Saturday, November 17, 2007


I still love my nip carrot.

Do yoo remember how my nip carrot wuz my most faverit toy? Well it still is. I like to bunnykick and chew at the same time.
I chewed all the fev-vers out, and mum had to put them back in furr me.
And I like to do some more bunny kicking.
And some more chewing.
I reely do love my carrot.

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We have the same carrot!!!! But we have to tell the staff that it needs to be filled with nip - they didn't do that, can you imagine!!! We got the carrot from our secret paw.
I just went and introduced myself to your new nomss friend Ralph, he seems very nice! I am very happy that you found a nice nomss friend!
I like the looks of that carrot. Chey's paw reaches through the computer and grabs it... she goes off with a low growl...
Yep, sometimes the old toys are the best! Its really great that your mum put the fevers back.
You do love that carrot!

That looks like a wonderful toy!
oh wow, we knew too luved yer karret but yoo just had a field day with the new feevurs! Pleeze tell yer brothur, my pumpkin pie with whipkreem eric, that I'm happie he's blogging again cause I missed him (and yoo two Flynn). Luv, rosie
I have a nip bananer! It is delicious. I think that I need and change and would love the carrot, too!
Great action photos, Flynn! You really enjoy playing with your 'nip carrot. :) Nice job with the bunnykicks!
I can see that you really do love that nip carrot, Flynn. It was really nice of your Mum to put the feathers back on it for you.
Nice to see some carrot loving dude.
Yep, the catnip carrot is a wonderful toy. I think I need to dig through my toybox and get my carrot out again!
Where do you get the pawsome carrot???
i think that might be what i need too!

smiles, auntie bee
Neat-o, Flynn -- that's one kool karrot! You look like yur havin a lotta fun with it.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
We want one! Where did you get that cool nip carrot? Flynn you are so cute playing with that toy in your pictures. We had a great day when you were here while your parents were on vacation! Come back any time!
Your FL furiends,
I can see that you are really enjoying that carrot! It's fun to have a fave toy :)
Yup,I love my grass.I also have "green poop" heehee.It's fun to make Mom go ewwwwww!!!
Wow! Your Mum put the fev-vers back? Our Maw jist throws dem away.

Oh, and tell your Mum that the dewormer that is applied to the skin hasn't been released here in the US yet. Amember, efurryting goes thru furry rigrus tests heer to enshur dat nuttin harmful gitz to beans or poodins. Like lead painted toys, or poisonus poodin or woofie fuud, or toys dat turn into date-rape drugs wen ingested an can kill small beans. Nope, nuttin like dat kin be sold heer. Cauz ov da rigrus tests dat protekt us. Yup.

Luf, Us
Yoo are furry manly to be able to keepp that carrot in its place! I hope you are doing well!
I have that carrot too It get filled by the big guy mama laura gotten stingy wiff the nip Hay i was wonderig if i could send you guys a hoilday card can you email me a snail mail adress at queenlillycatATaolDOTcom
Yes! I can tell from those photos you really DO love your nip carrot!
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