Friday, September 21, 2007


Our purrize furrom Kaze.

Our purrize furrom Kaze furr being her 20,000th visitor has arrived.Mmmm fev-vers and Temtayshuns and Flyyyynnnn come kwik and look it's yer faverit,there's nip in here.
Did yoo say nip??? Kwik let me see.
Mmmmm I smell it, lovely nip. Hey Eric where are yoo going? Yer head's disappeared.
Look Eric, there's fevver butt mousies too, and more mousies that flip efurry which way when yoo fling them in the air.
I found the nip, it's good stuff. Look it made my eyes go the same culler as the compooter lights. I'm lying on the letter furrom Kaze. I fink I can smell her meezer perfyoom.
This nip is making me feel all funny, I can't keep my feet still.
I need to put the bitey on sumfing. Yep this box looks like it needs biting.
I wonder if it will make a nice new bed where I can sleep off the nip. What do yoo mean Eric, yoo don't fink I'll fit in there? I got more chance of gitting in it than yoo haf.
Fanks Kaze furrom bofe of us furr our grate purrize.
Do yoo remember my nose twin Sunny? Well his mum has got a blog furr him now wiv lots of pikchurs of him and his sisfurrs Ollie and Rascal. if yoo hafn't already been and visited him, we know he would like lots of visitors.He's a hansum ginger boy who looks just like me. Eric

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Wow, Kaze gave away some great prizes! You sure were lucky.
Yeah, I'm so happy you like everything! You can put nip inside the gerbil thing and its like your carrot that you love so much! Enjoy you guys!!!

ohhh what lucky ducks youse guys are! wowza, that's furry nice stuff!

smiles, auntie bee
Haha, I love seeing you play with everything! Very fun stuff!
Yowser! What grate purrizes! An a BOX! Way kyool!

Luf, Us
What a great prize package you got from Kaze! And you boys look like you really enjoyed everything. I'll bet you could sit inside that box, too. It might be too small for a bed though.
Hehehehe, congratulations again~!!!
You deserve it~!!!! Have fun with it at the weekend~!!!
Wowie! That's a superduper prize package! You fellers look like you're hafin' a great time -- and wowie, it's so fun to get nipped out!


Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Those 1st 4 pictures, especially 3rd and 4th, look so much like Sunny. If it weren't for the fact Eric and Flynn live across the big pond, I'd wonder if they really could be related!

That's very nice that Eric and Flynn got great presents in the mail from Kaze!
Wow, what a wonderful prize pack! :) Enjoy all your great toys and treats!
Gosh, what a great haul of gifts! Those should keep you guys busy for a while.

We'll stop by at Sunny's and say hello.
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