Monday, February 25, 2008


Mancat Monday

One of our furry impawtunt mancat jobs is to check that the straw in the barn is good quality.
We check that there is nuffin there that shouldn't be there.
Sometimes we just sit quietly at the top of the ladder to make sure no introoders come in.
And on the way down, we smell the straw in case there are any mice hiding in there. It's impawtunt to check furr mice cuz sometimes they chew the string that holds the straw bales together, then when dad picks them up they break. That yooshully makes him say bad words.
When we go back down the ladder, we haf to be keerful cuz it's easier to go up than down.
If you try to go down to quick, you end up down the bottom quicker than you'd want to.

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Wow, you guys have some very important jobs! We are also impressed with your ability to go up and down the later. You are two very talented Mancats!
You are the best keeper~!!!!
I feel so safe that this place have you both!
Ooo you have some fun places to check out....we wish we had barn with straw in it...
We know about going down ladders too fast. It can smash your nose...

Luf, Us
You are doing a good job on the barn. I think I would get confused and have to nap if I had to make sure everything was in order in such a big place!

Gosh you guys are so lucky! We don't have a cool barn with straw & ladders and stuff. We do get mousies though and Mom gets upset when they come in the house.
My mommy had a ginger kitty when she was little who LOVED to climb ladders, too! You gingers are so talented!
That barn looks like it would be so much fun! I think I would really like being a barn kitty!
I am very amazed and impressed that you know how to climb up and down a ladder!
Wow, you climb ladders! I have never climbed a ladder, but it looks like it would be tricky, especially coming down! I am very impressed.
Wow, you both do an excellent job coming down the ladder. Those rungs look very narrow and far apart.
What a lovely barn you have! I envy you those hay stacks and ladders. What fun playing around there! I do agree with you about the ladder thoung, I tried coming down one once too quickly and then what you said happened.......
Ooh, now Grayson wants to come visit you. He loves ladders!!

When our Grampy opens the attic we have to be extra special careful that Grayson isn't up there before Grampy pushes the ladder back up. He comes down all covered in foamy insulation too, which Mom is NOT happy about.
Oh. My. God. thud ~Fiona Bun passes out
Wow - that's a super trick going back down the ladder! Well done!
I am impressed. You guys are real barn cats and really can handle yourselves well, on that ladder.

Eric I honored you on my ManCat Monday post. Stop by and check out the quote of the day.
Climbing up and down that ladder looks like so much fun! (But I know it's serious mancat work.)
Oh you are so lucky to have a barn and ladders and all that straw that made Fiona faint! Oh my darling Fi, do you need me to give you CPR?

Oh yeah, GrandpaBean has let loose a few good words when the twine breaks. GrannieBean too.
Your wonderful cats seems to have a good life. I adore your pictures and your vivid felix's.

Thanks for visiting my WW.

You are absolutly right: It's
Edvard Munch.

ps. My wife happens to work only two minutes walk from the Munch Museum in Oslo
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