That was scairy....we was lucky not to be blocked.
Wow a goat as a NOMSS pal....cool!
Have a wonderful happy day dear friends...
Boyz I though maybe you had a crop circle and aliens had landed! But it was only dad and the tractor.

You have great adventures.
Is it grass for hay?
That was quite an adventure, boys! That toad looked pretty interesting...we didn't know toads made your mouth froth. We'll remember that next time we see one.

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

ps. We gave you boys an award! Come by to pick it up!!
You boys really do have lots of exciting adventures. I think tall grass would be much better than flattened grass.
We just wanted to stop by and say “Hi”! Mommy finally got home so we can blog again!
Hey Eric and Fynn- It's me ERIC! The one that woofs but don't you worry! I love cats! My kittie brother often creeps into my blog.That looked an adventureous day with the froggie and hay bailer and the spooky flattened grass. Hope you had a nice long sleep after? I'm going to add you to my bloggie friends if that's ok?

Wiry wags, ERIC and HAPPY NOMS DAY!
I prefer flat grass for lounging (tall grass pokes you in the belly too much). Though stalking would require tall grass, I suppose. I saw the picture of your poofy tail and I got all askeered. Poofy tails are usually followed by whapping me in the nose. Duhr.

Happy Tuesday to you guys!

Your pal,
Eric and Flynn
It's tewwible when ouw homes awe distuwbed, and flat fields look funny..
Happy NOMS Day to you!
Thank you fow being my fwiend
smoochie kisses
yep, we were thinkin' crop circles too! Maybe you should check it out from a higher place? =^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
I think you need to have a talk with your Daddy, and tell him not to make the grass go flat anymore. Those are great pictures of you two!
PS: You are very wise to stay away from the toads ;-)
I haven't been in the fresh airs since we were left as kittens so I wouldnt know what a grass felt like but it looks like fun! Did you get some treats for all that adventure?

~ Molly ~
Eric and Flynn, I think your dad is secretly famous--isn't he the one making all those crop circles over there?
We saw that the grass was flat! That toad looks very cool - yucky that he makes your mouth froth though!
Oh no, do you guys have crop circles in your fields? We hear those happen a lot in England.
Yes! We could tell your grass was flat.

Luf, Us
you had best look furry, furry carefully atcher dad, lads, an' be sure he hasn't been replaced by a crop-circle making pod person!
Boy, you sure did have an interesting adventure. Mom noticed that the grass was flatter more in some of the pictures than the others. She showed them to me. We haven't had any froggies or toads this year to hunt and after we move there will be no more outside time at all. I will miss that.

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