Thursday, February 21, 2008


My Purrize furrom Sassy.

When Sassy and Momo went on their avenchur to train to go in the
Space Shuttle , Sassy had a compytishun to guess what they were doing. I wuz the furrst to guess most of it right, but I didn't say about the repairs they were going to do in Space.She awarded me a sirtiffykit furr an honourable mention and sent me a purrize. Daisy wuz the overall winner cuz she got it 100% right. Well, look the postman has brought me a pakkij. Sassy sed I had to let Eric share it. Hmmphhh!!
Hmmm this looks furry inchresting, I need to check all this out.
Look treats. I never had this type befurr. Hehe, I can't see Eric.
Oh yummy. I like these treats. Uh-oh, mum's telling me not to furrget I haf to share them.
Errrriiiiiiic!!! Come and see what I've got.
Where did this come furrom Flynn? Can I have a look?
Mum put it up on our cat tree furr us. I fink I can smell nip.I got a pretty nip bag wiv a hansum ginger kitty on it, and a mouse wiv a moon and a star on him, and a round mouse, yummy treats and a ball that makes a rattly noise when you chase it. Sassy sent me a card as well, and it's got a pikchur of fev-vers on the front.
I better have a good look at this while Flynn's not here. That nip is furry strong. It duzn't yooshully haf any effect on me, Flynn's the nip head, but I haf to say it smells good.
See Sassy, I am being good and sharing like you told me to.
Later I wuz playing Spider Solitaire on the compooter, and I took my nip bag wiv me. I wuz more inchrested in that than the cards, and I drooled all over mum's compooter desk. Nip always makes me lick my nose too. I don't know why though, it just does.
Thanks Sassy furr the great purrize. Eric sez thanks too cuz I'm letting him share everything eggsept the nip. That's mine all mine!!

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Wow! You are so lucky to get such good gifts
Kool Beanies! You got a superduper prize package. Lots of stuffies to have fun with -- enjoy, my furriends!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
oboy! purresents!!!

smiles, auntie bee
I am so glad that ya liked the stuff I sent ya aall the way from the good old USA. Isnt't it fun when the postman brings somethin for the house and it is for ya, I am so proud of ya for sharin, what a good kitty ya are.
Oh, what fun! That's a great gift package!
That is very very neat package~!!!
I am very very happy for you!!!
Oh. Wow! Oh. Wow! What great stuff!!!!
It looks like you are really enjoying your prize package. We are very proud of you for sharing. Mom makes us share too.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
That's a fabulous prize package you received! Congratulations! :) Enjoy all your great stuff!
Wow yoo's lucky! That's a grate purrize! Yoo did good sharin too. We gotsta share lots and it's not always fun, but it makes efurrycat and bean feel better later.
Those are great prizes you got :-D I'm glad you're sharing them with Eric.
Wow primo nip! Now that's the ticket! Concats on your prrezzies...that wuz grate! Enjoy all of your treats and toys...

Wow! What a great package! I can tell that is some good 'nip, Flynn. ;)
Great prizes! Are you ready for some more? You won 3rd place in Royal Kitty Trivia!! Please email me your address to queensnickers AT gmail DOT com so I can send out your prizes! ~Queen Snickers
Sassy knows how to pick out wonderful prizes!
hey i have a mouse with a moon and star on it too! you got some nice stuff. congratulations!

It's always exciting to get a package of goodies!
I have never had those treats either. The toys look like fun!
That looks like a wonderful prize your received. You are a very good brother for sharing!
Wow, Sassy sent some great stuff. It's so good of yoo boys to share wif each other.
WOW!!! That is an awesome prize :) You'll be busy for a while! Purrs Mickey
That is so nice Flynn that you are sharing with Eric and doing what Sassy asked you to do. You are a good brother. Looks like you got a lot of nice things there. Lots of good pictures of you guys too. Enjoyed seeing them.

Wow! Wat a bunch of grate purresents! Youze lucky! An grate pitchurs showin yur injoymint ov da prizez too!

Luf, Us
I'll be glad to help you eat some of those treats. hehehe

Fanks for joining the Carnival of the Cats this week!
Mini and the rest of the Hotties
Just have to repeat: Your Cats are very charming and good looking
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