Friday, May 11, 2007


Seven Random Facts

We have been tagged by Obi furrom Forty Paws, China Cat and Chase.
Here are the rules. Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!
We haf racked our brains to come up wiv seven facts each.
Seven Random Facts About Me, Eric:
1. When the Beans are in bed, I like to sleep on dad's head wiv my paw on mum's head.
2. My faverit game is rolled up silver paper. When it is thrown furr me, I pick it up and bring it back to be thrown again.
3. I love water. I will play with it furr hours.
4.If I'm hungry, I wake the Beans up by biting theer noses. They don't seem to like it furry much.
5. For a big mancat I only haf a furry small meow.
6. I haf a rather large floppy tummy, and when I run, mum sez I look like a cow with it's udder swinging.
7. I like rain. As soon as I hear it start, I go in our outdoors run to sit in it.

1. I like to go in our outdoors run at night and yowl at the moon. Mum calls me a Banshee.
2. I'm a furry good hunter. I'm not allowed to catch birds though. As well as catching mice, I haf caught snakes, moles and weasels.
3. I like to eat my food with my paws.
4. I love catnip. I drool and roll and my eyes go glazed.
5. As soon as I hear beeps coming furrom the compooter, I know that means mum has turned it on, and I come running and haf to sit on it to make sure mum duzn't make enny mistakes.
6. I like to sleep on my back wiv my legs in the air.
7. When the Beans go to bed, I like to git unner the kwilt and cuddle into mum's tummy.
We would like to tag:
BeauBeau and Angie
Fat Eric

Those are great facts!!! We looked at your water playing pictures and they are great! And the snake. Wowee! That wuz so furry skeery!

Bow likes to sit in our enclosure at nite an howl too. Mebbe itz a ManCat fing?

Fanks fur playin!

Luf, Us
Oh yeah, an is da rolled up silver paper aluminum foil? Paw calls it al-you-min-ee-um. Maw calls it a-loom-a-num. Yup.

Luf, Us
Cool facts! We like learnin' more 'bout our furriends!
You guys lead such interesting lives!

Oh, this was FUN! I never saw the pictures of Eric playing in the water and Flynn with the big dangerous snake before today! And my Mommie laughed out loud about the swinging udders! You two are great.
I like water too...Munchkin.
Great lists we like to know more about our friends.
Oh, Eric... Hahaha! You play Fetch and bite noses. That must amuse and confuse your beans all at once.

Flynn, you are furry good to snoopervise your Mom's work on the puter. What will she efur do wifout you?

I loved learning more about you guys! My Kellie likes water too, but not as much as you Eric. She just likes to poke her paws in the bathwater and fish around, and play with the water as it comes out of the faucet. You guys are lucky that you actually get to go outside and swim in creek!
You guys must be Rudy's long lost brothers, the list would be just like his! And you look alike!
Oh my goodness, Eric likes water and Flynn takes control of snakes!!! This is amazing to me. I am so glad that somebody started this meme so I can learn more about my friends.
Cool! We looked at your mole catching from August 25th Flynnie!! Great hunting dude! Did it taste good on the barbie?

Luf, Us
No surprise yoo like romantic walks in the rain and watur too! Yer hi-gene is wondurful and vary attractive...just like yer cow belly which is a unkneek feechur to capitulize yer handum gud luks!

Hoping I can make it ovur to yer place soon so I can cuddle with yoo while yoo lie on pappabeans head!!

Yer favurite fan of yer wondurful facts, Rosie
Great facts! thanks for letting us know.

sounds like you've got a pretty good life going on there.

Ya came up wif furry inneresting fings! Good jobs! ( said 'jobs' cuz theres two of ya)
It was interesting to read about the two of you. Mom says that I look like I am getting udders too. What's an udder??? Don't get to see many cows, but Mom says there are a lot of them out on the range land. The only time I see them is when I am in my carrier going to the vet, and I don't don't get to see much when I am in that thing. So nice to read new things to getting to know more about our furr friends.

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