Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Tummy Tuesday

Go on, tickle me, yoo know yoo want to. I promise I won't bite or claw.

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You have a lovely tummy, Flynn! My mom just wants to reach out and rub your belly, so she's happy you won't bite or claw. :)
My Mom said she doesn't believe you but she'd tickle you anyway Flynn!

You and Eric look like my New Yuck cousins Fluffy and Buffy. I've never met them but Mom says they would not even pretend promise not to bite or claw if someone touched either of their tummies.
Hi Flynn,
I liked hearing about your nose twins. You look like you need a good tickle!!!

Hope you boys are good - I am back from my blogging break. I know you boys has been visiting - I keep seeing your picture pop up.

Your friend.
u look like mi brudder mickey in dat poze ... jus wid a little more color!
ps--can u believe dat mi mom an dad jus brot a pikshur uv da bird! duhr.
Such a great tummy! Mom wants to just rub it all over!
Oh my gosh!!! I was in this EXACT position the other day. Isn't it nice to hang in the hall?

My mom says she'd rub your tummy until the cows came home!! (I love tummy rubs, don't you??)

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
must. kiss. tummy. - Meezer Mom
That tum is just begging to be rubbed and kissed.
I volunteer.
The Mum
HAHA, we have no dowbt yoo wont bite or claw at any hand that tries to tickle yoo, Flynn! Way to be sneaky cute!

Eric, my Pumpkeen pie with whipcreem topping, I'll throw on the jetpak so yoo dont haf to swim ovur the bloo watur! I'll leave this morning! Can't wayt to see yoo! Rosie
as soon as i tickle that tummy you will put the bitey on me, you know you will! ha ha ha

smiles, bee
Flynn, that tummy is simply irresistible!
Oh Momma just said she wants to rub that kitty tummy. And those paws just make it irresistible. I might be a bit jealous that she likes your belly so much.
Great tummy shot!
*tickle tickle*

OH we loves dis pixchur....

our Lady's volunteering too. she really likes petting tummies, but she doesn't try mine anymore. ::pout:: I still do the tummy trap for her, but she doesn't fall for it.
Oh Flynn, you have a lovely tummy! My Mum wants to snorgle and kiss your tummy....watch out here she comes.....Did you like it? She snorgles and kisses my tummy every morning when we get up and I purr and purr and purr....
We all like to get a tummy rub, yup. Mom gifs nice tummy rubs, she'd be happy to gif yoo one too if yoo need it.
Momma wants to give you lots and lots of tummy scritches. She can't scritch a tummy around here without getting the bitey. Well, except for Titus. He loves belly rubs.

I lay like that too!!! Our Montys look kinda similar, with our super-white tummies and cute pink noses. Excellent combination. Do you like armpit rubs too?
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
You have a very awesome tummy!
Flynn, yur tummy ROCKS! My momma wants to give it rubbies and kissies, hehehe.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Okay Mom's game, she loves kitty bellies and she is glad you don't bite or claw. She also says thank you for your birthday wishes!
Your FL furiends,
and Mom
Maw likes to stick her nose in our belly furs and snorgle us. Isn't she weird????? She wants to know if she can snorgle you Flynn?

Luf, Us
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