Monday, June 30, 2008


Mancat Monday.

Now Eric is feeling better again we are going on our walks around the fields. I check furr mousies in the hedges.........
and we sit in the grass and listen...............
we check under the broken slabs. They like to build their nests under there.
We listen in the grass again...................
Yep, sounds like something here.
Then when we have finished, we go and sit in our tree and watch what is going on.
Eric: Trouble is, even when we catch a mousie, mum takes it away furrom me. Not fair!

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poor little baby...

smiles, auntie bee
Poor Eric,
It's for your own good~~
At least you shouldn't eat mouse for 1 month or few's your Mom's call~~~

You have your own tree~!
I am so admiring!
We don't want your tummy to go all wonky on us again. So just catch mice, don't eat them.

Plus you two look so cute up in the tree together.
It's so great to see both of you man cats outside again. Have fun!
Thank you so much for your condolences, we really appreciate it.
And we are very glad to hear that Eric is doing better, and seems to be back to his normal self!
We can't keep prey that we catch either if the staff catches us with it. At the moment I am not hunting a lot, I still look out into the desert expecting to see Emil... and we won't really get back to blogging for another week or so, we miss Emil.
Man, you guys have it good! Watch out for bad mousies, though, Eric.
Oh I love that place in your tree. How perfect!
You both look very handsome in the grass and in your tree! We are sorry to hear that your mom won't let you eat the mousies. At least you catch them though!
Those are wonderful photos of you guys on patrol.

Sorry about the "no-eat-em" rule.

It's fun to catch them, that's the best part anyway!
Dear Eric and Flynn,
You two are such great hunters. If I come over, can I climb with you?
Abby Normal
looks like fun - sorry you can't eat them anymore
You two are doing some 'sploring! Be careful out there!
What a couple of REAL mancats....we specially like you sitting in the tree...we have never sat in a tree before...we're gonna have to try that!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
It looks like you both manage to have a great time even without the yummy mousies!
Now that sounds like fun...Mom why can't we do stuff like Eric and Flynn?

That's a cool photo of you two in a tree! None of us have been in a tree and mom wants to keep it that way!It's not easy being a Mancat around here with an OVER protective mommy.=^Y^=Ty
Look at you BOTH in that tree together! That's a wonderful photo. I am glad you can have Outdoor adventures again.
so glad to hear eric is feeling better. there is nothing worse than being sick. we are off vacation for now. human says she might take another. i'm not sure what it is she finds to do during this time cause i didn't see her vacationing. humans are weird.

gerald and penelope
i'm glad you get to hunt the mousies at least. this way if the other mousies are sick like the one Eric ate, you won't get sick again.

what great fields to walk in!
That's sad your Mum takes the mousies away. But it would be sadder if Eric got sick again. Those are beautiful action shots of you both out walking your estate, really great!
You do have a lot of fun together don't you? No more mousies though.

Purrs, Sukie X
We're so glad to hear that you are well again Eric! Our Mommy screams and runs away from us when we catch mice, she never tries to take them away :-)
Its great to have a buddy you have so much fun with. We know of a rather LARGE rat who wouldn't mind being hunted. He lives in Snap's stall.

it's not fair that you don't get to eat the mousies. maybe your mom could take them and cook 'em up real good to kill any bad mouse germs. you could have mousie stew. sounds yummy!
I tried to hunt a birdie on Saturday, but I forgot I had a tether on. :( It got away. ~Queen Snickers
Dearest Eric and Flynn

Thank you soooooo much for giving my sister Storm an award postumous...posthum...after she went to the Bridge.

We is very honoured and more to the point pleased to see that Eric is recovered, Storm would no doubt be overjoyed at this news.

Ise gonna announce the award on my own blog this week...but I will place the award on Storm's blog, at the top of the list on the right hand side.

Love Castle xxx
Great to see you both out playing and hunting again! Just take care with the mousies :-)
Zippy sez it is okay to play wif dem until dey go ded, den yoo just leeve dem der fur mom to dispose of. Dat way yoo avoid da tummy trubbuls.
You guys are so cute the way you do everything together!
You two are such great hunters.

Eric, I think your Mum won't let you have any more mousies because she's worried about you. She doesn't want you to get that bad sick again.
I LOVE seeing these kinds of photos of the two of you..I'm kind of vicariously outside when I'm looking at them and you two have such a terrific place to ramble.
We're all shur glad yer up and abowt and feelin all better!
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