Thursday, June 19, 2008


Good News and Bad News

Well I haf to give the good noos furrst don't I. In the last two weeks I have only managed two Bun sized poops. Today I did a woofie sized poop!!!!! Phew, I feel so much better for that. I'm eating a little bit more than before. My appytite is still not right but it is getting there. I didn't like the purrscripshun Stinky Goodness so dad went to the V E T and got me purrsscripshun crunchies. I like them much better. When mum took me furr a walk this evening I climbed a little way up the tree, so you can see how much better I am feeling.
Now the bad noos. We lost our innernets connection yesterday. Mum's been on the phone to AOL and got mad with them after getting nowhere after an hour. She said she wanted a MAC code so she could go with another ISP, then they told her they could send her a free wireless router to replace her modem, and they are going to reduce her monthly fee furrom $36 to $26, so she said she would give it a try. The router won't arrive furr 5-7 days, so we will probably be offline furr a week. She has taken me to her furrends so I could use her compooter to let all my furrends know what's happening.
Thank you efurrybuddy furr all your purrs and good wishes, they certainly seem to be working.
Me and Flynn will be back as soon as we can.

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Congratulations Eric. We are glad you seem to be on the mend. We hope you continue to eat and get better. We haven't been able to blog in a week because we don't have internet at our new house yet, and the internet people are taking FOREVER, so we know what you mean.

Keep getting well! We are purring for you.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
We're sorry about your internet - but we're soo very glad that you're ok that we can get over it! Plus our Mommy and Daddy are about to go away for a whole week and leave us by our selves, so we'd be missing your updates anyway. Keep on getting better Eric!
Hooray for PoopyWood!!!
Bah-hum-buz on da internet. I will shipz oevfu tentybizillion hairballzez which you can throw at da Internet.
Yay Eric for your big poop : )

Now keep eating and getting better!

I will see you back on-line when your AOL Hell gets fixed.
Eric, I'm glad that stuff is, uh, comin' out better for ya now. Keep eatin' the crunchies that yer dadbean gotcha and no more mousies. I mean ya just never know about them critters!
--Yer Pal and Ginger bro, Beezer
oh, goodness sakes! don't EFURR again say good news an' bad news right after you've been sick! even though we cheered for the poop ::YAY!! ONYA!!::, we was in fear an' trembling to read further!!

but if it's only aohell, it'll be fixed. eventually. that's not bad, it's just inconvenient an' aggravatin'!

many loves & hugs til you get back online!!

nels, ed, nitro, & xing
Do yoo have pikchers of yer big poop????

BTW, my T13 is dedikayted to yoo.
Please don't listen to Skeezix. We do NOT want to see pictures of your woofie size poop. But that was sure good news to read.

We'll see you in a week when you are back online again. It's a pain when things go wrong and you lose your internet.

Keep eating and getting better.

purrs and tail wags
Hooray for giant poopies! I am so proud of you, Eric.
Hi Eric,
We've bin reeding abowt yur poop ishues, and weer reely glad that yoo can get sum owt. It dusn't sownd like thay're at the ex-lax level yet. Poop on!
LOKi and Bean
I'll be glad when you get back online.
You don't feel well and your internets don't feel well either. Hmmm. Get better all the way.
I suppose you could call that a Stinky Goodness hehehe!

Purrs, Sukie X
At least you have a woofie size poop!!!! That is the best news of today!!!!

Purr purr purr!!!
Three cheers for Eric and his woofie-sized poop! May it be the first of many (but not too many...)
AOL expects me to go a week without an update on the bowel problems of a cat in faraway England?!

This is intolerable! Seriously, I've been checking in every night.

Keep pooping, Eric, and please report again as soon as possible. Mericky is rooting for you.

Toby and Cupcake's Dad.
Glad u gotten the big poo out, Eric. :)
Hope ur innernet gets fixed soon, ISP can be a real pain in the *beep*..
Happy weekend!
Hooray for big poops!
Boo to the innernets!
I'm glad you are feeling better Eric!
Eric, we are so glad to hear about your woofie sized poopie! Poop on buddy! We are so relieved, pardon the pun ... hee hee! And A O Hell is an appropriate description.
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
A huge round of applause for the giant poo! Must be all those mousies you ate, you got mouse-bound!
We hass ben werried bout yoo. We is glad its only da stinky ol A-o-L! BIG POOTS dat is gud Eric waytogo buddy! Woo woo woo we is doin da happy poo dance furr yoo...keep gittin better efurryday.

Wooohooo!!!!!! You must feel so much better!!

That's the best news about your poop, Eric! Congratulations!
Gosh, at first when you said you had bad news, we thought it was about your health!!
A woofie size poop is HUGE, that's wonderful news, Eric :-D I'm so glad your appetite is picking up, too :-)

I hope your Mum's new router arrives soon.
Eric, my friend, I can't say just how much I admire you! For your unbelievable sang-froid and for great heart! I've given you an award..when your folks reacquire the innernets, pop over and have a look!
Congratulations on your Mega Poop! We're glad to hear it...well, hear about know what we mean.

Our Lady HATES AOL. When she called to cancel them (way back when), they didn't want to let her. They kept telling her they were going to do this, that & the other thing instead. Finally she yelled at them and said you are NOT going to do any of those things, you are going to cancel my service NOW! Evil. That's what they are.
Oh, no Internet for one week! I can feel you pain!

Congratulations Eric, these are really great news!
WHOO HOOO......ERIC HAD A BIG POOP!!! Congratulations dood!!!!! Or should we say DOODY!!! Hee Hee!!!!!
Yay fur big poops! Mom hates AOL or as she calls dem AOHell...daddy signed us up for dem afore mom even had a chance to tell him not to and den after a year and all kinds of "we'll do this, we'll do that" mom just called them and told them "no, you'll cancel our service NOW" so now we haf AT&T and mom still whines, but it's better den AOHell.
Oh yeah! Is poopin' time!
Oh, the innnunet stuff is ok cawse we know things will werk owt when the man in bloo shorts comes to visis....

I'm just soooo happy to heer yoo are poopin again. It is a grate funkshun to have and I'm so happy yoo had a woofie sized one! Whoo hoo, my cinnamun raizun muffin!
Dis my firs visit to your bloggy page and I weed all about poopies ! It seems you haf had a pwoblem so I'm pleesed you are now funcshuning OK again now.My miewmie says she has pwobly loss about 10 yers of her lifespan thwo all the showting at the puter thingy over the years.
Ware's the Poop Reeport???
Oh my goodness I have never been so happy to hear about a POOOOOOP!
Was it really huge? I am so glad you are felling better Eric. We will miss you while you are gone off the web but you need some rest now anyway and get your strength back...
Yabba Dabba Do do!! That's a great poo!!!! Heehee
Maybe you can send that poo to AOL!!!!!
Purrs Mickey
ohh Eric, we're hoping for you to get well soon, glad you have progressed so well...

about internet connections, yeah...sometimes it's terrible when we've problems with the ISP, we sometimes have that problem too in sometimes we couldnt blog for a wile & visit you all

-meaouwy troops-
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