Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Tummy Tuesday

I wish it wuz summer again so I could lie here in the sun instead of lying in furront of the fire.

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cutie pie! (oh, i bet i should not have said that to a mancat!)

smiles, auntie bee
We miss the sun, too. *sigh*
Oah, I miss my sun as well~!
This week is a raining week, can you believe there is still a typhoon next to my country?
It's winter now.....

Your tummy is perfect~!
Nice tummy Flynn says Amber & Indigo.
Wimmen, says Kosmo & Mouse. We all still gets the sun froo the window and we all has nice sunny spots. It's still warm here! We are not old enough like mom and dad beans to remember when November was *cold* in NJ.
you have a big tummy!
Yes, you are so big, I think you would have to have a huge fireplace.
Now that's a full-extension stretch, Flynn. Makes sure every bit of tummy gets sun exposure.
You look like you were really enjoying the sun, Flynn. Maybe you will get sunspots through the window this winter. The fire is nice and warm, though.
Awesome tummy shot, Flynn. Fire is nice in the fireplace, but be sure your foof doesn't get too close. Trust me on this one.
your bud Pepi
Excellent stretchin'!
Cute tummy, Flynn! I agree that lying in the sun is the best, but at least you have a fire to lie in front of!
Sun is good, but fire is good too (except when you get too close and burn your furs). FAZ
What a lovely tummy!
We don't even have a fireplace! It's a good thing we have sunshine thru da windows. Winter sucks doesn't it.
A really good stretch like that always feels good no matter what time of the year!
I think lying in front of the fire would be just as good as laying in the sunshines!
I would think a nice nap in front of the fireplace all snuggled in with mom would be perfect!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Awwww, that looks tempting. That loverly sunbeam.

Reno seems to be doing ok. No more squatting in any spot. Thanks for asking.

Luf, Us
Sunbeams are lovely to sleep in but its not bad sleeping in front of a roaring fire either.
you can come on over and enjoy our sunspots whenever you want. the big bed is usually very sunny furrst thing in the morning. we also have the heater we can put our paws under. hope you don't mind kittens - it seems like they're everywhere.
I wish it was summer, too, Flynn. I do not like the cold weather.
Flynn, you are very, very long when you stretch out like that! I should stretch out like that more often too, then my tummy would look smaller : )

I am so wit you my brudder!!! Bring back da sun! I haz dat Seazonall Infectedness Dis-order...dat iz why I gets so SAD in da winter. I tink mebbe dis iz what you haz too.

-Dr Tweety
I know what you mean, Flynn. It's so freezing outside that the sun isn't even warm out there. I think all us kitties in the freezing places should pack up and join the kitties in the warm places for the winter, what do ya say?

We kind of like cozying up to the fire. Momma nefur lets us outside anyway, so the only sun we get is when it comes through the windows, and then it keeps moving.

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