Saturday, March 22, 2008


Our purrize

We won third purrize in Queen Snickers and Empress' Royal trivia compytishun. Hmmmm sumfing smells good. It is good, it's nip!!! We got a pretty card furrom them too and I'm loving on it.

We got a nip cushion, a mousie and a furry ball each.I'm lying on my nip cushion. I like to lie on nip, I don't know why.

I'm feeling quite nipped out. If you look keerfully you can see I steeled, I mean borrowed Eric's nip cushion too.

Fank you Queen Snickers and Empress, this is a great purrize. now I fink I need to sleep off the nip.

I'm sulking, you can see I only haf a furry ball and a mousie. Flynn stole my nip. He sez he needs it more than me. I only went to see what he wuz doing wiv it, and you can see in the video clip that he attacked me.

Hehe I love this nip. It's good furr bunnykicking and it's all mine. You can't have it Eric. It's mine, mine, mine!!!!

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Your mum stopped videoing just when things got goo with the fight!
What a great gift!
Cool gifts! You guys aren't too good at sharing? Us either...

~Shade and Goldie
Whoa! Guys, it's just nip! I'll hold it and you two make up...
We share the same way!
wow you guys sure do win alot of stuff. you must be very smart kitties! how? where? i want some of those toys. mice are my favorite!

Great prizes guys!!! Eric,you need to just take your nip and run!!!
Sharing is alwaus the hardest part,hahaha!! Good thing ya pounced Flynn though!!
Purrs Mickey
you two are so cute i just want to hug you! hoppy easter honeys!

smiles, auntie bee
oooh - great stuff! we loved your video, but your mom said the "S" word...share...yuk.
ahahahaha thats brilliant! What a great video - you were only defending what is rightfully yours. I completely understand. it is sad it had to resort to violence but totally understandable.
It is much more fun to rassle over the toys than to share the toys!
Congrats on your purrizes guys! Such fun!
oh my chokolat covured strawberrie eric, that was rude of Flynn to steeled yer nip prize AND bunnykick yoo! Now yoo shuld feel obligatud to steel all of his temptatshuns frum the top of yer condo! ALL of em'!!!! -rosie
Hahahhahahaha!!! Da momee laughed when she watched da video of you two. But I tinks dat Flynn looks like he iz bigger den hiz attackin' you waz out of line. You are luckee he didz not flatten you!
Da Mad bad-Burrman iz like dis. Evfurry ting iz hiz!!!
PS: Da Fezz-hant iz good.... can you bringz anudder one ovefur in da telly-porter???
:D We are supper happy you love your prizes! Momma is super happy your like her handmade crown nip toys! Have fun!! ~Queen Snickers & Empress
Great prizes and exciting aftermath! What a pity the batteries went.
Awe, yoo guys, der are two nip pillows yoo don't gotsa fight over 'em. Now, fighting just because...dat we approve of.
That's a fabulous prize package! :) You two are having lots of fun!
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