Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Tree climbing Tuesday

I fink efurrycat knows I like uhvenchurs. Well one fing I reely like to do is climb trees.

I like to get up high in the branches where I can see efurryfing that is going on.

Sumtimes I try to worry mum by pretending I'm going to fall. She stands below me saying,"Oh keerfull Flynnie, watch what yer doing." Don't tell her, but I do akkrobattiks speshully to skeer her.

Here I am telling Eric to come up wiv me, but he isn't so good as me at tree climbing. Mum tells him he's awkward as a camel. He furrgets which branches he went up, and then he looks down at mum squawking that he's stuck, but he's not reely,except furr the time dad had to climb up the tree and git him down. I just sat on the grass watching and laffing.

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WHOA! You are sooooo brave up there! What can you see up there? I bet you can see all the way to China!
Oh my gosh! I would have SUCH a heart attack. You are super duper special brave. You are officially the most daring cat I've ever met!

Wow -wow- wow! That's quite the daredevil climbing stunt. I think my Mommy would have a heart attack if I did something like that. You are really up high!!!
wow!! you're really HIGH up there!
Wow, that is amazing! Sometimes we get chased up a tree by that dog next door and none of us really know how to get down. One time I was stuck up in a tree for a full twenty-four hours! I wish I had your climbing skills.

Wowie! Look at you way way way up there. I would be scairt. I'm not allowed outside by myself, so I don't know how to climb a tree. And my stroller can't get up in a tree. You are brave.
Wow, look at you up soooooo high in the tree, Flynn! That is furry cool and yore furry lucky to get to clime trees. We love to see pix of yore advenchers!

Finny & buddy
Wowwie Flynn, you are sooo high up and really brave. How do things look from up there?
I never climbed a tree

Flynn I showed the picture of you in the tree to my Kellie and she was very impressed - she would love to climb the tree outside our front window, but she's not allowed outside unsupervised : (
You have a great tree for climbing, Flynn. You are up so high that you can see really far.
I climbed a tree and once and promptly fell down. I now have no inclination to climb trees!

I think are more robust and agile than I am! You certainly look it :-)
That looks like so much fun but I can't climb trees. You look great up there Flynn. Pretty soon though when the tree leafs out you won't be able to see you in the tree, then you can hide in the tree. But still be careful way up there O.K. For you mom's sake.

Oh, I can't believe my eyes! Look at you up there. You're so brave.
Flynn,you're so brave to climb way up there!
I bet you can see for miles and miles...
ooooh, that's the manly-est thing I've ever seen! furry impressive! I guess I'll prolly hafta admire your skills from the ground, unless the diet food the Lady got me starts working...
Look at you so high up in the tree. Glad you know how to get back down!
That is really good climbing. And very manly too! What did you see up there?
Oh, that's very scary! The only time I climbed trees was when I was really little and I was left out to fend for myself and I was hiding from mean people and things.
Whoa...I totally...would...not...

Well, it would be kinda hard without claws, but still! That's HIGH!
Oh, that is really scary, way up there. I go in my cat tree, but that is all, of course, I am an indoor kitty only, so climbing trees is pretty much out of the question.
Oh my goodness!!! That is SO very high up. Aren't you skeeeerred? Maw sez we kin liv vikareyeeushly threw u, since we kaint go owt. Watefer dat means.

Luf, Us
Yoo are a grate climbur, Flynn. Yoo go up reel hi and it luks like quite an advenchur!

Eric, yoo dont luk or act anything like a camel. Camels luk stupid and yoo luk supur handsum. Maybe yoo shuld have yer lady get hur eyes cheked?
Wow! You are very brave! I'm only allowed outside on a harness, fully supervised, so I've never learned to climb a tree.
az u mite or miten't know, i'm a tree climber miself. mi tree, however, iz not az big an byootiful as yerz. i would like to try a tree dat big sumday! meenwhile ... i'll be climbin da scrawnee tree nex to mi howse an walkin on da roof!
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