Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Tummy Tuesday

I haf had a furry trying few days. Last week Eric disappeared and I don't know where he went. In the evening, the Beans brought this strange poodin home wiv them. It looked just like Eric but he can't fool me cuz he duzn't smell like Eric. I haf tried my hardest to warn the Beans that he's an introoder and I want the real Eric back. I hiss at him and run away, but no-one seems to unnerstand. I'm sure it's an alien that's taken ofurr Eric's body.
Today the alien smelled a bit more like Eric, and I only hissed at him four times, and didn't run away. I efun let him get within three feet of me. I hope the alien turns back into Eric cuz I miss snuggling wiv my brofurr.
The vishus deer is safe. I sleep on it efurry night and it hasn't attacked me. In fact it is me who duz the attacking. I like to sharpen my claws on it and put the bitey on it. Mum sez I shouldn't do that cuz it's furrs are coming out, but I got to let him know who's the boss.

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purrrrrrrrrrr! you look so handsome! I wanna come and cuddle with you on that vishus deer rug.
Oh, Flynn, that *is* Eric! Its not his fault he smells funny. I'm sure the more he's home you'll see he'll smell right soon enough. I mean you Dad & Mum are being nice to him, right?

Oh, and you have a great tummers. A real mancat tum-tum!!
Flynn,you have a nice tummy and look very comfy on the "vishus Deer" rug.Maybe in a couple of days the real Eric will be backI hope so, purrs Mickey
ummm, yeah, flynn...that's Eric my caramel appul! He may smell funnie but thats cause the evul V E T bean stole his teef and gave him hip-no-sis drugs. Too gotta trust us on this one flynn!!!
You let em know whose boss!
honey just smell his butt! it's eric, i promise ewe!!! just try it cause he is furry sad of you not liking him...

smiles, auntie bee
Oh, yeah ant bee has had the same grate suggjestchun ovur and ovur...smell his BIG mancat bootie! If his bootie smelly non-eric like than he's defunatlie an alien...a BIG floodie alien! -Cheeto
That tummy is just calling for a snorgle!
You look real relaxed on that vishus deer. Maybe one day you can show me how to deal with it, I need help and advice, see Marie's post today.


PS. I'm feeling very sorry for you and for Eric...dunno who to feel more sorry for.....
Oah, Oh, Flynn, that *is* Eric!
that *is* Eric!
that *is* Eric!
that *is* Eric!
that *is* Eric!
that *is* Eric!
that *is* Eric!

Give him a hug now, he is very upset~!!!
Flynn, you have a lovely tummy. I think the intruder is actually Eric, he just smells different because he was at the vet. He's a little traumatized, so try to be nice to him and not hiss so much.
Maybe yoo need to rub da vishus deer furs on da intruder and wash da cleen smell off him. Dat's an awesome picshure of yoo on dat skin. Yoo am so handsome dare.
Flynn, that is a cute pose! I have to tell you something.I been studying the pictures and words real hard, and I am certain it is the real Eric. And I think he is missing you lots.
Oooh, Flynn, that tummy looks very cuddly!
We agree with everyone else- the intruder is actually Eric. He just smells funny from the vet. Now go cuddle your brother!
AAAIIIEEE! Flynn, that tummy is the best! I bet that Eric really is the alien! Go on, go give him a smooch!
Luk at dat pink TUMMY!!! How kyoot!

Flynn, dat ist Eric. He just pikked up sum weird smellz at da V-E-T. Dunt worry. Like Auntie Bee sed, smell hiz butt and you'll know itz him.

Luf, Us
Oh that's terrible! I can't believe they would bring back an intruder like that. Though I'm sure he'll start to smell normal soon.

Oh Flynn, the cats on here are all right when we tell you that it is Eric. We know because we've had our siblings disapear and come back smelling strange. The longer they're gone the more they don't smell of themselves. Maybe he no longer has that bad breath that you were so used to. They took out teeth that were rotting. So now his mouth is sweet smelling. Now go sniff his butt if you have to, and give him a good grooming. He deserves it after what he went through at the vets and then to come home to your hissing. Poor Eric. Maybe you could go find him a mousie to set things right.
Flynnie, you need to ask your beans to leave a towel out that you can sleep on. then next time Eric goes to the vet, they can rub it all over him when he gets home.
I hate the vet smell too!! Mum says she can still smell it on my teddy bear.

You be nice to your brother - he must have been scared.

You look cute in the photo. I mean man cat manly.
Yup, sniff his butt. We know it is Eric...and Sadie looked at yoor piksher and made some funny noyzes den went off and sat in mom's wine fridge...
Flynn, it really is Eric and he needs you to pay attention to him. Maybe he could sleep on the vishus deer blanket with you and then you would both smell the same. BTW, cute pink tummy there!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
Flynn, you look so cute on the deer rug! Eric doesn't smell like himself cause the vet probably gave him a bath! But it is Eric and he misses you alot.
Your FL furiends,
wow a vicious deer to practice on. We hopes your broffer is back to normal soon ~The Fluffy Tribe
Eric (my rassbarry cheezecake) and Flynn- Tomorrow I am going to put sumething up on my blog so Flynn can easilie tell reel eric frum alien Eric! -Rosie
I must say that vishus deer rug looks very comfy - perhaps it's just the way you're stretched out on it!
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