Sunday, March 09, 2008


Easy like Sunday

Mum puts these old covers over the sofa to keep the worst of my furrs off it. (Flynn hardly sheds but I leave my furrs efurrywhere.) It's more fun to get unnerneath though.Trubble is I haf to be keerful cuz some-one might sit on me if they don't know I'm here. I call it my tent and I like to take it easy in it, and it's mine all mine.
I'm a bit worried. I heard mum and dad talking earlier and they wuz saying sumfing about teefs and checkups. I hope they aren't going to make me be torchered again. Mum sez not to worry that Flynn will hate me again cuz this time he's going too. I don't want him to hiss at me again cuz last time it reely upset me. We are going on Monday. I wonder if I can hide away.

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Oah Eric,

You are a wonderful man cat. I am sure nothing gonna bother you!!

You will be fine!!
Peek a boo, I see you Eric! Oh I would definitely start hiding the night before the scheduled V-E-T visit. Do you have any places the beans don't know about? Good luck!
I like that tent Eric!!!!Hope ya don't get squished,heeheehee
TheVET??!!!!! Oh No!! Good luck :0
Purrs Mickey
Eric that is a sooper dooper tent you is in. I am sure being underneath the blanket keeps the fur away.

maybes your beans could let you roll around on that blanket when you get back from the chamber of horrors, and it will smell of yoo.

Good luck at the torture house.

poppy Q
Ooooh, sorry about the tooth torture thing. But we really love your tent!
Gezz wat? U guyz wonned da Meezer Raffle fur da cat Ham-Mick!!!! How kyool is dat?


Luf, Us
oh that's such a fine tent. sorry to hear about the vet. i heard my human talking about taking us soon. i'm planning an all out cat riot. there are five of us and only two of them. so i figure we can tie them up and put them in the shed. gerald knows how to drive so he can go out and buy our food. you should go hide somewhere outside. they can't know all your hiding places. maybe they will think you're lost. then when they do find you they will be so happy they might not take you to the evil vet! just a thought.

Be careful when you hear talk about teeth. I heard that at my house too recently....I better watch out!
Well, at least you'll be together to comfort each other!
hehehe what a nice tent you haf!
Eric, momma is talking about the VET place and teefs too and we are worried as well. Othello has very bad teefs and momma said one of his teefs looks like he is loosing it soon. now he is very scairt.
Dear Eric,
Just do what we do...when it's time to go to the vetroregurgitarian, we just hide unnerneath the bed. They can't git you then!!! Mommy has had to call the vet before to tell them she can't git us and she had to reschedule the appointment.

We will be thinkin' of you!!!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
If they can't see you there when they sit, then I think you should be able to hide there when they want to take you to the vet..
I like hiding underneath blankies and such, too - but it *does make me a little nervous! Beans are so oblivious sometimes!
Oh no, not the teeths! Well, I think it is a good idea for you to go together this time so Flynn will not act so silly.
Stay undercover and maybe, just maybe you won't have to go to the V-E-T...

Good luck!
Oh guyz!!!! Not bein' poked & stuff by da V-E-T???? OKeedokee, justee hop oevfur da pond & come & eats some more chix-hen. Howza 'bout a platter or two of liver in olive oil & gar-lick?
Congratulations on you beautiful mancats winning that Ham-Mick from Forty Paws! I hope you don't have a bad day tomorrow with the v-e-t thing - at least you'll be together and smell the same this time!

Purrrrrrrs, Willow
Oh no not da vet! Run, hide, don't let dem get yoo...
I like your tent, Eric. It's very nice :-D

Sunny sheds very bad, too. His Daddy puts air filters on the sofa to keep Sunny off of it -- it doesn't work ;-)
Uh oh, I'm probably too late. You've already been abducted and taken to the V.E.T. I was going to tell you to come over and hide out there with me and Max!

we bet yer teeths are just fine ~the Fluffy Tribe
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