Sunday, April 01, 2007


Lazy Sunday


Wow, you look very very relaxed! Happy Sunday!
We'll be doing plenty of that after our party today!
You look so comfy!
I can tell you lurve Lazy Sundays as much as I do!

great pose!
LOVE that picture!! You look so comfortable and quite probably full up with dinner! Was it a Sunday roast today? xx
You look so comfy there!!! Very cute pose, too!
It is nice to have a lazy day!
Oh you look so comfy!!! And we luf how da blankie on da couch matches yur furs!!

Luf, Us
now all you need is some nip ~Poiland Tribe
Oh you look soooo comfy. And OH, I see you tagged ME! I better get on it! (We've not been blogging much lately..... )
Yoo luk super relaxed, Flynn!! Hope yer having sweet dreems of yer beeeuty, Grr!!
you look so cuddly cute! next time I'll come over and snuggle with you.
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